“Fuck off we’re full.” (Of shit.)


Update : Hear also hack on triple j, January 27, 2009 (Reconciliation Flash Mob et cetera).

    Alan, it’s not just a few Anglo bastards on Australia Day, it’s millions. Australia is a very big country and it’s been taken over by this scum. It’s not a few causing trouble. It’s all of them.”

    Caller: “What kind of grubs do we have here?”
    Jones: “What kind of grubs? This lot were Anglo, we’re not allowed to say it, but I am saying it.”

The antics of somewhere between 80 and several hundred teenage boys on Manly beach on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day (January 26) has triggered some inevitable expressions of anguish over Australia, yoof, and the uses to which yoof put the Australian flag. Inevitable too, the drawing of comparisons with the violent racist outburst at Cronulla beach in 2005. In 2009, however, the odds were far less favourable for the young patriots: 80:1 as opposed to 5000:1. Nevertheless, the boys did succeed in wounding a teenage girl (of Asian descent), as well as frightening a lone taxi driver (a Sikh), a few (non-White) shopkeepers, and a number of local families with children.

Enough to make any digger’s heart swell with pride.

Naturally, ‘outsiders’ are being blamed for the troubles — many of the yoof supposedly came from suburbs other than Manly. By the same token, local police are keen to play down the significance of the teenagers’ antics.

However, it may be that the general public is becoming rather tired of the notion that being a (White) Australian and carrying a flag entitles you to act like a complete arsehole — or that having chosen to be born to non-White parents is a moral failing deserving of abuse, ridicule, or even physical assault.

More broadly, draping such dickheaded behaviour in the Australian flag does not bode well for the continued celebration of the Australian nation on January 26 (the day in 1788 that the British Empire landed in Australia), and reinforces calls for a day of nationalistic feeling to be moved to some other date. This won’t happen overnight — PM KRudd has already made that very clear — but it may well be inevitable.

As noted by Chris Graham, at its 44th National Conference (27-29 April 2007), KRudd’s party claimed to be “committed to reconciliation and … encouraged by the initiative of the community and corporate sector in driving reconciliation”. Further: “Labor will implement the recommendations made in 2000 by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation and will use the Council’s Australian Declaration towards Reconciliation as a basis for action”. The problem for KRudd is that “…establish[ing] and promot[ing] symbols of reconciliation… would include changing the date of Australia Day to a date that includes all Australians”; an ‘essential action’ with regards the ‘symbols of reconciliation’.

Anyway, here’s what a UK daily reckons:

Violence mars Australia’s national day celebrations
Bonnie Malkin
The Daily Telegraph
January 27, 2009

Each January 26, Australians gather in parks and on beaches to celebrate all that is great about their country: mateship, sunshine, barbecues and free-flowing beer.

But this year, across the country’s most populous state, the day of national pride turned violent when groups of youths rampaged through suburbs targetting non-white shopkeepers in a display of racism that echoed the ugly scenes of the 2005 Cronulla riots.

In the affluent Sydney suburb of Manly, where hundreds of families had set up their picnics for the day, more than 100 shirtless young men draped in “Aussie pride” flags smashed car windows and vandalised shops.

Carrying signs that read “- – – – off we’re full”, they paraded up and down the [seafront] threatening bypassers.

One 18-year-old Asian woman was injured when the gang smashed her car window, showering her in glass and causing several cuts to her arms.

There were also reports that the group attacked a taxi driven by an Indian Sikh and an Asian shopkeeper.

In scenes reminiscent of the Cronulla riots, when 5,000 white Australians congregated in the Sydney beachfront suburb and attacked Lebanese immigrants [sic], groups of men jumped on cars that were stopped at traffic lights and chanted racist slogans to the terrified passengers.

NB. Those targetted for violence in Cronulla on December 11, 2005 were all those deemed to be insufficiently ‘White’ (of ‘Middle Eastern’ appearance). This included presumed Lebanese-Australians, but also a handful of students from Bangladesh, among others, while some police and ambulance workers who came to the assistance of victims were also attacked. “Commissioner Ken Moroney says an ambulance officer was attacked while transferring an injured person and the crowd turned on a woman because of her race. “That woman was saved, literally saved by the police officers and those officers deserve my highest commendation for the way in which they went about their task,” he said.

