More press on Tyler Cassidy shooting

December 13

‘Neo- Nazi’ boy, 15, is shot dead by Australian police in skate park, The Daily Mail
Police pursue ‘suicide by cop’ angle in teen shooting death, Geesche Jacobsen, SMH
Tyler Cassidy’s final night of fury, Roger Franklin, Herald Sun
Kill me. I’m going to kill you’, Tyler Cassidy told police, Herald Sun
Shot teen Tyler Cassidy joined ‘white pride’ racist group, Mark Dunn, Herald Sun
Call for answers after cops kill 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy, Julie-Anne Davies and Milanda Rout, The Australian:

According to Cam Smith, the organiser of FightdemBack, a group which fights race-hate groups in Australia, the Southern Cross Soldiers is mainly organised through MySpace and there are at least 1000 members in nine chapters across the country.

The gang is made up of mainly teenagers, but the leaders were aged in their mid-twenties and the group was set up through the internet after the Cronulla riots. “They are mainly young people and are organised extensively through MySpace,” Mr Smith said. “It is a post-Cronulla thing. A lot of people who had been inspired by Cronulla have connected through the internet.”

Mr Smith said the Southern Cross Soldiers first came across the radar in January. “They are a gang whose activities are mainly limited to fights with other groups and occasionally picking on the random minority in the street,” Mr Smith said.

“A number of them are fairly hard-core neo-Nazis. The rest of them are fairly hard-core racists. They are interested in racial purity in Australia.”

Death calls for an answer, Herald Sun (Editorial)
Two knives, three alarmed police officers and a ‘scared little boy’ lies dead in seconds, John Silvester, Farah Farouque and Lucy Battersby

A spokesman for anti-racist monitoring group Fight Dem Back, Cam Smith, said the group, made up of under-age teenagers, had a propensity to get into fights with other gangs.

Shooting reignites debate on police tactics and use of Taser stun guns, John Silvester

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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57 Responses to More press on Tyler Cassidy shooting

  1. Congrats for getting some mention in the MSM.

    But what is your take on a nazi getting wasted by the pigs?

    Given that he was just a kid and so I guess you could say his death was the result of the poison of racist ideology…

    Anyway, interested in [y]our comment…

  2. @ndy says:

    I don’t believe Tyler was a ‘nazi’ — a kid with racist and xenophobic tendencies, yes, but how deeply-rooted, I dunno: he was only 15, after all. I also don’t believe that his ‘ideology’ — such as it was — necessarily had any direct bearing on his death. Leaving aside a recent altercation in which he apparently came off second-best, from the partial accounts that are available (such as those contained in the above articles), Tyler had some ‘issues’; relating, probably, to the death of his father from cancer several years ago. In this context, I think that SCS provides a model of Australian masculinity that is attractive to some — especially teenage boys, of largely Anglo- descent — on the grounds that it projects an image of masterful competence, one which helps to fill a particular void.

    In summary, there’s nothing to celebrate in Tyler’s death, and his family will obviously be in tremendous mourning over his loss.

    (By the way Lev, it’s .net, not .com.)

  3. SKOT says:

    The key issue though, as always, is cunningly sidestepped.

    With all these emotive terms such as ‘neo-nazi’ and ‘race hate’ thrown around.

    What do [we?] imagine is wrong with people of a country, loving and fighting to protect their own country?

    I can sense that people, groups, and situations like this will keep rising as people get fed up of swallowing their dignity, and actually being forced to mutely stand by, as the country that their forefathers actually had to strive and build, throughout trouble times, is swamped by masses of migrants and refugees, who all actually are unbridled in their hatred of each other, yet who are keen to take from, and make what they can out of, Australia…with scant regard, smug dismissal, and often downright contempt, for actual Australians.

    Oh, and who “organises” this rubbish called “FightdemBack”?…who are they?…and who are the “dem” that they presume to have the authority to be “fighting back”?

    And, ‘@ndy”, the VAST majority of the people who started and built Australia are Celts…Irish, Scottish, Cornish and Welsh…under the aegis/domination of the ruling English elite.


  4. I’ve got a post on the recruitment of radical gang members that may be of interest.
    I’m tipping Tyler would have been one of the younger and newer members of SCS.

  5. Kadet says:

    It’s horrible a 15 year old was killed by police, an institution these “patriots” should realistically should support as they’re an institution that functions as apart of the nation state. Ironic in a way, but seeing as the kid had fascist tendencies in the first place, I have little sympathy for him. More so for his family who had to deal with the brat both in life and in death.

    Proof nationalism isn’t good for you.

    PS. Death to SCS.

  6. SKOT says:

    Does your notion of “not good” nationalism encompass all those ethnically/nationality based/biased “community groups” now undermining Australia?

    Does that, and the notion of “radical gangs”, extend to all those vicious ethnic gangs plaguing Melbourne…or are they just “victims”…merely “misunderstood”?

    Fascism…fascio…”a bundle”…a bundle of people…good Fascism, real Fascism, could be beautiful!


  7. Ruba says:

    SKOT you twit there have been (for example) Chinese people here since the late 1800s. Their contribution to this country was limited only by the racist sentiments and laws of the Celtic majority. The Italians may have arrived later but they comprise something like 40% of Melbourne now. Why should the descendants of these people be seen as an enemy? Why is their presence undermining Australia?

    As most rational people know, it’s no accident that only mediocre misfits that gravitate towards groups like the SCS. It’s precisely those who lack the ability to compete with migrants (and other Australians) on an even playing field that have to bury their insecurities and puff up their own sagging egos by spewing vitriol against innocent people. Most of you fools are on welfare and do nothing all day but masturbate and preach hate, while the immigrants you so despise are decent folks who actually contribute towards society.

    Ironically, you fail to realise that if all the ‘muds’ were deported tomorrow, the likes of you would be the new ‘blacks’ … and far more deserving of the shitty treatment you would receive than they, I might add.

  8. Brennan Conaghan says:

    Police involved: three imbeciles
    Other – hope they don’t silence the witness

    I LEFT this ON Victorian Police Website and to Rob Hudson Vic politician in charge of these hillbilly Victorian Police


    The three (since read four) police officers who shot that 15 year old boy Tyler Cassidy should be prosecuted for their gross stupidity.

