Kyle Chapman : ‘I have a cunning plan…’


As previously noted, media in New Zealand/Aotearoa have picked up on the fact that Kyle & Co. wish to build themselves a little White nest. According to reports, the beans were spilled when an email was ‘leaked’. Maybe so, but Kyle has been flogging the idea on Stormfront Down Under for some time, and announced his cunning plan on The World’s #1 White Supremacist Website on December 20, 2008. (Kyle uses the pseudonym ‘NZTrooper’, having joined the site in February 2003.)
Prior to this, Kyle had touted the idea that maybe he and his friends could form a little clubhouse of some kind, one which would exclude undesirables (Asians, blacks, Jews, Maoris, Polynesians, leftists, queers, people who can spell) but do so legally.
At present, Kyle claims to have raised $1,000 towards his pet project, so it may be some time before his Utopia comes to fruition.

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