At one point the gang was reportedly heard singing “lets go – – – – with these Lebs”.

Animosity towards Lebanese-Australians is a trait also shared by members of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’. At least 30 members of this volunteer army (according to the Soldiers themselves, as many as 100) gathered on Melbourne beaches to celebrate Australia Day.

Jean Hay, the mayor of Manly, said the youths came from the north-west of Sydney and were not Manly residents.

The unrest was brought under control by the late afternoon. Police charged a 16-year-old for assaulting police and three others were cautioned for offensive and dangerous behaviour.

The violence in Manly was mirrored in the coastal towns of Shellharbour to Sydney’s south and Port Macquarie to the north. Fights were also reported as far north as Queensland’s Gold Coast, where hundreds of teenagers clashed on a popular family beach.

See also : Manly ‘morons’ rampage was racist: academic, Georgina Robinson, Sydney Morning Herald, January 27, 2009

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  1. @ndy says:

    “If I were to provide you with a graph representing the demographic decline of Ethnic-European Australian’s, will that be enough to change your opinion towards non-white 3rd World immigration?”

    I very much doubt it: my opinions on immigration to Australia by non-Whites from ‘Third World’ countries is not determined by reference to graphs of that sort. (Also no apostrophe in Australians. And Ethnic is not a proper noun requiring capitalisation.)

    “Please, [d]escribe your feelings towards that statement.”

    My feelings? Overall, I feel like it’s a good thing that scholars take their responsibilities seriously, and acknowledge the ways in which our histories determine our presents and our futures. Beyond that, I dunno. What does it have to do with the original post? It examines nationalist sentiment and White Australia, not theological perspectives on Black American Women and sexual justice.

  2. Roi says:

    ‘White Americans forced these women to work as house and field laborers, and white American men treated these women as objects, not humans, when they raped them.’

  3. @ndy says:

    OK. Still don’t see what it’s got to do with the original post, but whatever.

    My initial feeling is vague sympathy: rape is an awful crime. So too, slavery. Beyond that, my thoughts are:

    1) in order to fully appreciate Dwight Hopkins’ argument, it would first be necessary to read his conference paper;
    2) here he’s making general empirical claims which may be tested, but which in their generality accord with my understanding of US history;
    3) if you’re trying to make some kinda point by quoting the abstract from his paper, I’ve got no idea what it is, and it would make things a lot simpler if you just stated what you think. For example: ‘this guy reckons White Americans forced Black women to work as domestic servants or field labourers, but in reality most of ’em were well-paid volunteers and preferred to work as architects or agronomists at Southern universities’ or ‘when White American men rape, they do so with great sensitivity and respect for their victim’s feelings’ or…

    I dunno.

    What’s your point?!?

  4. Roi says:

    He is implying that our ancestors were murderers, criminals, and low-life scum. The accusations he made are completely false, as the European settlers in America and abroad were hard working, stand-up family orientated people. I can never understand why anti-fascist’s have to demonise white Australians.

  5. @ndy says:

    What do you mean ‘our ancestors’? My ancestors never set foot in the US. Besides the complete inapplicability of Hopkins’ claim to my own circumstances, yeah, it’s probably true: some of my ancestors probably committed murder (whether sanctioned or unsanctioned), while others probably broke the law; I dunno any who were ‘high-born’, but as for being scum, no, I don’t think so. Then again, I’m only very roughly familiar with my family history — and by family I mean both matrilineal and patrilineal — going back to the late nineteenth century: beyond this juncture, as in every other person’s family tree, I expect you’ll find liquorice allsorts.

    Were the people of European descent who colonised America ‘hard-working’? For the most part, yeah. I mean, most of them didn’t have a choice. ‘Work is the curse of the drinking classes’, as Oscar Wilde once quipped. I dunno about ‘stand up’ — you mean ‘morally righteous’ or ‘decent’? — but yeah, probably… depends what you mean. And whether you’re able to recognise — which I severely doubt — that as is the case now, ‘back then’ people were different, and had different ideas, and different values, and so on, and so forth. As for being family orientated, again, depends on what you mean, but generally speaking, I guess so. They certainly had sex, gave birth, raised children, loved, lost and, eventually, died.