    Family is angry I am enraged.

    This incident is TOTAL BULLS?IT.

    I’m an Australian in the USA and all the police here have tasers. Call the state and federal govt and get them you incompetent fools.

    Just as well it was not my son or those police could jump into their coffins now.

    I hope these BUTTHEADS are dealt with severely.


    Don’t forget to ask the officers WHY they all 3 three had to shoot at short range?
    Also what stopped them from shooting the boy in the legs?
    Answer DUMB Australian moron uneducated wack jobs excuse for police officers.
    DUH we can’t shoot straight.

    Any football types would have handled it properly and tried reasoning. Would you like 3 pigs pointing their guns at you? Jesus help us now I read 2 of the police were women.

    Too much Rambo crap for me. These police mongrels will always try to SMEAR and cover their asses by making out he’s a radical. I don’t buy that hogwash and don’t care if he was in the Taliban. The police must use good judgment in situations or be sued like in the USA re the Rodney King beating.

    A vigilante group needs to exact revenge on these sort of despicable police types who actually get away with murder. One person could have shot him in the legs. How useless are you police shit hea?s.

    P.P.S Citizens have to start demanding that this type of crap stop once and for all.

    Brennan Conaghan B Bus., M App Fin., M Tax Laws. So folks professional people get just as peeved as anyone else about these outrages.

  9. CaptainReality says:

    “Any football types would have handled it properly and tried reasoning. Would you like 3 pigs pointing their guns at you? Jesus help us now I read 2 of the police were women.”

    Football types? Good God, man! Are you drunk. How would I like 3 pigs pointing their guns at me? I wouldn’t like it. I’d dislike it so much that I’d drop the 2 knives I was holding and put my hands up, at which point they’d tackle me, arrest me, and off in the divvy van I’d go.

    “Jesus help us now I read 2 of the police were women.” So what? Perhaps if they were all men, then he wouldn’t have been shot so much. Truly bizarre.

    “Too much Rambo crap for me.” Au contraire, it seems that you live in a fantasy land akin to a Rambo movie. In your world, police can pull trick shots like shooting a running assailant in the legs. Here’s a clue… every police force IN THE WORLD aims for the centre of mass (i.e. the chest) when shooting at an assailant. There are a number of reasons for this, which I won’t explain now, as they can be easily looked up, and you most likely wouldn’t understand them.

    “Just as well it was not my son or those police could jump into their coffins now.” What are you, some kind of retard? Perhaps you’re just a ‘bit thick’.

    “Brennan Conaghan B Bus., M App Fin., M Tax Laws.” Oooooooh! Colour me impressed. An accountant! Here’s a question: you’re obviously educated; have you had recent head-trauma? I ask because your poor spelling, random capitalisation, incoherent prose, and poor logic indicate otherwise.

  10. Christine says:

    Victoria Police … should only be armed with tazers. Leave it to the professionals in the armed response/tactical unit to handle firearms. Police have only year 11 or 12 qualifications, they do a tafe course, go to the police academy for a few months, and they get to carry pistols! In some countries it takes years of training to get to carry a firearm, here it is a different story. You would want your doctor to have years of training before treating you, should demand the same of those carrying firearms. Uniformed police are not worthy of carrying a firearm, properly trained tactical response members are, it’s what they do every day. I urge everyone to write to their local mp regarding this. Someone should start a lobby group for this cause. I do not know why police carry guns at all, everything is circumstantial to them.

  11. Ronin says:

    So what if he was 15, so what if he was a ‘good boy’, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters die every day. but do their mourners run around with knives and threaten to kill innocent people? i’m not saying he deserved to die, but if you threaten to kill people with knives then you deserve what you get. i’m guessing the boy’s upbringing, lifestyle, chosen friends and lack of education are to blame here. NOT THE POLICE.

  12. Minder says:

    What a great society it is where the State Government regards such outcomes as “cost effective” compared to the training and hardware dollars associated with issuing tasers to all their police who might actually need them. Don’t kid yourself, don’t let the crocodile tears and sham sympathy blind you, this is all about money. Can anyone name another profession or trade that still has to work with the same tools their grandfathers used? Give the Police a gun and a stick as their only tools and what other possible outcome can there be in these situations? The sad part is that this kid clearly planned his “suicide by cop” knowing that his Ned Kelly era equipped local police would be left with no alternative. Hate the game, people, not the players.

  13. SKOT says:

    Ruba, I am not a “twit”.

    And there has actually been Chinese here since the mid-1800s.

    I have a Chinese uncle, whose great-grandfather came here during the gold rush of the 1850s.
    I’ve seen a magnificent picture of him, with silk robe, manchu pigtail, the whole bit.

    He married a Welsh woman, and integrated very quickly.
    My uncle used to participate in carrying the dragon during Chinese New Year celebrations in Bendigo.

    Only recently, I visited the See Yap society in Melbourne, the first Chinese society in Australia, founded in 1854.


    Those early Chinese, and their descendents, only ever constituted a tiny minority in Australia, and they always played a part within Australian society.
    Essentially though, the ultra small Chinese minority in Australia could have NOT been here and it would make not one iota of difference.
    To say that the limited Chinese presence in Australia equates to being on the same level of the British majority who built Australia, is ludicrous, and you were calling me a “twit”?

    The Chinese often went forth into British colonies, notably Malaya and Singapore, to make the most of the trade opportunities afforded by the British Empire.

    Many older Chinese actually dislike the influx of new Chinese, and other foreigners, now flooding this country, and who don’t care one jot for it!
    Only recently, I was speaking with an elderly Chinese man who really hates all the new Chinese here, who just want to make money, and don’t care about this country.

    I have an Italian uncle as well!
    He is very candid though, he always says he is Italian, even though he has been here near to fifty years, and has worked, very, hard.
    And, let me tell you though, he is not backwards in coming forwards about hating the loads of people teeming into Australia now!
    We speak with a lot of admiration for the policies of the Northern League in Italy.

    By the way though, the Italians do not, repeat…do NOT, constitute “something like” 40% of the population of Melbourne.

    The point being, above all else, is that the crucial building time of Australia was pre-World War II.
    The house was built, any migrants only come in and move the furniture around.

    Neither the Chinese or the Italians founded, or built, Australia.
    And none would make claim to!
    This all should be obvious!
    Does it really need to be explained?

