antifa notes (april 30, 2010)


Despite Brian Boyd‘s misgivings, Australia First has launched a successor to the Patriotik Yoof Leauge titled, imaginatively, the Eureka Youth League. The new kids on the racist block are being led by veteran fascist Brendan Gidley and, like the fascist groupuscule National Action (1982–late 1990s), have adopted the Eureka flag as their symbol. As for the grown-ups, AF has again declared (April 23, 2010) that the AEC has given initial approval to its registration as a Federal party. At some point in the near future, presumably, the AEC will advertise the application in the press and the Commonwealth Gazette to allow any person a period of one month in which to object to the registration.

The contemporary NA — Nationalist Alternative — has been busy alerting the local Jewish community to its existence, stickering the Muslim prayer room at LaTrobe University’s Bundoora campus, holding street stalls in Greensborough, and distroing agitprop at the University of Sydney (see : ‘Land of the fair go?’, Brendan Wong, The South Sydney Herald, April, 2010, PDF).


A fascist teenybopper and member of the ‘Aryan Strike Force’ has been convicted of terrorism.

County Durham teenager convicted of terror plot
April 30, 2010

A teenage white supremacist from County Durham has been found guilty of terrorism offences.

Nicky Davison, 19, was convicted of three separate charges of possessing records useful in committing or preparing acts of terrorism.

Newcastle Crown Court heard he was part of a white supremacist group called the Aryan Strike Force, with his father…

The ‘Aryan Strike Force’ is one of the latest in a number of nutzi combinations and permutations, none of which has been very successful in toppling ZOG — although some have achieved murderous prominence.


On the one hand, authorities have outlawed a neo-Nazi group:

Russian court bans neo-Nazi group
April 29, 2010

MOSCOW — The Moscow City Court says it has outlawed one of Russia’s largest ultranationalist group because it promoted neo-Nazi ideology.

The court said in a statement Wednesday the Slavic Union was banned for its extremism. The group’s Russian acronym, SS, copies the abbreviation for the feared Nazi paramilitary.

Four of the group’s activists were sentenced to life in prison for organizing a series of explosions, including a 2006 blast at a Moscow market that killed 14.

The group’s leader Dmitry Demushkin told The Associated Press it has tried to promote the far-right agenda legally, and warned the ban would further radicalize ultranationalists.

Slavic Union has since 1999 organized anti-migrant rallies and, Demushkin has said, cyber attacks against Muslim and Jewish websites.

On the other hand, the FSB — the successor to the KGB, and the stronghold of Putin and his cronies in the Russian kleptocracy — has been given legal license for its de facto suppression of critical voices in the Russian media (already being squeezed by the wonders of The Market):

Russian bill gives FSB authority to arrest critical journalists
April 29, 2010

The Committee to Protect Journalists urges members of Russia’s parliament to reject a sweeping new bill that would return censorship rights to Russia’s KGB successor, the Federal Security Service, if passed…


Neo-Nazi extradited from Germany
April 29, 2010

“BELGRADE — The leader of a neo-Nazi group has been extradited to Serbia from Germany today, it has been confirmed…”

The neo-Nazi in question is Goran Davidović, Führer of Nacionalni Stroj (National Alignment/Formation), and was arrested by German authorities in February. In October 2007, Davidović’s blog was closed by Google, a very rare fate for neo-Nazi blogs.

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