Kerry Bolton Killdozer Spork!

I say… it’s magick!

Has Kerry the Nazi cast a spell, or are our media watchdogs just incompetent?
Reading the Maps
April 16, 2010

Late last year the Broadcasting Standards Authority bewildered observers by upholding a couple of thoroughly spurious complaints that veteran Kiwi neo-Nazi Kerry Bolton had made against Radio New Zealand. Bolton, who is the author of books with titles like The Holocaust: a sceptical inquiry and a former member of groups with names like the National Socialist Party of New Zealand, had complained to the BSA because I had had the temerity to call him a neo-Nazi and a Holocaust denier on a Radio New Zealand programme devoted to the discussion of anti-semitism…

Scott The Unbeliever then proceeds to outline the case for Kerry Bolton: neo-Nazi. Like other Men of Science, Scott laffs in the face of The Supernatural, foolishly believing that Radio New Zealand’s apparent decision to appeal to the High Court the BSA’s verdict means that the Scienticians know better than The White Masses — The White Masses whose need for Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer has been channelled by Enlightened Ones such as Herr Doktor for many years.

I feel dizzy…

See also : The murky politics of the Right (in New Zealand/Aotearoa) (March 16, 2010).

Killdozer Cures Everything!

Michael Gerald was the normal skinny clean-shaven guy with the big growling bearded voice who helmed Killdozer, one of the original “grunge” bands back before Nirvana and Pearl Jam changed the meaning of the word. For ten years or so, Wisconsin’s Killdozer (Gerald and two men named Hobson) played loud, heavy and slow music with lots of guitar distortion and lyrics inspired by the foibles and problems of the Middle American everyman. Disaster films, `70s classic rock, Walmart, serial killers: all this and MORE! MORE! MORE! Then the Hobsons called it quits with Mr. Gerald not far behind them. However, he was PROUD and HAPPY and NICE to let me conduct an email interview with him. See below for proof that this occurred! (unless I made up all the responses myself, in which case don’t tell him). My questions are the bold and his answers are the beautiful.

See also : “I get so emo, I could die” / Drop the attitude, fucker / In music, nothing happens… (April 30, 2007).

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