    Furthermore, why should any Australians be forced to compete with migrants?
    Really, why?
    This new situation is always stated, as though it’s written in the stones, and must be “dealt with”, as is…yet it is NEVER explained, why?
    One might ask, if those people couldn’t “compete” in their own country, then why should they come and make it even tougher here?

    Yes, working people have often been seen as being “shit” here in Australia, so lovely “Ruba”, of you to point that out.
    How does making things worse seem to you to be making things better?

    And, do you really want to go there Ruba?
    Yes, I masturbate a lot…I’m passionate, I’ve got a strong sex drive, I’m emotional…yet in this ghastly “new” “society” I, like all too many men, get continually rejected by females…and, well, there’s a whole lot worse things going on, that’s for sure!

    And I don’t “preach hate”.

    I hate what is hateable.

    How come all those “liberals” who swear, profane, insult, mock, attack and ridicule, don’t get painted as “preaching hate”.

    I love, and I hate, that is human.

    I hate when bad things happen, if you imagine that there is something wrong with that, then, again, you’d better reconsider who you’re calling a “twit”.


  14. Dr. Cam says:

    “Yes, I masturbate a lot…I’m passionate, I’ve got a strong sex drive, I’m emotional…yet in this ghastly “new” “society” I, like all too many men, get continually rejected by females…and, well, there’s a whole lot worse things going on, that’s for sure!”

    Do you really think you’d be copping more booty if the British Empire hadn’t fallen?

  15. Jeff Simmons says:

    Some of the people on this site are as pathetic as the Victoria Police. This is a 15-year old kid for fuck’s sake! A confused 15-year old kid gunned down by trigger happy “law enforcement” officers. Who cares if he had connections to some far right movement — it’s a distraction doubtless intended to switch the focus away from the fact that the BOY was gunned down by police.
    I grew up in East London amid a thriving 1970s racist culture. At 15 I was as racist as all my white neighbours and relatives; yet today I am married to a half Indian/half Tibetan lady and have a beautiful multiracial daughter. You don’t shoot young racists — you educate them. Anyone who thinks that this BOY had it coming because he was racist is worse than pathetic.

  16. Manman says:

    I don’t care what anyone say there surely would have been a better way to handle this situation,He was only a 15 year old kid -confused at that,my deepest sympathy to his parents and family,police need to be educated better on how to handle these things instead of just firing a gun.

  17. Bodie says:

    I have read some poor comments towards the police in regards to this incident …
    Let me take you to the situation as all of you against the police live in a MOVIE world … where the good guy fights the bad guy off with a knife and all is well ..

    1. these police are “working” earning a living … and have the right like all of us to “Go home” at the end of the shift … if you have your life put on the line, you should be able to use force !!!

    2. imagine you go to work packing in a warehouse or whatever … and you have some one shove a knife in your face and wants to kill you … you defend yourself and kill the guy … you would think you are a hero ??? right

    so back off the Police … they need the Govt to give them better tools, but what they have they used …

  18. Chenzo says:

    The little wanker deserved what he got,,if you had a cop pointin a gun at you telling you to drop it,,and you didnt,,he just acted like a dick and tried to be a f’wit tellin them to shoot him,,if you fuck around with the law you deserve what he got,,tuff shit,,get over it,,

  19. Lumpen says:

    Neither the Chinese or the Italians founded, or built, Australia.

    There’s a whole bunch of houses in my suburb covered in pebblecrete that would beg to differ.

    Yes, I masturbate a lot…I’m passionate, I’ve got a strong sex drive, I’m emotional…yet in this ghastly “new” “society” I, like all too many men, get continually rejected by females…and, well, there’s a whole lot worse things going on, that’s for sure!

    This is a thread about a 15 y.o. getting killed by cops. Try and have a little bit of decorum, “even” “if” “you” “are” “obviously” “a” “bit” “cranky”.

  20. Jeff Simmons, you put a sparkle of hope for the human race into my heart. Not like some in this forum which do not even meet the standards of some mindless
    psychopath.There are not even animals of any kind that have less emotions for each other or less brain.

    Regarding more weapons to defend their miserable cowardly selves against a child… a pack of dogs attacking a little boy.

    I’ve seen him, puny, lying in his coffin, and I wish it on those creeps that they will never have a peaceful sleep as long as they live, never forgetting that helpless little boy’s face, lying dead.

    I suggest 25 years jail term for each of them and no more macho guns (fire-arms) hanging from their hips, back to the old stick the English cops get by with. Tasers up their ass every so often to put some sense into what barely can be called brains.

  21. SKOT says:

    Here we go again, and I must say that I almost expected it…

    A snide liberal says something, I respond, and then I’M taken to task for it!

    It was Ruba who made a bizarre comment about anyone who is not completely down with handing over their country lock, stock and barrel as “masturbating all day” and “preaching hate”.

    It’s up there, a few comments back, did you miss that “Dr” Cam and Lumpen?

    So, yes, I respond.
    What, did she expect an embarrassed, shaking 13 year old guy…”no, I don’t masturbate”?
    Yes, I do, a lot.
    I’m not going to deny it, in a society which pushes sex and sexiness at every turn, yet in which girls and women feel no qualms in spurning guys any chance they get…yet men are expected to “control themselves”.
    Yes, I masturbate, and I bet you do to “Dr” Cam.

    Now, I’ve put that in it’s place, and yes, Lumpen, this is about a 15 year old shot dead by the Police…if you want to take up the point about how masturbation might apply to all this, then please convey your enquires to Ruba.

    Lumpen, the Chinese and Italians came to Australia, they didn’t build the country.
    And that stuff about the pebblecrete?
    So what?
    It’s also amazing, how Italians in Italy have so much taste and style in regards their housing (and so much more), yet so many out here do it so…woggy.
    Not all though, my uncle’s home is a model of sublime, rustic, natural style.

    And good for you Jeff Simmons.
    However, Australia can only take on a certain level of migration and multiracialism…we only have a small population to begin with.

    Australia has little in common with the situation in Britain during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…and very near to absolutely, 100%, nothing at all with America, ever.

    Minorities, and some mixed marriages in Australia? …very good.

    Minorities, and new arrivals, becoming the majority? …no good, at all…totally unacceptable.

