Seattle police kill student in “Nazi” uniform.

Police shoot, kill UW student in Nazi-era garb / Friends dispute report that he pointed weapon at officers
Mike Barber and Levi Pulkkinen
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
January 1, 2009

The University of Washington student shot to death by police in the first hours of 2009 after pointing a World War II-vintage rifle at officers had an abiding fascination with the past, but no love of Nazism.

The 22-year-old student of German and Scandinavian history was wearing a Nazi-era uniform when two Seattle police officers shot him early Thursday morning near the door of his University District apartment…

Hattie Taylor, a 20-year-old UW student at whose sorority house the deceased man worked, described him as a kind, if likably odd, young man. “He wasn’t a Nazi,” Taylor said. “He was just fascinated with the past. … He liked to dress up and have fun.”

As the article states, the dead bloke, “Miles von Murphy” has had a myspace page,

I live in a 1920s room and I only enter the 21st century when absolutely necessary. I’m a senior at the University of Washington. I’m a Scandinavian Area Studies major and German Culture and Literature major. I also speak Swedish and German pretty well, and some Finnish. I come from Maple Valley, and went to Tahoma High School. I very much enjoy fancy parties and can never turn down a well-mixed martini. I have brown eyes, 24 teeth, and no cavities! Drunk old ladies tell me that I look like Elvis. I can’t stand it when people use bad grammar.

Nothing on it to suggest that he was anything other than a slightly eccentric student.

Poor bastard. But strangely prescient too.

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:: Don’t die
How Long Do You Think You’ll Live?: Less than a year, honestly

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