Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty

So the media has revealed Tyler Cassidy‘s connection to the Southern Cross Soldiers

Curiously, the main SCS page on myspace has been cancelled

    Invalid Friend ID.

    This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.

For the curious, there’s Google cache.

I wonder if SCS will be calling on the talents of their media spokesperson Adds, or legal eagle Gazza?

Also for the curious : Tyler’s myspace page: TYLERS [S.C.S] P.T.B.A heart is screaming with pride

THE following are the events leading to the fatal shooting of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy in Melbourne on Thursday night:

7.00pm-8.30pm (AEDT)

* Tyler Cassidy is involved in a fight at family home in Northcote, and takes two knives but family members disarm him.
* Tyler leaves the house angry and upset and goes to Northcote Plaza shopping centre. He goes into K-Mart store and steals two knives, according to a witness. He slashed boxes as he left armed with the knives. Police are contacted.


* Tyler is seen behaving irrationally with the knives in the centre carpark and goes to All Nations Park next to the shopping centre. More calls to police are made.
* Four police officers – two males and two females – arrive and try to negotiate with the boy.
* He approaches officers so they deploy capsicum spray, but it does not subdue him.
* Tyler urges police to kill him or he will kill them. He approaches one officer and a warning shot is fired. He ignores demands to back off and three of the four officers fire, killing him.


Statement from the family of Tyler Cassidy about his shooting death

The entire family and friends of Tyler Cassidy are appalled at the actions by the Victoria Police last night.

Their heavy-handedness, and lack of negotiating skills at the scene of the shooting, contributed to the untimely death of our beautiful 15 year old.

He was in the prime of his life, had just started a new school, and was coping really well. He was a popular student with high expectations and a good network of friends.

The Northcote police were notified 30 minutes prior to the killing and briefed completely on what had happened including what he was wearing and to look out for Tyler.

The four officers concerned acted unacceptably by killing Tyler last night. He had a very gentle side, striving to grow from a boy into a young man and would have been completely overwhelmed by the situation.

The police according to our witnesses chased him, cornered him at the skate park in Northcote, he was surrounded and gunned down by four officers firing at least six or seven shots.

Our eyewitness confirmed that Tyler patted her dog, was confronted by the police and sprayed with capsicum foam, then pursued to the skate park, surrounded and hunted down.

We look forward to a serious and thorough investigation and inquest into why Tyler was killed and to the serious nature of the attending officers’ actions.

It should have been dealt with differently and more compassionately, but tragically resulted in Tyler’s death that should have been avoided.

“I promise you my darling, I will fight for you as you were taken from me under the most horrific circumstances.

“Why was he slayed to death when it was so unnecessary. Four officers were not capable of managing the situation.

“Now you have passed over I will speak for you and others like you,” Shani, Tyler’s mother

This is a released statement on behalf of his loving family and friends. He died alone without his family at his side, gasping his last breath, he was only a scared little boy… Rest in Peace. 12/12/2008

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2021 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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126 Responses to Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty

  1. SKOT says:

    Yes, but, “xhmko”…why are so many people wanting to come and live in Australia?

    People may indeed travel wide, but NO-ONE is going to live in India or China.

    And, remember…NONE of those people are intending to come and live here in a “melting pot” with people of other countries and races, whom they openly despise.
    They in intend to come and live with the white Australians, whom they’ll ‘tolerate’, in the “lucky country” they’ve heard tell of.

    Have you ever heard the Chinese myth of the “potter” and how the races were created?

    (Han) Chinese are possibly the most racist people on the globe…and the Indians?…they can barely stand the different forms of themselves!

    And they virulently hate each other.

    I will agree with one thing you say, that Australia is “Anglo”…what an insult…the vast majority of real Australians are Celts…making us forget ourselves is the greatest trick the English played.

    However, in spite of all that, British peoples DID build Australia…and it was for the most part safe, secure, harmonious, and free of the trouble and strife that has blighted so many other nations on Earth…now, you want to throw the doors open to anyone who wants in?…and allow all kinds of tribulation and chaos?

    Why not let Australians be the doctors and nurses?…you know, like in the good old days?

    When I think of it…you actually spouted some of the generalisations that a “PC” knucklehead like yourself usually gets all bothered over…why not a Chinese doctor, and an Indian nurse?
    Better still though, Indian doctors and nurses in India, and Chinese doctors and nurses in China.

