Refuse Resist Regroup!

Damn! It never rains, it pours. I only just remembered to blog about Trotskyist Platform (a split from the Sparts / International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist)) in Australia when — Happy New Year! — a new split emerges in the too-tight pants belonging to the International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT) (itself a split from the Sparts). ‘Revolutionary Regroupment’, aka ‘Samuel’, broke with the IBT on September 25, 2008, after receiving some nasty emails and phone calls. His resignation letter, published on his site, reads as you might expect it would. Apparently, the IBT is authoritarian, has a ruling troika, “the New Zealand section has dwindled to 4 semi-active geriatrics”, and the IBT is “a purely literary group with under 40 people worldwide” (most of whom are presumably over-40).

Kinda sad really.

“Because within groups like the International Socialists, within groups like the Communist Party of Canada, even within groups like the Trotskyist League, even there, you will find people, comrades, who are subjectively revolutionary—who really are interested in a revolution—but are stuck in a bad organization with bad politics and bad program.” ~ IBT Exchange With ICL: On ‘Revolutionary Regroupment’, 1917, No.30, April 2008.

See also :

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    League Press
    P.O. Box 539
    N. Melbourne 3051, Victoria

League for the Fifth International

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  1. Paul Justo says:

    Have a a look at the

    images of the ‘grand river printing and imaging’ company run by the SEP boss.

    The IBT website has the dirt on this anti-trade union “Trotskyist” group in the latest edition of ‘1917’ available from the International Bookshop and Cafe in the Melbourne Trades Hall building.


  2. @ndy says:

    Yeah d00d, I know. I even blogged about it. About 8 months ago…

    See: Further Adventures in Trotville, @ndy, May 4th, 2008 in Trot Guide.

  3. Paul Justo says:

    Trotskyist poetry –

    “I had invited Rhiannon to see me on my 40th birthday in Wales
    But I was arrested and spent a night in a police station cell (not jail)!
    Being a political prisoner stopped me getting there
    And my mobile was confiscated so I don’t know if Rhiannon tried to ring me, and really cares!”

    he goes on –

    “I have now recognised that it is time to take sides in the class struggle and unite with Marxists, particularly those in the largest Marxist organisation in Britain, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP)”

    Do we have any trot loonies like this in Oz?

    Finally –

    Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something

    I think you’ll understand

    And I’ll say that something

    I wanted to hold your hand

    I wanted to hold your hand

    I wanted to hold your hand

    But you had had

    A bad experience with another man

    So you wouldn’t let me

    You wouldn’t let me hold your hand

    You wouldn’t let me hold your hand

    You wouldn’t let me hold your hand

  4. @ndy says:

    Btw, why so many pseudonyms? It’s annoying.

  5. Paul Justo says:

    OK I’ll stick with this one if it makes you happy (does it really matter anyway?) Truth is I can never remember them! When I get my blog up and running you can reciprocate.

    Anyway back to Trotskyism with another great story –

    This time it’s one of the UK’s top Trot honchos who advances the cause of the re-establishment of the Fourth International – by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

    OK Orwell was a Trot but isn’t this taking things a bit far –

    “The appearance of Tommy Sheridan in Celebrity Big Brother will have disappointed many people who know of his role as an uncompromising fighter for the interests of the working class over the past 25 years. The Socialist Party/International Socialists/CWI shares this disappointment. We believe that Tommy’s decision to take part in CBB is a mistake that will damage his standing in the socialist movement and among many class conscious workers, trade unionists and young people.”

  6. @ndy says:

    “OK I’ll stick with this one if it makes you happy (does it really matter anyway?).”

    Yeah, it does. For all sortsa reasons.

    As for Tommy… it worked for Gorgeous George, so why not? The world’s a stage.

    PS. Tommy Sheridan : Working Class Hairo.

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