    You obviously believe, falsely, that the two are somehow incompatible historical truths: that it’s simply not possible for there to have been both slavery — and forced labour, and rape, and dehumanisation, and so on — at the same time as there was hard work, morality, and family. Hopkins’ didn’t write a thesis on the subject in that one line. If you truly care what HIS understanding of the period is, write him.

    [email protected]

    Regarding the one sentence, from an abstract (do you know what an ‘abstract’ is?), from an undated, unpublished conference paper by a US theologian from the University of Chicago, on a subject which has nothing to do with the post to which you are ostensibly responding…

    Yes. There’s an overwhelming abundance of evidence regarding the crimes committed during the several centuries, from the early seventeenth through to the late nineteenth centuries, in which colonial authorities and merchants, including but not limited to the US, traded in human flesh. In fact, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of books, both big and little, with and without pictures, have been published on the subject. I suggest you read one. Alternatively, watch a documentary. You’ll learn a lot.

    Note that the above has 3/4 of 2/3 of 1/2 of absolutely BUGGER ALL to do with “anti-fascist’s [no apostrophe] hav[ing] to demonise white Australians”.

    And I suspect that we’ve been here before.

  6. aussie says:

    andy,just one question..

    in relation to things like..

    ~chinese having obvious issues with fishing laws

    ~different rules for people wearing burqas

    ~people investing in land that dont even live in this country

    ~(a personal issue of mine as an example) a kiwi construction manager at my work was hired a few years back, the company has approxamatly 50 guys and girls which now are all kiwis minus me and the big boss, rates have now dropped approx $5 an hour due to kiwis being happy to work for bugger all. 40 or so aussies that lost or were pushed out of there job. (you can imagine the look on my face when these guys have no problem telling me my country is a shithole they are only here for the money.)

    ~suburbs being predomanatly one culture/nationality (the intergrating problem)


    ~greed in goverment

    ~further damage to the environment due to population growth

    and yeh all the things people are always bringing up, and complaining about, do you have a solution for this, or do you just think people make out they care because they are racist/stupid/dont read enough books?

  7. @ndy says:

    That’s more than one thing.

    Dunno what you mean by “chinese having obvious issues with fishing laws” or “different rules for people wearing burqas” or “people investing in land that dont even live in this country” — you’d have to explain. As far as I can tell, lots of people have issues with fishing laws — it’s one of the things that Bob Katter keeps banging on about, and there’s not one but two political parties whose major issue is stuff like that; foreign citizens, states and corporations have been buying and selling Australia since app. 1788; burqas?

    Re yr work: yeah. It happens. It’s what companies do, and why they exist: to make money. So from a company perspective, it makes no sense to pay more for labour than it has to. And it doesn’t matter if the labour is Australian, or Kiwi, or Austrian, or Kenyan. But the rate of pay is not calculated on the basis of what workers are willing to accept, it’s determined by law, and market forces. Or: supply and demand. The employer at Kennon Auto in Melbourne tried to do the same thing, but the workers went out on strike, and won.

    As for the rest… later.

  8. Eric says:

    Six Griffin’s biscuits with a thin mint filling.
    Fuck you with a pineapple ‘aussie’.

  9. aussie says:

    ok, i prob didnt explain it, so ill just edit what i wrote. its more than one thing, but its one question. these are just points i hear people make over and over again. it is not all relavant to multiculturism, immagration, although it could all have an effect on australians at some point for the worst? dunno i hope not.

    in relation to things like..

    ~chinese/japenese having obvious issues with fishing laws (an example of this would be japenese claiming to be doing scientific trips in the antartic, when they were just inhumainly murdering whales to keep there market going)

    ~different rules for people wearing burqas (well people can wear burqas in banks ect but people cant wear anything covering their face if they are not muslim, taking into account its not a religious must, wearing a burqa is a choice nothing more, nothing less)

    ~people investing in land that dont even live in this country (well when asians can buy our land without having to live here it pushes up prices and adds to housing shortages, do i need to state the obvious, and say this is a bad thing) remembering not everyone is born with oppurtunity, things like this this can lead to them never having one.