    And travelling wide doesn’t always make you better…there are more than enough halfwits who venture to wonderful parts of the world and…shop.

    Besides…Lao Tzu said “how do I know about the world?…by what is within me”.

  2. SA scs member says:

    I didnt no tyler or his mum an dad but it is not there [fault] he died or the cops there just doing there job the mum an dad did not make him run the streets wid a nife none of us were ther[e] so d[o]nt coment an we r not a w[h]ite pride group because there r also a lot of aboriginal members we just stand 4 wat we beli[e]ve in u have ur thoughts we have ours so keep ur com[m]ents to ur self.

  3. Kadet says:

    once against SCS show their severe lack of intellectual prowess. Come on guys, where’s your brain cells?

  4. ‘SA scs member’ is nothing more than a troll, and imposter trying to deface the name of the organisation known as Southern Cross Soldiers.

  5. SA scs member says:

    ok then if we r so bad y dont u rite a list of bad things we do because i can rite a list of good things we do we try to get people that graff an take drugs an do a lot of criminal stuff an just people that have went thru a ruff child hood an we get them to change there type of m8s an get them out off thoz dirty habbits because afta 2 month in scs u have to have stop all thoz criminal habits other wise u will be kicked out an kadik-kadet no not every 1 is smart because i bet u there are a lot of things that u mite be beta at then me and then i bet u i wud be probly a bit beta then u at other stuff but some people r just plain smart ass not mention any names now kadik

  6. SA scs member says:

    this is wat i dnt get about uz u r telling us not to judge others because of there [appearance] but there uz go judging us because of some off our members r racist so uz dont make any sence to me uz r a bunch off morons sitting behind a computer making up shit u dnt even no about us

  7. @ndy says:

    uz r tha 1z makin up shit not uz we r juz sayin uz lyke 2 bash lebz n shit howz dat ozzie? m8 uz need 2 wayk up 2 yr self n werez da indig mob wat iz scs? adds sed ther waz nazis n shit in scs not uz! “Melbourne SCS co-leader Adds said members included criminals and self-described neo-Nazi skinheads, and some had relatives in the Hell’s Angels.” wotz dat got 2 do w lykin oz? pleny ozzies dyed fightin dem kkkuntz. uz callin adds a liar m8? n y r so many scs hatin lebz anywayz? dnt ya lyke falafelz or sum shit? if ya dnt lyke em dnt eat em no need 4 fistz n shit!

  8. SA scs member says:

    well thats melboune 4 u an so wat if they have family in the hells angels my unkel is leader of the rebels but i do not belive in mc cuz it is just a way to travel drugs easier an not all like to bash lebs because y do i have m8s that r lebs an a lot of black m8s but ther is a lot of lebs chinese an a lot of other mixed races that treat our aussie women like shit 4 xsample i waz at the beech last year 4 new years eve wen 3 lebs came up to my gf an smackt her on the bum an she told them to stop an they didnt an wen i stood up i said can u plz leave us a lone an they spat on her an called her white trash so that made sparks an we all got in to fights an im not just sayings it lebs an other non aussies its white aussies that do it 2 thats y there r rulz to joining scs in the first place an yes i can b calling adds a liar well wat about the news they said there waz 500 people at tylers funral then the paper said ther waz 700 an on the computer ther waz 300 an they also said ther waz 4 cops that shot him an then they said there waz 6 u cant always belive wat u here

  9. Kadet says:

    haha @ndy I can’t believe you went so low to write like that. Must have been painful…
    SA SCS member: When you learn to type/write properly I’ll reply to your incoherant babble. Until then: stay in school!

  10. SA scs member says:

    rember not every 1 is perfeckt

  11. WOLF (SCS) says:

    All you people just baggin on SCS you clearly have no idea what we are about if you did then ud be one of us yes we have some bad people in the organisation im not sayin there arent u get fuckheads in everything but u shouldnt judge us based on what some of our members say or do. Racist members are always kicked and banned and off topic of what Addz SCS melb apparently said its all bullshit he said nothin along those lines if you guys wanna know what SCS is RELI about go to my myspace page and check the youtube vid posted at the bottom we have nothin to hide and are just tryin to get the truth out there.


