Unite Against Racism Rally, April 9

    The Age has video of the bonehead referred to below, as well as another inebriated woman who was ejected from the rally by police (I’m not sure what herstory was). The Melbourne Leader has photos here and Shane has moar here.

    Update : Well, that was that. Several hundred people attended the UAR rally, which as announced began at midday, featured a dozen or more speakers, and ended a little after 2pm with a stroll up Swanston Street. As for the racists, the handful of meatheads who were silly enough to attend were forced to huddle together at Y&J’s, the steps of Flinders Street station being fully occupied by their opponents. One inebriated bonehead — a Hammerskin, apparently — did try to convince police that he be allowed to cross the street, but the silly bugger was told that this was not possible, so had to content himself with moaning to his handful of mates.

    That’s the short version — the long version will come later.

    In the meantime, one of the fascist groupuscles supporting the Melbourne rally — from the safe distance of Sydney — was the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’. The APP is staging a mini Nuremberg Rally outside of Villawood Detention Centre this Sunday. Comrades in Sydney are urged to consider attending the counter-rally which has been organised to oppose the APP…

As noted, tomorrow (Friday April 9) there’s a rally against racism in the city, one called, appropriately enough:

Pies in 2010!

Or, possibly, Unite Against Racism.

The rally was triggered by the announcement of a MASS RALLY AGAINST IMMIGRANTS AND ISLAM on Facebook (where else?) on March 17, 2010 by a group calling itself MELBOURNE ACTION AGAINST IMMIGRATION AND ISLAM (established at the same time).

Late this afternoon, the rally had attracted 40+ “confirmed guests” (perhaps only half of whom appear to be genuine in intent).

By way of contrast, well over 500 Facebook users have indicated that they will attend the counter-rally.

Given these facts, it’s highly likely that the bigots who’ve organised the “MASS” rally will be outnumbered by a very wide margin, and may even be outnumbered by police. Beyond this, the miniscule ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ has loudly proclaimed its support for the rally, as have the racist teenyboppers belonging to the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’, and a handful moar racists, fascists and neo-Nazis.

Sadly for them, this is Melbourne, not Cronulla.

Immigration rallies spark fears of violence
Saeed Saed
Melbourne Leader
April 8, 2010

AN ESTIMATED 400 pro- and anti-immigration supporters will square off in the CBD tomorrow amid fears of violence.

The anti-immigration rally, organised by the Melbourne Action against Immigration and Islam, will begin tomorrow at 1.30pm at Flinders St Station and finish with a march to Parliament House.

A Unite against Racism Rally counter-rally will be held at the same time and location.

Unite against Racism organiser Jacob Grech said [he] had been told police would be out in force during the rallies, with officers patrolling on horseback.

Mr Grech said more than 300 people would attend the rally, including the Greens’ candidate for the state seat of Melbourne, Adam Bandt.

“The message of our rally is to celebrate Melbourne’s diversity and letting the racists know that we don’t want their racist violence in Melbourne’s streets,” he said.

“Their rally is the same kind of public displays that were taking place in Sydney a couple of months before the Cronulla riots.”

As of today, 52 people had registered interest in attending the anti-immigration rally on the event’s Facebook page. Site administrator Mark Hill was not available for comment.

Islamic Council of Victoria vice president Sherene Hassan urged Muslims not to attend the rally because of fears over potential violence.

“ICV is of the view that there is potential for violence if the two groups come in proximity to each other,” she said.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Sen-Constable Mia Paterson would not provide details on police operations at tomorrow’s rally.

But she said police were aware of the event and would be monitoring it.

Australian Protectionist Party
Southern Cross Soldiers Melbourne Chapter

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11 Responses to Unite Against Racism Rally, April 9

  1. Davo says:

    How do you rate Maccafer?

  2. Wombo says:

    FYI, we’re having a little anti-fash stroll in the park here in Sydney on Sunday: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=109582062406674

  3. Peaces N' Dreams says:

    God dammit!

    When it is the “real deal” hardly anyone shows up. Now that it is only a bunch of random people you all show up.

    Any violence comes on your heads for this [fascist] squash of views.

    This can only be saved by a counter attack by some crazy skinheads attacking someone within the next two weeks.

    Isn’t this Cronulla 2? Large group gathering because they don’t support somebody’s way of life? Boy oh boy, I am [surprised] you are not attacking each other.

    Like a dog going after its tail. I can [give] you a tip. Huge [fascist] rally on the 9th. For some reason people have forgot about opinion and have cast multiculturalism as right and everything else as wrong… Even with ZERO amount of proof.

    ATndy special: Pop Culture!

    Do you think anyone could like The Jetsons better than The Flintstones? I mean, Flintstones are a classic, Jetsons are underground.

  4. Fascist Troll says:

    Tell me this, when has an anti-fascistism [!] event ever been something other than the demonisation of white people in general? They call whites crackers, colonisers, murderers, devils, and every negative word you can imagine. The facts stand: Anti-Fascists hate whites; I have yet to see proof otherwise that contradicts this statement.

  5. Robert says:

    I love whites! My wife is white.

    Jolly good show.

  6. @ndy says:

    Peaces N’ Dreams,

    Cut the dose.

    Fascist Troll,

    I’m a white person. I think I’m tops.


    Pip pip.

  7. Fascist Troll says:

    hw cm y lttl wmps nvr spk t gnst blck rcsm? r y scrd? t mst g gnst wht y hve bn tght.

  8. Peaces N' Dreams says:


    You already posted that video to me, you’re slipping… You’re ALL slipping.

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