    This whole discussion came about because Tyler Cassidy was a “member” of the ‘Soldiers of the Southern Cross’, who I’m not sure I’m completely fond of either…if not, it would still be a question of why a young dude, who was undoubt[ed]ly causing trouble, was shot by 3 or 4 Police officers.
    That shouldn’t happen, Police standards need to get back to what they once were.
    The Police have a hard, demanding, job to do.
    This has though, opened up a wider issue, of a grievance that is often silently held by many Australians.
    As long as this is muted by the blind rhetoric of self appointed “politically correct” “authorities” then the pot will keep on boiling.

    This all must be discussed properly.


  22. ......... says:

    Nothing good has come of this.
    A mother has lost her son, his brother has lost his little brother and the police have gotten rid of someone they thought to be a threat.
    Tyler was hurting and didn’t know how to cope, some understand that and some don’t.
    As a kid losing a father, if you know what it’s like then you may understand, personally I do. Yes he did the wrong thing, but he’s a 15 year old boy who was broken.
    Yes the police could have done it differently but they didn’t, they need to change the way the system works, give them more training.

    The truth will come out, if this doesn’t open the police’s eyes to what’s going on, then what will?

  23. SKOT says:

    Hear hear…

    There was so many ways that those Police officers could have diffused and ended this particular situation.

    Many better methods are possible to disarm a person, particularly a 15 year old.

  24. Lumpen says:

    I’m not going to deny it, in a society which pushes sex and sexiness at every turn, yet in which girls and women feel no qualms in spurning guys any chance they get… yet men are expected to “control themselves”.

    …aaand the creepiness continues and expands. Honestly SKOT, if that is how see your dilemma of not getting laid, your problems are deeper than attempting to pour bleach on the history of Australia.

    PROTIP: Most people don’t discuss their masturbation habits at all, let alone in the context of a thread on the shooting of an obviously fucked-up kid and the tragedy that emanates from that. It’s obscene. Your inability to read Ruba’s comments as they were intended (it’s obvious to everyone else) are your own fault and your ongoing cretinous comments add nothing to the understanding of what happened. The only reason I’ve bothered to try and engage so far is because it seems obvious that you’ve never had anyone take you seriously enough to argue against you. Well, not anymore from me, you fucking cretin.

  25. SKOT says:

    No , “Lumpen”, not “creepiness”.

    A sad, and completely unnecessary, ‘reality’ for all too many men today.

    And, I can’t state it strongly enough…I am SO sick of hearing phrases like “creep”, “creepy”, “creepiness”, or the plethora of other insults dished out about men, and any expression of healthy male sexuality.
    Of course, it’s all bend over backwards, shut up, kowtow, and be all “supportive” about someone choosing “homosexuality”, or if any girls get into being “lesbian”…that’s all “okay”.

    A man ventures forth with discussion of real male sensuality and desire, shows real need, and expresses some real frustration…you know, takes a step out of being seen as merely a functional, utilitarian, almost robotic, pack animal…fit only for menial labour…and then all of a sudden he’s “creepy”.

    Honestly, “Lumpen”…how does describing me, or any other man, as being “creepy” help…anything???

    Now, I described EXACTLY why I wrote what I did, in response to the insensitive clap-trap that Ruba spat out…have you ignored that, again?

    I want, and need, so much more than just “getting laid” ‘Lumpen’…much more.
    And my problems with getting all that are exactly those I described…you’re actually ignorant/arrogant/stupid enough to try and deny that…to bleach that?

    And, what the heck?
    …”pour bleach on the history of Australia”?

    I am bleaching nothing!

    I am the ONLY one on here who has written truly, and comprehensively, about the history of Australia!

    What are you trying to do…muddy it? …stain it red? …blacken it? …taint it?

    Once again…I don’t shy away from an insult…it was Ruba who made her remarks.
    And, no, I most definitely do not propose that people talk about masturbation habits so openly all the time, and particularly not in a thread such as this.
    Again, take that up with Ruba.
    And then, ask yourself why on one hand you’d probably be protesting in the streets to push something immoral, unnatural and sinful….but then you describe anything natural, and a real emotional concern…as “creepiness”.

    Tyler Cassidy was “f**ked up”…and he was “f**ked up” by circumstances and situations…don’t blame the victim…don’t blame the symptom for the cause.

    And nothing I’ve written about is my fault…and nothing I’ve written is “cretinous”, at all.
    Regardless of what you “all” “obviously” think that Ruba’s comments were meant to mean…they were STILL an offhand, ill mannered, glib insult.
    People think they can hand out those kind of barbs, and not get anything in return…well, not this time.
    I’m not the cretin, you are…and there’s no need to start swearing either.

    I’m not arguing anything…none of you have a viable “argument” to put forward in “defence” of your cretinous, continually anti, ‘liberal’, troublemaking stance.
    This is not an “argument”…this is right against wrong.
    And that’s always serious.

  26. @ndy says:

    I may be wrong, but I think Ruba touched on a sore point.

  27. SKOT says:

    A…very…’sore point’.

    And, I’m always staggered how people think they can say one thing, and think it will go unnoticed…make a brash statement, and expect it to go without retort.

    I’m sure you’re all familiar with the theory of the ‘domino effect’…well, here it is in process.
    Everything that gets said, is part of what gets said.
    And one thing always relates to another.

    I know that all of you, fresh out of a sociology class, and bursting with some contrite insults on the side…can’t wait to set up your ‘card table’, and start handing out ball park level socio-political slogans, laced with some profanity/insults, in order to mimic your firebrand idols.
    Ruba imagines that being female, and having an ‘exotic’ Creole sounding name will get her out of everything?

    And, so you’ve got to expect an answer from someone who shows up to your metaphorical sidewalk card-table/soap-box.

    And sometimes that someone has the faculties with which to link this all together.

    There are MANY social, human, issues today…and they all link.
    The collapse of this society is being signposted on many levels.

    There are a lot of sore points…and they all add up to big wounds…to one sorely injured, and sickly patient.

  28. @ndy says:

    Perhaps you should see a doctor?

  29. Dr. Cam says:

    I prescribe one (1) Cornetto, followed by some serious hardening the fuck up. You creepy, creepy creep.