    ~(a personal issue of mine as an example) a kiwi construction manager at my work was hired a few years back, the company has approxamatly 50 guys and girls which now are all kiwis minus me and the big boss, rates have now dropped approx $5 an hour due to kiwis being happy to work for bugger all. 40 or so aussies that lost or were pushed out of there job (you can imagine the look on my face when these guys have no problem telling me my country is a shithole they are only here for the money)

    ~suburbs being predomanatly one culture/nationality (the intergrating problem, personally it doesnt bother me, but living next to a suburb of people that i cant have a conversation with, or are not accepting of me one day might. its possible)

    ~gangs (for some reason everyone seems to think this doesnt evolve from australian culture. i would agree with this just because of what i have seen.)

    ~greed in government (well government is just a buisness, we all know that. and chances are a large amount of these people have more of an obsession with their bank acc, rather than the country they are running)

    ~further damage to the environment due to population growth (enough said)

    and yeh all the things people are always bringing up, and complaining about, do you have a solution for this?????? (<<< the question)

  10. aussie says:

    or do you think its relavant, are these issues not good, good, irrevavant, good for our future, or just made up by people that overexaturate because, they are stupid. its not an argument, just a question.

  11. PG says:

    Australia is not the only country in the world being overrun by immigrants , especially illegal ones , and a lot of so called asylum seakers , who are only economic asylum seakers .
    World wide there will have to be a crackdown on immigration , and force a lot of countries to have their illegal immigrants back .
    Also immigrants who get nationality by naturalisation and commit criminal offences should lose their new nationality .
    I am sorry to say that this problem of non integrating immigrants can be traced to quite a few selected countries of the world , any immigration from these countries should be stopped , and most of these countries are overpopulated and refuse population control .

  12. @ndy says:


    Factory farming of the world’s oceans is a major problem, and industries around the world are implicated. The Japanese whaling industry is a special case. Nobody believes that the slaughter is done for scientific purposes. ‘Scientific’ whaling has simply replaced ‘commercial’ whaling.


    There are no different rules for wearing burqas in Australia. Or at least, none that I’m aware of. But banks do not demand that women wearing burqas unveil their faces in order to conduct transactions, preferring to use other methods to establish ID. If you think this is a big deal, so be it.


    Australia is for sale. It always has been. Australian property is bought and sold continually, by investors from all over the world. Most of Australia is owned either by the state (Crown land) or by corporations, both foreign and domestic.

    One of the largest property owners in Australia is the Australian Agricultural Company Limited (AACO). It owns over 7.2 million hectares (about 1.1% of Australia’s land mass). It’s a publically-listed company, which means anyone can buy shares in it. In which context, it’s important to remember that Australian property is part of a global market. In other words it’s a commodity — a good for sale on the market. Access to ownership is dependent on access to finance. Some Asians — by which I mean principally corporations based in Asia — invest in Australian property. By the same token, Australians — by which I mean principally corporations based in Australia — also invest in Asian property. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Asians and Australians own very little property.

    The relationship between property ownership and housing accessibility is actually quite complex, and it’s simply wrong to blame “Asians” for the fact that owning a house is becoming increasingly difficult for many.


    I’ve never met a Kiwi who was happy to work for bugger-all. I have met a few Kiwis who have no other means of support than working for a wage. I dunno what situation your fellow workers are in, or their legal status. Generally speaking, bosses will use whatever means they can to depress wages and incomes and therefore to increase profits. Only a united workforce can bring about better wages and conditions. What union provides coverage in your industry/workplace?


    Yeah. I dunno. Obviously, if you want to communicate with others, you need a common language. In the Australian context, I suppose you can take comfort from the fact that the vast majority of second-generation immigrants speak English. Beyond that, again, I dunno. It depends on your experience. I’ve had plenty of issues with people who come from pretty much the same background I do. On the other hand, I’ve found common ground with people from quite different backgrounds to my own.



    Yeah, gangs can be a problem, especially for young men. They also have a transformative effect upon the criminal justice system. Prisons, for example, are becoming increasingly segmented along ethnic lines… but that’s a slightly different story. As for gangs themselves, I think there’s many different issues. Certainly, while there’s a massive trade in illegal drugs, street-level gangs are here to stay (along with police corruption, and all the other shit). A lot more could be said, but whatever.


