More press on Tyler Cassidy shooting

December 13

‘Neo- Nazi’ boy, 15, is shot dead by Australian police in skate park, The Daily Mail
Police pursue ‘suicide by cop’ angle in teen shooting death, Geesche Jacobsen, SMH
Tyler Cassidy’s final night of fury, Roger Franklin, Herald Sun
Kill me. I’m going to kill you’, Tyler Cassidy told police, Herald Sun
Shot teen Tyler Cassidy joined ‘white pride’ racist group, Mark Dunn, Herald Sun
Call for answers after cops kill 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy, Julie-Anne Davies and Milanda Rout, The Australian:

According to Cam Smith, the organiser of FightdemBack, a group which fights race-hate groups in Australia, the Southern Cross Soldiers is mainly organised through MySpace and there are at least 1000 members in nine chapters across the country.

The gang is made up of mainly teenagers, but the leaders were aged in their mid-twenties and the group was set up through the internet after the Cronulla riots. “They are mainly young people and are organised extensively through MySpace,” Mr Smith said. “It is a post-Cronulla thing. A lot of people who had been inspired by Cronulla have connected through the internet.”

Mr Smith said the Southern Cross Soldiers first came across the radar in January. “They are a gang whose activities are mainly limited to fights with other groups and occasionally picking on the random minority in the street,” Mr Smith said.

“A number of them are fairly hard-core neo-Nazis. The rest of them are fairly hard-core racists. They are interested in racial purity in Australia.”

Death calls for an answer, Herald Sun (Editorial)
Two knives, three alarmed police officers and a ‘scared little boy’ lies dead in seconds, John Silvester, Farah Farouque and Lucy Battersby

A spokesman for anti-racist monitoring group Fight Dem Back, Cam Smith, said the group, made up of under-age teenagers, had a propensity to get into fights with other gangs.

Shooting reignites debate on police tactics and use of Taser stun guns, John Silvester

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  1. SKOT says:

    [Duh. You can’t don’t won’t stop.

    Well, unless I say so.

    See you next year!]

  2. Hi says:

    SKOT. You make uneven, open ended statements, usually resulting with little to no conclusion. For instance, after all of your thousand words regarding absolutely nothing relevantly pertaining to the death of Tyler Cassidy, I’m still failling to grasp WHY migrants and refugees are ‘Ruining our country’… Gangs are just as prominent among white youths, and jobs are taken just as fairly by migrants as they are whites, if not less fairly, due to discrimination.

    If a migrant applies for a job, and a white man applies for a job, presumably, the white man and migrant’s competency will be judged by the quality of their application.
    What is wrong with the system? How is this unfair to the white man?
    You speak of us as if WE are the minority, as if WE get the bad end of the deal.

  3. Hi says:

    btw what has happened to his comments?

  4. @ndy says:

    My tolerance for trolls decreases as time goes on.

  5. jack says:

    tyler was a [deleted] raised by a [deleted] mother if he had done as he was told he would be alive serve him right

  6. steve says:


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