  30. Lumpen says:

    I’m not the cretin, you are…and there’s no need to start swearing either.

    Oh fine. In the spirit of hilarity and hypocrisy, I see @ndy’s Ronnie Johns sketch and raise him this:

    Dedicated to all the creepy permavirgins out there who can’t understand why women don’t exist to serve their needs, and are bewildered as to why their predicament doesn’t rate on the same level as the death of a 15 year old.

    To steer things back on topic, there were still letters to the editor regarding Tyler in today’s MX (supporting the police in response to a letter advocating shoot-to-wound strategies). Other than that, it looks like the death is out of the news cycle.

  31. @ndy says:

    “Anarchy is a fag!”
    “I’m not the cretin, you are!”

    The hits just keep on coming…

  32. SKOT says:

    The patient I was talking about, ‘@ndy’…is society!

    And…check all this “comedy” directed at me…efforts to deflect attention.

    YOU started all this garbage…YOU set up this troublemaking little website.

    “Anarchy”?…gee, someone shows a little gumption, that’s not in line with your very strict notion of “anarchy”, and you’re falling all over yourselves to heap the best put-downs upon me!

    And there’s that “harden up” nonsense, “Dr” Cam…
    How about you prescribe some hardening up to those loads of people who can’t make it in their OWN country, yet who we must “harden up” for, so as to compete with for jobs and housing/suffer attacks and violence from/lose our spirit, standards and identity to…

    It’s actually staggering…that away from the soft locales of Uni campuses, the safe environs of trendy Fitzroy cafes, and hackneyed festivals…you all cannot take real thought, feeling and comment.

    Did I say ANYTHING about women “existing to serve men’s needs”?
    Stop with that writing of utter lies, as a ploy to misrepresent me, and/or any other man.
    However…way too many women now don’t mind spurning men, yet expecting us to “service” their needs, as menial labour…as long as we do so quietly, off in the margins…don’t they?!

    We exist…FOR EACH OTHER!

    You keep plunging the knife in the back, pulling the rug from under the feet…and you might well get more and more Tyler Cassidy’s…

  33. Dr. Cam says:

    SKOT, I’m not sure that the tragedy of you being unable to get a girl/boyfriend is comparable to the hardship that refugees in this country have fled from.

  34. BigBeautifulMan says:

    Dr.Cam Knows Jack…Jack Shit.

  35. Lumpen says:

    I quote SKOT in earlier comments:

    I’m not going to deny it, in a society which pushes sex and sexiness at every turn, yet in which girls and women feel no qualms in spurning guys any chance they get…yet men are expected to “control themselves”.


    Yes, I masturbate a lot…I’m passionate, I’ve got a strong sex drive, I’m emotional…yet in this ghastly “new” “society” I, like all too many men, get continually rejected by females…and, well, there’s a whole lot worse things going on, that’s for sure!


    Did I say ANYTHING about women “existing to serve men’s needs”?
    Stop with that writing of utter lies, as a ploy to misrepresent me, and/or any other man.
    However…way too many women now don’t mind spurning men, yet expecting us to “service” their needs, as menial labour…as long as we do so quietly, off in the margins…don’t they?!

    Gentlemen: I suspect we are dealing with a lonely, ugly, teenager who thinks that being a patriot and white are a surefire way to get a root. The application of Cornettos may not be enough.

  36. @ndy says:

    Cornettos exist…FOR EACH OTHER!

    You keep keeping all the Cornettos for yourself, pulling the ice confectioneries off the shelf…and you might well get more and more SKOTs…

    I think?

  37. SKOT says:

    My hardship, “Dr” Cam, is as comparable, or more so, than that of all these “refugees”.
    What would you know about, any of it?

    Besides…how does leaving one’s own country and people in the lurch, running away to Australia…despite any hardship…somehow allow the smug use, and ruination of, this country?

    Australians have been through hard times, many hard times, real hard times…yet we never had anywhere to run, we had to make it through, here…there was no-where else to run, we are at the end of the earth.

    Lumpen…all that you quoted of me…and???
    I’m open, I speak the truth…all of that is honest and real.
    What is your point?
    And, in response to your queries…I am lonely, yes, very much so.
    Ugly?…hmmm, well…let’s leave ugliness, as is beauty, in the eye of the beholder.
    A teenager?…I’m 39…however, thankfully, I still have a lot of my classic teenage spirit!!!
    Am I a patriot?…yes, to some degree…but that phrase doesn’t really cover all of what I have written about.
    And, being white?
    What’s wrong with that?
    Yes, Celtic people are white.
    The people who founded, and built, Australia, were/are white.
    However, there are some people who are white who I feel no kinship with.
    Besides, it’s too vague a notion…”white”.
    What else can we say… British?…Cornish/Welsh?…Caucasian?…Indo-European?

    There are plenty of “white” peoples who are no great shakes, and who I don’t want coming here in droves.
    The Serbs and Croats stabbing each other at soccer games are ostensibly “white”, yet, apart from some very decent individuals….en masse, do nothing good for Australia, or even the Balkans.
    And, there are many ‘Caucasian’ peoples, that you might not imagine, whom I do feel a strong sense of racial/ethnic kinship to…Iranians…Central Asians…Berbers…

    Really though, yet again, you are deliberately steering this where it shouldn’t go.
    You mention whiteness…do you really want to get into a discussion on race…and the possible hierarchy/ies therein…the issues at stake…the complex area that all is?

    What, would being “black” now guarantee one a “root”?
    Does being a ‘lonely’, ‘ugly’ (teenaged?) ‘anarchist/socialist’, who thinks it okay to piss on everything, rip everything down, stand for nothing (but go for anything!), spit out insults, mess everything up…assure you a “root”?
    And, as I stated clearly earlier…I need, as is the case with the vast majority of men, and I/we deserve, much, much, more than a mere “root”.

    The crucial point I am making is…this country was founded and built by white British people, it’s our country, that’s it.
    Not only the land, which was, indeed, originally the Aborigines’…but the infrastructure, the society, the country.
    How can you even try, in any fashion, to deny that?

    The question is begged…if I WERE a “lonely, ugly, teenager”, thinking that being a “patriot”, and being “white” should get me a “root”…what would your point be?
    You’ve got all kinds of selfish people getting into vain, vulgar “lifestyles” now, expecting to “root” each other…but, I’m supposing that’s all “okay”??!!