    Yeah, there’s greed in government, as well as other stuff. And yeah, politicians are generally self-serving. But then, that’s the whole basis of our social system: the accumulation of wealth and power. It’s called capitalism.


    Damage to the environment is the result of many factors. By way of illustration: the mythical average Australian pollutes many more times than does a citizen of some other c0untry. Say, Azerbaijan.

    do you have a solution for this?????? (<<< the question)



    First, gimme all your money…

  13. aussie says:

    well instead of going through it all again, what i was getting at, was, do you care? if you dont, you dont have the soloution (you sound like a politician, you go on about what you know, but dont give a shit) it seems to me you understand the world better than most, yet your concern is to slam people, because they are worried about something, call it xenophobia if u like. either way they care, why wouldnt they be worried, sure china is a nice place, but have you seen what that country has become? ..of course they are fucking worried.. soloution is everyone needs to give a fuck.. the majority anyway.

  14. aussie says:

    I would turn on the TV but it’s so embarrassing
    To see all the other people I don’t know what they mean
    And it was magic at first when they spoke without sound
    But now this world is gonna hurt you better turn that thing down
    Turn it around

    “It wasn’t me”, says the boy with the gun
    “Sure I pulled the trigger but it needed to be done
    Cause life’s been killing me ever since it begun
    You cant blame me cause I’m too young”

    “You can’t blame me sure the killer was my son
    But I didn’t teach him to pull the trigger of the gun
    It’s the killing on this TV screen
    You cant blame me its those images he seen”

    Well “You can’t blame me”, says the media man
    Well “I wasn’t the one who came up with the plan
    I just point my camera at what the people want to see
    Man it’s a two way mirror and you cant blame me”

    “You can’t blame me”, says the singer of the song
    Or the maker of the movie which he based his life on
    “It’s only entertainment and as anyone can see
    The smoke machines and makeup and you cant fool me”

    It was you it was me it was every man
    We’ve all got the blood on our hands
    We only receive what we demand
    And if we want hell then hells what well have

    And I would turn on the TV
    But it’s so embarrassing
    To see all the other people
    I don’t even know what they mean
    And it was magic at first
    But let everyone down
    And now this world is gonna hurt
    You better turn it around
    Turn it around

    song by jack johnson, not sure who originally wrote the poem, the message is the soloution though..not money.

  15. aussie says:

    missed your question about my workplace, im in the building industry, so unless I/anyone works in the big jobs, high rises ect (which is not where i did my trade, and have very few skills in) the option is pritty much get what you are given, i dont know anyone in my industry (new homes) that is paid legally, most of the work is contracted, contractors put there workers on hourly rate using their ABN, and expect them to pay there own insurances supply and maintain your own tools ect, in new zealand 20 an hour is the going rate, so im told, so twenty five is heaps.. most of the guys dont pay there taxes and go back to nz, the guys that dont, arnt insured.. how can anyone compete with that?.. if i want to do it properly i might as well be an apprentice again. or i could contact wageline or whoever it is, put my boss in the shit, and move on to the same problem i just came from.

  16. Piltdown says:

    Nice poem Aussie.

    Is it about taking responsibility for yourself and the people around you?

    Where does that responsibility stop?

    Do you really think recent immigrants see the world differently than you?

    Maybe, if we were not so scared, Australians could change the world for the better.

  17. aussie says:

    thanks mate, i suppose you can take what you want from it. jack johnson called the song cookie jar (who stole the cookies from the cookie jar, who me, couldnt be!, kind of thing). I took from it not so much as take responsibility for everyone, but just that everyone to do there bit to change the world for the better, if everyone is doing there bit we could as people have the power to detour the world back in the right direction, corperations for example could probly do this on there own, but that wont happen or they wouldnt exist, i love my music and have noticed alot of action from musicians in the past year, its a good start (john butler ‘wrong way going down a one way road’)

    as for the other questions, thats the million dollar question i suppose? i personally think its a bigger process than just open the gates and see what happends. i still share the same hope you do tho mate.

