The Turgid Miasma of Existence

i shoulda been a contender
i shoulda followed the rules
i shoulda married the girl next door
i shoulda not been a fool
i shoulda paid more attention
i shoulda listened in school

got to re-prioritise
get that corporate style
do an anthony robbins seminar
and meet my inner child
then i’ll unleash the power within
and get that winning smile

i shoulda exercised daily
i shoulda brushed after meals
i shoulda gone to church sunday
i shoulda learnt some ideals
i shoulda counted my blessings
i shoulda lodged an appeal

got to re-prioritise
get that corporate style
get the new ikea catalogue
and some really bitchin’ tiles
then i’ll unleash the power within
and get that winning smile

i shoulda reached my potential
i shoulda kicked some real ass
i shoulda gone into business
i shoulda been middle class

The Manly Environment Centre is celebrating its 15th birthday this week at Manly Cove.

Festivities include a performance from The Rifles, speeches from Peter Garrett and others and a special art exhibition at nearby Oceanworld.

It all kicks off at 5:30pm.

My favourite band. Are playing. This Thursday… in Sydney.

In other news… my bookmarks are overloaded. So I’m gonna dump some of ’em here:

Marx Myths & Legends

A critical reading of the work of Karl Marx now requires us to lay to one side the myths and legends which have obscured his ideas over the past one hundred and twenty years- distortions and misinterpretations to which perhaps no thinker has been more prone. In one sense, this is not difficult, because there is enough of his writing preserved, albeit in translation, for any of us to read Marx in his own words. Most however have been unwilling or unable to do this. The fifty volumes of the Marx-Engels Collected Works are forbidding, and when beginning as one almost inevitably does, with the received wisdom surrounding Marx’s name, there is much to discourage a reader from seriously taking on the task of understanding Marx. The aim of this project is thus to begin to challenge some of those myths in order to clear the way for a fresh reading of Marx that will hopefully be less prone to the distortions, misunderstandings and blatant falsehoods that have so far surrounded Marx. We believe that what Marx had to say remains of considerable relevance to an understanding of problems we face today, but that a reading of Marx now must maintain a critical caution which does not merely reproduce received ideas- positive or negative- about Marx’s work.

This is a local blog, for global people.

Another source of understanding (as well as right-wing confusion) is ‘Noam Chomsky v. Alan Dershowitz: A Debate on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’.

Signature is co-edited by Eve Vincent and Marni Cordell, former editors of Spinach7 Magazine. Having suspended publication of the magazine, we want to keep making high quality independent media that is critical and thought provoking. We are interested in ideas, stories and voices that are overlooked by the dominant media, and in contributing to a more diverse and diffuse public culture.

Signature is about putting your name to your ideas. It’s about having the guts to stand behind your convictions. As the media becomes more anonymous, distant, and PR-driven Signature brings you writers who aren’t afraid to make their mark. Distinctive voices, fresh perspectives, quality writing.

Julian Stallabras writes about ‘Spectacle & Terror’ in the New Left Review:

After Gopal Balakrishnan’s engagement with Afflicted Powers in NLR 36, Julian Stallabrass turns to the Retort collective’s conception of spectacle and its Islamist antagonists. Does a Debordian optic occlude the oppositional potential of modern technologies?

(And, moreover, what effects will it have on Collingwood’s chances of doing the cakewalk in 2006?)

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