    Being a white man, in a country (and a world?) built by white men…SHOULD guarantee me respect, and indeed, a “root”, to say the very least!

    Oh, and ‘BigBeautifulMan’, thanks for some level of help!
    “Dr” Cam come doesn’t seem to know much…he’s talkin’ loud, but sayin’ nuthin’!


  38. Lumpen says:

    A teenager?…I’m 39

    Holy shit.

    Being a white man, in a country (and a world?) built by white men…SHOULD guarantee me respect, and indeed, a “root”, to say the very least!

    The hits just keep coming!

    Jesus SKOT, you’re a total mutant. In 39 years you still haven’t learned how to use ellipsis properly or why they’re called quotation marks. I’m not going to bother spelling out why privilege is not, or should be, inherited by virtue of race, other than to point out the reason why you cling to this argument is likely because you have done nothing worthwhile using your own labour. Your arguments are comical, which is why no-one engages in them beyond a few broadsides for our own amusement.

    Enjoy your Christmas alone, you creepy fuck.

  39. @ndy says:

    I hope SKOT gets a new box of crayons for Baby Jesus Day and uses it to make a big flowchart explaining the relationship between his pining for the Empire, the Celts, hate-filled migrants and refugees, the 40% of Melbourne that is Italian, FightdemBack, the See Yap society, “liberals” who swear, profane, insult, mock, attack and ridicule, SCS, a pot that keeps on boiling, ungrateful ladies, sociology, and wanking.

  40. SKOT says:

    Lumpen…you take things out of context to prove…what ?

    Everything that I write is ALWAYS in response to something that one of you wrote.
    YOU write things, usually insulting things…I reply…you then quote these, and add some more glib insults, for ?…

    I’ve learned a lot in my 39 years, thank God.

    And so what if I get a little creative with ellipsis or quotation marks?
    As I’ve told you…I write kind of like I speak, and, let’s be honest…I’m sure you actually understand everything I say.

    And, @ndy, yes, it’s baby Jesus (pbuh) day, and a lot of other days/events configure at this time.

    You actually need to ask about the relationship between all of those things @ndy?
    It’s called lateral thinking…perhaps you’ve heard of it?
    It’s just some comprehensive understanding.
    Really, it doesn’t take loads of effort…you’ve just gotten so bogged down within the linear, homogenised, constraints of “PC” ‘thinking’, and have forgotten it.

    I think, talk, and write, like a Jazz musician…seemingly all over the place…but, there is always a common thread, a melody, a theme.

    It does upset me though, when I have to keep reigning myself in, holding myself down, just so obtuse, ignorant, belligerent dullards, such as yourself and all your identikit “liberal” cronies on here, might be able to savvy a little of what I’m saying.

    I do try though…Muhammad (pbuh) did advise people to speak to others at the level they are at.
    It is just such a drag though, that the level now is all too often so low.

    If you can’t see the relationship between all of those things (and so much more besides), then it is you who has the problem, and you who should start thinking fully again.

    You don’t need crayons, you don’t need a flowchart…this isn’t your daddy’s boardroom…you only need a soul, a conscience, and a properly working mind.
    Let’s hope though, that like the Funkadelic song goes…you don’t have a “maggot brain”.

    It’s called lateral thinking @ndy…you should open yourself up to it again, it’s much brighter out here.

  41. @ndy says:

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: A Gospel According to St. SKOT

      Australia is Good. Patriotism is good. Fascism is Good.

      Good Fascism, real Fascism, could even be beautiful.

      FDB is Bad. Migrants and refugees are Bad. Liberals are Bad. Ethnic communities are Bad.

      Chinese and Italians are Bad, except when they integrate. They they are Good.

      Anyone who is not completely down with handing over their country to foreigners lock, stock and barrel is considered Bad, but such people are also, in reality, Good.

      Political correctness is Bad. Sociology is Bad.

      Minorities, and some mixed marriages in Australia, is Good. Very Good. Minorities, and new arrivals, becoming a majority in Australia, is Bad. Very Bad.

      Supporting homosexuality is Bad.

      slackbastard is Bad.

      Anarchy is Bad.

      University campuses, trendy Fitzroy cafes, and hackneyed festivals?


      Taking the piss out of SKOT’s masturbatory habits?

      Very Bad!

      Leaving one’s own country and people in the lurch to come to Australia and to then ruin it is also Bad.

      Some Serbs and Croats living in Australia are Good, but they are usually Bad — especially when they stab one another at the tennis.

      Selfish people living vain, vulgar “lifestyles” are Bad.

      Lateral thinking is Good.

    In addition to expressing a value system, SKOT makes a number of more substantive claims. Thus:

    Australia is a Great country, and in general Australians are Good. Thus to be born Australian is both an honour and a privilege.

    Unfortunately, Australia is in danger of being swamped by foreigners: migrants and refugees. In addition to possessing numerous other, largely negative traits, these foreigners are often hateful, and have little more than contempt for their hosts, the ‘real’ Australians.

    ‘Real’ Australians — unlike these migrants and refugees — are principally of ‘Celtic’ descent.

    ‘Celtic’ people are ‘White’, and Celtic people — which is to say, White people — built this country. Australia, in other words, and in addition to being Great, is a White Nation.

    The building project otherwise known as White Australia began in the late 1700s, when the British arrived on Australian shores, and was largely completed by the outbreak of WWII (1939). In other words, by WWII, Australia was built, and, while immigrants arriving here subsequently may well contribute in some fashion to Australia, metaphorically speaking, this is essentially a case of moving the furniture around.

    The above is a truly comprehensive account of Australian history.

    To return to the present: real — which is to say White — Australians, have reached the limits of their tolerance regarding the occupation of their country by foreigners, and the collapse of this society is being signposted on many levels. The formation of SCS, in other words, may be interpreted as part of a much deeper revulsion and resistance on the part of real Australians to the foreigners who threaten to ruin this Great country. The existence of Lebanese and other ethnic gangs are just some of the many sore points on the Australian body politic, and these all add up to big wounds to one sorely injured and sickly patient. If liberal elites keep plunging the knife in the back, and pulling the rug out from under the feet, of real Australians, we may well get more and more “Tyler Cassidys”.