  18. aussie says:

    Tell you a story andy, i just read a book believe it or not, ha! it relates well to the poem i just pasted, if you have ever read a book i assure you this will be the most important one (not just you, everyone). every person that reads it puts the world one step closer to being fixed. it clarafies why you, me and 90% of the world have all got it wrong. the book is called The Power Of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, all i can say is it will be the best thing you will ever do. peace out.

  19. Eric says:

    I feel physically ill.

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  21. Harry says:

    These guys in the Cronulla riots were all fools. Absolute, insecure, dumb, idiotic fools. And not one of them was big enough to walk away at the start. Clinically mentally ill would be a great diagnosis for all of them.

    Walk away, just walk away, imagine, Cronulla riots would never have happened. But all because some young men had their egos attacked, they see it fit to begin one of the most disgusting acts of human indecency since, well since last week when Tony Abbott told Scotland that they are not for the team??? if they are wanting independence. How ridiculous. I still wait for the day when Australia gets a PM even half the person Whitlam was.

    I am a man, and I CHOOSE not to fight.

    I even tell people that try it on me, “I will not fight you!” And then I carefully walk away.

  22. Harry says:

    Further to my previous message, I am a 30 year old Aussie male, I have studied Martial Arts, I played football, was one of the boys, and we never got into fights. We did not want to, so we never did. If you get into a fight, and I don’t mean a bashing, I mean a brawl, then there is a high chance that you wanted to get into a fight. We knew, through our own observation, to avoid fights outside the ring because they are unpredictable and dangerous, for the body and the mental state. In order for a man to experience that level of “war” mentality, and yet still throw punches and hurt another Christian brother, it makes no sense. I have spent my life avoiding fights because man should never raise a hand to anyone, especially in anger.

    We all bleed, we are of the same flesh, and yet something is causing young people all over the world to retaliate in aggressive and physical ways, whether that be in a pub, at a park, on a train or bus. So, where are they getting this behaviour from, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it may have something to do with the idea of Monkey see Monkey do. Let me see, retaliating in aggression, killing, maiming, hurting others as payback for their actions. Who is constantly doing this, who is encouraging racial and cultural hate, discrimination and bigotry. Turn on your TV sets, not for too long, but just enough to catch the headlines. What are they selling? Is there an ad that simply says “be good to each other!” or is there an ad saying “buy this, spend that, sell this, loan that, kill this, maim that, invade this, discredit that, drink this, eat that”.

    And atheism, if that is your only reaction to not liking religion, then you are in deep water my friends. People that say “if your God allows this to happen, then I don’t want anything to do with him” are just too simple to understand. God did not cause war, greedy men did. And if God tried to stop the wars, he would have less than half a chance because people like the fools at the Cronulla riots are not listening to God, they are only concerned in their immediate satisfaction?

    I am a good Christian man, and I am disgusted at the Cronulla riots. And the losers who were actively involved.

    Things like thou shalt not steal, yet, the gold stolen from South America to build a currency back long ago is okay. The land stolen from Indigenous Australians, and American Indians (I despise those titles) is okay, because “it was not us that did it, it was our ancestors, we should not be punished for what our ancestors did!” Well, news flash, yes you should! My mother moved here with her parents in the late 50’s, so I am not one of the guilty, and yet I still feel ashamed at the atrocities that have happened and are still happening in the name of colonisation. Which is still happening by the way. You don’t believe me, ask 10 Aborigines if they are happy with the current state of the Australian government. Ask an Aborigine what they have lost and are still losing as a result of the colonisation.

    Did you know that The Dreaming provided Indigenous people with laws to rule their behaviour? Much similar to the Muslim faith, Christian faith, etc. They were all a means for humans to know how to act, by asking their spiritual guides. This worked for them for centuries, and yet we come in and within weeks we dismantle their entire faith system, and why? For the same reason all faith is being abolished. Because NO SPIRITUAL PERSON WOULD EVER ALLOW THE ATROCITIES TO OCCUR THAT HAVE HAPPENED OVER THE LAST 700 YEARS. THE MURDERS, THE GENOCIDE, THE PILLAGING AND RAPE.