  12. SA scs member says:

    good on u m8 atleast theres another scs on this stupid chat site trying to get our point across

  13. SA scs member says:

    oh an every 1 who said that tyler deseved to die how wud u like it if ur sun ran the streets with a nife cuz he nows wat sorta dangers there r out on the streets at nite this fuking country is turning in to usa an fuking china an al thoz other countrys were u cant feel safe in ur own home or at a park with ur family so how bout i cum to ur house an shoot ur sons an mum an dad an the rest of ur family u wud fuking h8 it if i sed they need to b killed because no 1 needs to b killed an yes the cops were just doing there job but u have no rite to say that u fuking dam rite low life cunt

  14. SA scs member says:

    see uz have nothink to say to that u fuking dam rite rud wankers that have nothink else 2 do

  15. amy says:

    i knew tyler.. i went out with him, he was the best guy i have ever known.
    most people here who are leaving comments never even knew him.. how can you judge someone like that? the time i shared with tyler was the best time of my life, he was a nice, caring and happy boy. and nothing that the “newspapers” and you fuck heads desrice him as.



  16. Kadet says:

    It’s because of braindead people like you that people don’t feel safe in their own homes.
    Get a fucking job already and stop leaching off mummy and daddy you bourgeois pigs. You don’t even have the intellectual ability to rebut properly let alone type correctly. Give it a rest already and grow up.

  17. SA scs member says:

    fuk u kadet my mums dead an my dads lives in new zealand so suck a dick an i do have a job an it probly pays a lot more than urz good on u amy at least some people have the guts to stand up to the wankers on the web well done so fuk u kadik – kadet if u call her or me brain dead ill sho u brain dead wen i cum to ur house an smash da fuk out off u an ur low life family an no this is not a theat its a promis

  18. @ndy says:

    I think you’ve made your point anonymous SCS member from somewhere in South Australia.

    On that note, goodbye.

  19. SA scs member says:

    hahaha u h8 it that i proved uz rong thats y u want me off but fuk u its a free world thats wat u keep teling us oh an im from seaford in SA an my name is matt morgan an my fone numba is [0123456789 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…


    Grow up.]

  20. Kadet says:

    It’s funny isn’t it @ndy, just about every death threat on the internet comes from people who either are or act like prepubescent 12 year olds with severe dyslexia and ego issues.
    The internet is a funny place.

  21. SA scs member says:

    [Blah blah blah. Grow up SA scs member.]

  22. SA scs member says:

    [Blah blah blah. Grow up SA scs member. And goodbye.]

  23. amy says:

    hahaha this is funny as!

    australia day ill have a few bundys for you tyler!

    you fucking idoits are scared that other people could get knifes and try and hurt you and hahaha if you keep going on about it someone might.

    im not scared of you, you fucking idoits!

  24. @ndy says:

    WTF funny australia bundys idoits knifes idoits WTF.

  25. Lumpen says:

    im not scared of you, you fucking idoits!

    Grief is a funny thing, isn’t it?

  26. WOLF (SCS) says:

    SCS members posting on this stop espcially i u cant take a deep breath and type responibly and properly using grammer and the write punctuation. Your just making us sound like a bunch of tards everyone still looking at this page please scroll up about 10 or so comments to my original comment i left here end of story no more bitching on this thread everyone needs to grow up threats over the internet are like winning the special olympics even if u win ur still retarded 🙂

    Jks i have nothin against the mentally handicapped or physically handicapped

    everyone is equal and everyone who lives in australia is australian

    Wolf (S.C.S)

  27. Kadet says:

    Wolf(scs), by that statement above not only have you pointed out the obvious you’ve further proven our point. The only mentally handicapped on this blog post are the SCS.

  28. Lumpen says:

    I’m not sure who is joking and who is being serious anymore.

  29. miss tyler. says:

    how dare everyone judge!!!
    you never knew the kid. he was great!!!
    though yes he was always angry due to family issues.
    but that is none of anyone’s problem, stop judging.
    so all people judging i hope u feel happy!!!
    F**K you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really miss ya tyler cassidy. and i hope u rest in peace. i know the scs boys will always remember you forever. and you will be “forever young” … (the song that played at his funeral)

    miss u buddy.