    At which point, a modest proposal:

    What is needed is a total solution to the foreigner question. The programme is clear. It reads: total separation, total segregation. What does this mean? It does not only mean the total exclusion of malicious foreign elements from Australian jobs, it means much more. For example: no Australian can be expected to live under the same roof as a Muslim. Rather, the Muslims must be chased out of our houses and our residential districts, and made to live in rows or blocks of houses where they can keep to themselves and come into contact with Australians as little as possible. They must be clearly identified. And when we compel the rich Muslims to provide for the ‘poor’ of their ‘race’, which will certainly be necessary, they will all sink together into a pit of criminality. As this happens, we will be faced with the harsh necessity of eradicating the Muslim gangs and criminal underworld, just as we root out criminals from our own orderly — and beautiful — country. The result will be the certain and absolute end of Islam in Australia.

  42. SKOT says:

    For the most part…all those good and bads [no apostrophe]?…yes indeed…completely correct!

    Although, a little further expression is needed on these subjects…many of these things are a ‘no with a but’, or a ‘yes with an if’ issue!

    And definitely, much less cunning ‘editing’ of their context so as to serve your corrupt agenda @ndy!

    And everything that I say is based upon the truth, according to God, and coming via my conscience and intellect.
    I cannot have a ‘gospel’!… Muhammad (pbuh) was the last man to have a ‘gospel’.

    I have repeated what is good and bad, and they are good and bad, because there IS good and bad!

    Muslims do not constitute a “race”.
    Islam is not a “race”!

    Islam, the ‘submission to the will of God’, as ‘islam’, was the basis and core of most of Australian society all along.
    As it is all society and culture.

    The same, good, values, morals, focus and foundation.

    There are two broad levels of Islam.
    Saying the Shahadah, bearing witness to God’s Oneness, and that Muhammad (pbuh) is the last of His messengers, makes one a Muslim.
    However, there is then…life.
    And the ‘doing’ of Islam…and Iman and Ihsan!
    The growth within your Islam.

    Many…too many, migrants, whether they may be Muslim, or Christian, getting around in gangs (or God knows [no apostrophe] what else horrendous behaviour!), will persist and persist with bad behaviour…and only pull religion out of their back pocket at the very last minute, as an ‘excuse’, or to curry sympathy.

    Thus continually forcing truly spiritual and religious people to keep on vouching for their ‘brothers’.

    We should eradicate, one way or another, all gangs and criminal behaviour…whether it be overt, or underworld.

    Islam is about order, on all levels.
    Islam is about ‘doing what is beautiful’.

    Your lack of understanding of Islam, as goes your lack of understanding of most things, it seems, @ndy…is woeful, nay…is shocking.


  43. @ndy says:

    Duh. You can’t don’t won’t stop.

    Well, unless I say so.

    See you next year!

    The Misery of Islam

      We recently received this manuscript “The Misery of Islam” with the note: “Dear friends. I know that you will appreciate this text. I trust you to do what you see fit, please excuse my English, publish it warts and all as you say in your language…” It was sent from a still Muslim country.

    When I was lying in my warm, damp bed these questions did not interest me one jot and at such a time it did not matter to me whether God really existed or whether He was nothing but a personification of the mighty ones of this world, invented for the greater glory of spiritual values and the easier spoliation of the lower orders, the pattern of earthly things being transferred from the sky. All I wanted to know was whether or not I was going to live through to the morning. In face of death, I felt that religion, faith, belief were feeble, childish things of which the best that could be said was that they provided a kind of recreatian for healthy, successful people…
    ~ The Blind Owl, Sadegh Hedayat

    God gives nuts to the toothless.
    ~ Spanish proverb

      (Corrected Edition) First published by Fast Camel Press, Feb. 1989. This edition published by The Friends of Omar Khayyam Press, Feb. 1989.

    Strange, is it not that of the myriads who
    Before us pass’d the door of Darkness through
    Not one returns to tell us of the Road,
    Which to discover we must travel too.
    ~ Rubáiyát, Omar Khayyám

    Enter and learn the story of the rulers,
    They rested a little in the shadow of my towers
    And then they passed.
    They were dispersed like those shadows
    When the sun goes down;
    They were driven like straws
    Before the wind of death.
    ~ Inscription at the City of Brass

    Go and tell my friends that I have set off for the high seas
    And that my boat is dashed to pieces;
    It is in the religion of the gibbet that I shall die; Mecca
    And Medina no longer mean anything to me.
    ~ Al-Halladj (858-929 AD)

    Th challenge of our times — for us proletarians who live in countries where Islam is part and parcel of the status quo — is to criticize this “religion of the desert”, not for God’s sake but for our very own. So that we don’t have to worry any more about anyone coming back from the dead to tell us if there is life after death. It seems more human to find out whether there is life before death.

    The ruling classes in countries in which Islam still holds sway have enforced a silence on Islamic matters, to the extent that even a simple critique cannot be allowed, because those who rule in the various feudo-bureaucratic dictatorships, use Islam to maintain their hideous grip on the wretched populations. Here we can see a similarity with Eastern bloc countries where truth and freedom of expression are muzzled: stalinism and Islam have a lot in common. Recently the Salman Rushdie affair has brought up to the surface a wealth of materials for analysis. One minute the President of Iran, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared that the death order would be rescinded if Mr Rushdie apologised, a few hours later the Ayatollah-in-Chief Khomeini declared that even if Mr Rushdie repented it was the duty of every Muslim to put him to death. Iran today is a tweedeldum and tweedeldee country. The rulers of that devastated part of the world constantly need an external enemy in order to keep the minds of its people away from the mounting daily miseries at home. Mr Rushdie’s book was a Godsend opportunity to unite the flocks. But for how long?

    The Muslim world from Morocco to Indonesia passing through Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Irak, straight over to Pakistan and down to Nigeria etc. is a real cauldron of misery and possible change. Different forces are at work to make this world collapse. First, the dispossessed no longer want to suffer Allah’s “Law” or those who squander the wealth which is the fruit of their exploitation and who are imposing harsher and harsher conditions.