    NO SPIRIT, MEANS NO MORALS, AND NO MORALS MEANS MORE AND MORE OF THE ATROCITIES WILL GO ON UNQUESTIONED BY THE MAJORITY WHO HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH THEIR SPIRIT. WHAT IF YOU WERE BORN IN THE MIDDLE EAST, AND YOU WERE A HARD WORKING MAN, with an honest job, and just enough money saved up to give your little girl the wedding she deserves, only to be bombed and killed on that amazing day because the Western qorld has a grudge against an apparently lonely group of men hiding in holes in mountains. I am lost, and this cause, the war on terrorism, is nothing more than an excuse to exploit yet another group of humans because they have something the Western world wants. It is that simple.

    And do you know why the East hates the West? It is not hard to figure out. It is the same reason that you hate the system that has entrapped you in your daily grind. The same reason you hate the CEO, CFO, regional manager, local area manager, your direct supervisor. Simply, again, we are greedy, arrogant, pretentious fools, who only believe in what we see, and only see what we want to believe. We are not aware of what real poverty looks like or feels like, so we discredit it. We are de-evolving by the minute because we are losing touch with our spirit. Ask an Eastern man what he thinks of the Western world, and not an extremist, but a good man in a village where there is no power, and they fetch their water by hand, and he will tell you that the Western world is greedy. A good spirited man will never let his brother or sister suffer unnecessarily, yet in Australia we sit and eat more food (we are still getting fatter and fatter, while people only a few thousand kms away in Cambodia watch their children starve because they have ran out of rice). Australian families will throw out more food in one week than some families will ever see in a year.

    What have you done today to change this, what can you do help, easy, just google it. “How can I help stop poverty on earth?”

    Ask yourself, honestly, is it right or wrong to invade a country of people just because they have a resource that they don’t want to give away for nothing.

    Is it okay to pay out someone at the beach just to impress your mates, which in turn sparked a riot that is just down right stupid and could have been avoided.

    You shall not murder. No one has the right to take a life, especially a human life, and definitely not in a bout of anger and revenge.

    You shall not commit adultery. Cheating on your life long partner is just wrong, yet most of our false idols sleep around like rats.

    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. A man should never be convicted of any crime without just cause, and enough evidence and witnesses, yet every day in Government, during Question Time, accusations and assumptions are a routine thing, and great amusement is found in undoing a good man by using false accusations. Also, it is okay to bomb an entire region, with complete disregard for women and children, and innocent, good spirited men, because some extremist takes out a building on the other side of the world. I am appalled that this can be done, in clear daylight, with all of us aware of it, yet hardly a soul does a thing about it, too afraid to stand up and say “I do not want to fight, and I will not fight, and neither will you on my behalf!”.

    You shall not covet. Which means, to want to possess something that someone else has. Well, war for OIL anyone?

    The Cronulla riots were never about country of origin, a lot of the guys were Aussies, just a bunch of Aussies fighting another bunch of Aussies. The riots were started because some young yobbo fellas were looking for something to do because they were bored and got too much attention for the wrong things as kids. You guys are weak, disgusting, vile, humans. Anyone that actively participated in the Cronulla riots should be thrown in jail and the key thrown away. They are dangerous, and because of these young men and their egos, Australia is a worse place today. Other powers have and will use these actions to create new laws that will take away even more freedoms and rights from humans all because some muscle bound, knuckle headed, unintelligent oafs, who call themselves “brothers” pffft (who doesn’t know one of these type of people?), decided to pick on somebody for how they look (it could have just as easily been me and my mates, but we just were not there that day, I wish we were, we would have circumvented all of this nonsense), and when their usual intimidation did not work, they resorted to further insults, and finally, got physical, when words failed to land the way they were intended.

    I had friends there that day, I used to live and work in Bondi Junction, a short distance from Cronulla, on the South Eastern side of Sydney City. So I had mates come into work days after all of this, and they themselves were so distraught. My mates, who, between them covered almost all the cultures that were there that day, including a Muslim, an Indian, an Aborigine and a Lebanese, were appalled by the behaviour.