  30. ALW says:

    I woulda shot too. Good riddance to the Nazi bastard.

  31. @ndy says:

    He was a kid. Not a Nazi.

  32. amy says:


  33. FUCK SCS NEO NAZIS says:

    good. i hope that the rest of those neo nazi wankers are killed, because they are nothing but try hard little aussies that try way too hard to make themselves look big. SCS is nothing more than just another gang (a shitty one too)

  34. amy says:


  35. SA scs member says:

    hahahahahaha dnt make me laugh wer neo nazis ay then y is my step bro in it 2 an his a half cast abo so shut the fuk up u no jak shit man oh an tlk about killing us y dnt u do it ur self if ur so hard have u ever been stabed or have u ever stabed any 1 brobly not have so try it b4 u say u cud do it u fuking little bich

  36. S.C.S Brae says:

    Wolf said to leave it so leave it.

    There’s nothing we can say or do, that’ll change the minds of people that aren’t similiar to us, this is the internet these fat nerdy shits judge everyone, don’t even worry about it. To us he’ll be remembered, let them have their own opinions, but we won’t give a fuck when they are on the beach getting smashed by other people, we’ll just walk past and watch.

  37. @ndy says:

    Wolf said to leave it so leave it.

    There’s nothing you can say or do that’ll change the minds of people who are actually familiar with Australian history, culture and politics. SCS = the Internet plus Cronulla. Annoying little shits grow up eventually, and even if they don’t SCS will always be remembered as ignorant, shallow and xenopbobic; Tyler Cassidy will be remembered most lovingly by his family and friends, not a network of wanna-be soldiers. You’re free to indulge in your phantasies of White nationalism, on the beach or in the classroom; you’re not the first and you won’t be the last.

  38. S.C.S Brae says:

    Lol bro, come see me in real life and i’d beat the living shit out of you, like go outside mate, go to the beach, get a tan on you and build yourself up.

    Because you just seem like a fat nerdy little lowlife fucker thats never been laid, and says shit over a computer because you couldn’t say it to a chapter in real life.

    Your not S.C.S, and you wouldn’t know what we are about, media makes shit a lot worse then it is, and thats just common sense.

    And btw, the classroom? I think 3 of 5,000 S.C.S members are in school.

  39. @ndy says:

    “Wolf said to leave it so leave it.”

    Alternatively, keep digging…

    Let’s suppose you beat me up.

    Alternatively, let’s suppose I beat you up.


    What’s your point?

    You’re incapable of using your brains, so you make pathetic threats of violence instead. Obviously, you think this somehow cements your identity as a ‘soldier’ of some kind. In reality, you simply join the overflowing ranks of keyboard heroes.

    If you want to subject SCS to further ridicule, you’re certainly going the right way about it.

    As for there being 5000 SCS… mate. Please. The few score who gathered at Flinders Street on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day tends to suggest otherwise.

    They were also almost all teenagers, still in school or having recently just left.

    How old are you, btw?

  40. Karma says:

    If being PROUD and PATRIOTIC of your country and heritage is racist and a crime then you people really are twisted.

    And why do the parents always get blamed? I raise my children hard and with respect and sometimes they get off track, does that mean I am a bad parent? You can be the best parent in the world and your children may still end up in a bad way. Doesn’t matter what race, how much money you have etc etc.


  41. Karma says: Take a look and do a bit more research before you judge someone. Is good to see these kids being proud of their country and who they are.

  42. @ndy says:

    Why do SCS hate ‘Lebs’?

  43. Brae says:

    Thanks Karma, we do no harm to anyone.

    We do not “hate Lebs”, are you fucking stupid?

    Can you not see what our message is:


    When I drove around on [Australia Day], I saw 3 Lebs burning an Australian flag.

    So why did I get out of the car with my mates and start them? Well think about it.

  44. scs boys SA chapter says:

    what the fuck andy yer we realy h8 lebs not yes ther mite b a few boys in scs that h8 lebs but they have ther reasons but then there are the 1s that are just total rasit but i can not take the blame ur just judging us like ur saying wer judging them u dnt no us like we dnt no uz or we dnt no all lebs an abos an newzealands or chines an they dnt no us wer r not rasit so shut the fuk up

  45. Ferox says:

    SCS members: I implore you to learn to spell before attempting to type.

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