    The reason for this pamphlet is quite simple, to make sure that past and present struggles against bloody rulers in Islamic countries are not forgotten. Often it is only in books, pamphlets, posters, newspapers or radio from abroad that we manage to know what goes on elsewhere, or when we meet someone who has been involved directly in some actions, because most often “our” press reports nothing but trivia. For example for the last five years or more they have been showing the same pictures of Allah’s Deputy on Earth, the one and only Khomeini. If they announced that he had gone to met his maker, things might take a different turn in Iran. I heard that a few people in London have been saying that he was dead for many years, but no one in the media has taken up this story. Journalists are a sorry lot, the more satellite dishes you have, the less news you get. Or you’ll get news in the sky when you die. The decomposition of the Press in the completion of media alienation is in full swing, this being the sub-title of a book recently published in Paris, called The Crude Lie.

    It is with sorrow and pleasure that we can remember the riots of Cairo (Ist January 1977) or the ones in Tunis (26th January 1978), or the uprisinqs which made those in power tremble in Algeria (from the 10th March to the 24th April 1980), and more recently in that same poor country people took to the streets against the dreaded regime, more than five hundred people were killed by the Algerian army and police. There was widespread torture on those arrested. These uprisings are like a fire that will not go out, just as everywhere else since the conditions in which almost everyone is forced to live under, ensure that the flames of discontent will not die, proletarian revolution is like Mount Etna, it erupts, and Allah and those in power can do nothing to prevent it. No wonder Mohammed the Holy Profit declared that anarchy, “fawda”, that is to say sedition, was even graver than assassination. This saying was quickly inscribed into the Koran in order to make sure that those who had power would retain It for ever. Many specialists of Islam cannot criticize this — maybe they are too hypnotized by it.

    The essence of Islam is resignation, submission to the order of things, and the will of God, the temporal and spiritual powers are one, as we said earlier there is a similarity between stalinism and Islam, no wonder there is trouble in the Eastern bloc countries. People have had enough of the Kremlin Big Brother telling them what to think and do. The Islamic religion is part and parcel of the State, and the same with stalinism. In Christian countries, the bourgeoisies which rose out of the feudal dark ages could not afford such luxuries such as an all powerful Church which went hand in glove with the State. From then on the bourgeois made sure only the commodity would rule and it would be the next God to be worshipped. What we have today proves it. Nothing is sacred, only things with price tags. In other words the society of the spectacle, having reached its integrated spectacular stage as Guy Debord recently wrote in his Commentaries.

    I am certain that a wider critique will continue to move from country to country, because what is said here many feel deeply in their hearts and they whisper truths about the misery inflicted upon them by those who live well. As in the time of the Old Man of the Mountain, no one is safe in power. This is why I hasten to pen this little treatise on Islam. It has taken 148 years for an ex-Muslim to jump into L. Feuerbach’s shoes. A few years ago I had the chance to read his Essence of Christianity when I was abroad. Among all the titles I literally devoured, since you could not find anything critical under Pahlavi, ironically you can find even less under the Khomeinists. Only the Koran seems to be allowed. It is like having an iron mask on one’s head. It is truly barbarous. Therefore it is not Allah which knows and sees everything — that Cosmic Voyeur — since ‘he’ does not exist, but well and truly those eyes and ears of the police aided by their sordid informers who always want to know if anyone knows more than they do about the rule of their masters, that is to say the whole of the misery which rests on economic and religious alienation, in order to persecute those who fight back. All this reminds us of the Spanish Inquisition. The Islamic “revolutionary” guards and the different kinds of police in countries where Islam prevails are what George Orwell called the “thought police” in his 1984.

    The critique of Islam necessitates taking apart everything that this legislation stands for. And because the signs of the decay of this religion are all but apparent. Islam offers nothing but the acceptance of the status quo, that “Heavenly Body” resembles a capsizing ship. Islam is archaic, reactionary in all aspects. The respect for those in power is enshrined in the Koran, as of property, as of the family, and the Koran is the infallible word of God. All this to ensure that “the exploitation of one class by another is the basis of civilization” as Engels remarked in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State. Indeed Mohammed himself must have been rich since he could afford more than one wife. Mohammed started with the idea of giving to the poor, but once in power — as did Luther and Lenin — quickly forgot to continue on this golden path. Later he reinforced his power and that of Islam by building mosques in towns “where the basis of Islamic communal prayer” could take place. The Bedouin tribes were truly dispersed and weakened by these new developments. Mohammed scorns the Bedouins in the Koran. The 10 commandments, the Talmud, the Koran are laws. The lawgivers are the ruling class…

  44. Lumpen says:

    I think, talk, and write, like a Jazz musician…seemingly all over the place…but, there is always a common thread, a melody, a theme.

    I LOL’d. SKOT is Howard Moon from The Mighty Boosh:
    Please take notes at about 1:12

  45. SKOT, don’t listen to this communist filth, they’re trying to brainwash you into think like they do!

  46. SKOT says:

    [Duh. You can’t don’t won’t stop.

    Well, unless I say so.

    See you next year!]

  47. Anthony says:

    The teenagers you see getting drunk, playing in a local football club, failing to get into university and even lacking the motivation to study a trade are the ones that become police. And society allows such people to carry firearms! The problem is the boy did not pay his taxes, that’s right. It is all too easy for so called model citizens, married, with children, employed, to convince police of a non-taxpayers guilt. Circumstantial evidence is then treated as fact and discrimination occurs. Be careful not to get yourself on the wrong side of the law if you don’t look right or have something wrong with you. The police will put you through the court system just to make it hard for you even though they know they will lose, what a vengeful mentality they have. I suspect the boy had some run-ins with the police before, word spreads quickly from station to station regarding trouble makers, it is like a secret list that makes them heavy handed from the start. They could have shot him in the leg. Police are not educated enough for the responsibility of carrying a firearm, leave it to the tactical response unit. Take their guns away.

  48. WriteTopKevinRudd says:

    Yes, the police need to have their revolvers taken away. How many of you know how to fire a revolver and what is involved ? The firing pin must be cocked/pulled back manually for each shot, it is not a just pull the trigger affair. One would think that after the first shot enough time has elapsed to rethink the next shot, it is not a semi automatic pistol like the ones they are getting. God help anyone in front of one of those being held by the police, can you say swiss cheese. Post your constructive comments to have the police guns replaced with tazers, leave guns to trained officers of the tactical squad. Write to your Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at

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