    Australia is in danger. I have not heard a single, genuine Christian word spoken from our leaders in years. In fact, for the most part, the only time that we hear about spirituality, is when it is to attack our brothers of Islam. I am Christian and I love all people, I have Muslim friends, and they love all people. I am lost as to how the Cronulla riots have been analysed and pondered over, and yet I have yet to hear anyone say that it was just a bunch of losers at the beach trying to impress their mates and girlfriends with what can only be described as a pissing contest that got out of hand.

    If our leaders promote racial hate, cultural discrimination, turn away refugees, steal, covet, have evil hearts and cruel and selfish intentions, well than guess what people, the idiots, those individuals not capable of critical thought, will follow.

    Come on, choose not to fight. Put your weapons down, and pick up a pen, and write very simply, I choose not to fight, and I want it known that I love my brothers and sisters, and that killing other humans in order to protect our Western freedom is just plain wrong. Then send it to your MP.

    You have to believe that these people know not what they do, these silly extremists. They are fooled by a regime that promises and does not deliver. I am sure that you can all relate to that. I only hope that we are not under the same foolish trance. How are our murders justified, where theirs are not? Murder is never justifiable, no matter what the crime.

    I contribute positively to this awesome country daily. And not because it is Australia (Australia just needs a reboot is all, some good Christian values, and a kick in the bum), but because it is my home. I am not a citizen of OZ, I am a citizen of Earth, which is not a very big place, and we are not here for long, so why waste our time on war. I say no to war, I say no to retaliation, and I say yes to apologies and dialogue.

    For every assumption five questions can be asked, how many questions do you think Obama and Putin have asked each other about what is going on in Russia?

    I am pro democracy, if the laws of democracy are followed and private money does not influence public interest. However, a small few at the top are putting something into the kool-aid here in Oz, and it ain’t sugar. It is being done so covertly, so sneakily, that even the leaders are surely unaware of it. But we all sense it, the corruption, the indecency to other humans, how is any of this right or good. FORGET RELIGION, THIS IS A QUESTION OF HUMANITY. You can be assured that if money is the main motivation for the Western world, which it is, then those with the most money will do anything to keep feeding their addiction.

    If I was asked by someone overseas if they should move to Australia, I would tell them NO, and I would say, you are probably better off where you are, even in a war torn area, because nothing hurts more than living in a country that has lost its ability to care for other human beings.

    Come on Australia, let your love flow. Look after your sisters and brothers. Do not antagonise, do not mistreat, and stop being so proud. Pride breeds the tyrant, and AUSSIE PRIDE stickers etc should be made illegal, they are no less an act of aggression than the colours of a gang in Harlem.




  23. Harry says:

    And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is that Australia was, is, and always will be, from a sociological point of view, just one big SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. You can imagine the conversation over in England. “Americans are too liberated, always wanting their freedom, and fighting for it, that’s no good, why can’t they just do as they are told? And take what we say as gold.” And in reply the general would explain that “They have this sort of moral compass sir, it tells them what is right and wrong, and no matter what we do, they seem to be guided by this instead of by what we say is right and true.”

    After much deliberation there was a light bulb moment. “I know, let’s find a piece of land, far far away from anyone else, and fill it up with crims. They have very little of this spirit for the most part, and will do anything for a shag and some rum. Tell them that if they behave themselves we will give them some land and maybe even let a few work for us in the banks, and jails (gaols back then). Not only will they do whatever we tell them, but they might even teach their children to do the same, if the laws of psychology prevail, which they always do.” And by the way, this is the nicer version of how it went down.

    Here is the more likely version. “Sir, we have a half dozen fleets of boats full of criminals (to those that don’t know, the prisons were so full that prisoners were sentenced to spend their time at sea, on boats, in order to make room in the prisons), and we are not sure what to do with them? We can’t just dump them off in the middle of nowhere, our popularity would plummet, this could cause a riot of grave proportions.” You can see the general sitting there, smoking his pipe, thinking a bit more about what has just been said. Then he blurts out “Why not dump them in the middle of nowhere? It doesn’t need to to look that way, and hey, if it works out well Her Majesty will be looking for people to govern this land, pretty good promotion hey.” A short pause and then “But what if there are already inhabitants on the land?” To which was replied, “it won’t matter mate, just declare war like we did in the States, we got away with cold murder under the guise of war, and no one batted an eyelid.”

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