Racist assault, but no broken windows in Tasmania

Angry Aryan brothers Samuel Craig Bigwood, 20, and Benjamin Nigel Bigwood, 18, from Claremont in Tasmania, were today sentenced for assaults committed in Hobart in September 2009.

…As taxi driver Fayia Isaiah Lahai drove the brothers and a third man towards the city, Samuel said to him: “You’re a black dog animal and not a human being.”

Mr Lahai said: “I am a human being, just like you”, to which Samuel replied: “You are not.”

He punched the driver twice to the face and three times to his ear…

The Bigwoods made comments to Mr Brown, whose mother is Indonesian, to the effect of: “You’d better watch yourself” and “He’s just a f…ing Asian.”

They also called him a “Chink”.

Crown prosecutor Tony Jacobs said Mr Brown, 21, gave the thumbs-up sign and tried to walk on, but was attacked by the trio.

He was punched in the head a number of times, knocked down and repeatedly kicked.

When Mr Farquhar tried to intervene he too was punched and kicked repeatedly to the head and body.

Police were called and the three were arrested as they tried to flee.

Mr Brown suffered a fractured eye socket and still experiences reduced sight and nightmares…

On the other hand, at least there were no broken windows.


See : Emotional court sentencing over racist attacks, ABC, May 31, 2010 | Racists, thugs and cowards, Sally Glaetzer, The Mercury, May 28, 2010.

See also : “Wats up u black dogs ya mate jst got knocked da fuck out we jst jacked him welcome 2 australia u jigaboo fucks melton blood gang we from melton u peices of shit”, October 12, 2007.

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