Fuck “intimate and boundary-pushing”.


Ramsay sparks swear-word storm
The Age
February 1, 2009

Gordon Ramsay is in hot water for his swearing. One of his television shows is called The F-Word, but celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s famous use of the expletive – and others – has landed him in hot water with British audiences. Viewers flooded Channel 4 with complaints after Ramsay swore 243 times in a two-hour screening of Gordon’s Great British Nightmare on Friday, The Sunday Mirror reported. His language included “187 F-words”, the newspaper said…

Festival chaos: angry fans banned from stage
Thomas Hunter
The Age
February 2, 2009

Angry ticketholders have hit out at organisers of yesterday’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Melbourne’s CBD, saying poor organisation and overcrowding left hundreds of frustrated fans locked out of the venue, unable to watch the bands they had paid for…

Girl Talk‘s latest smash hit, summer’s most anticipated urban experience:

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