A “glorious day for the Netherlands”

A “glorious day for the Netherlands” is apparently how the freedom-loving Geert Wilders has described the outcome of the Dutch election (Liberals take narrow lead in Dutch election, Michael Steen, Financial Times, June 10, 2010), referring to the fact that his party, the Partij voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom), looks set to increase its representation in the 150-seat Dutch Parliament from 9 to 22. Partial vindication, perhaps, for his party’s fierce opposition to Dutch Muslims/the Islamification of the Netherlands, but also to all them foreigners, especially Moroccans / Who are on the dole / And stealing our jobs. In addition — and more importantly — the result opens up the possibility, however unlikely, of the liberty lobby entering into a coalition government with the Liberals (Chaotic race to form Dutch coalition after narrow poll, BBC, June 10, 2010).

In Australia, such an approach has appalled some few liberals among the Tories (most famously, VIPs such as Malcolm Fraser and, recently, Petro Georgiou), but the mildly psychotic form of xenophobia which has proven to be such a boon to blonde careerists such as Wilders will undoubtedly be put to work at the next Federal election by The Mad Monk (and already has). Joining the Tories in the Theatre of Cruelty will be a semi-reluctant ALP: still, presumably, under KRudd, but sooner-or-later being steered by Comrade Gillard. In which context, it’s worth recalling that the policy of mandatory detention of asylum seekers was introduced in 1992 under the previous Working Families’ regime by the ‘Socialist’ Gerry Hand (now busy pursuing a career in the mining industry) — the location of these centres not only in the towns but the deserts and even in foreign territories a policy which has won bi-partisan support.

As for Old Holland, The Biggest Loser in the election was the Christian Democrats (followed by the Socialists), while significant weight gains were achieved by GroenLinks and Democraten 66. While it’s a little premature to start reading too much into the results — and my skills at haruspicy are a li’l rusty — to the extent that they reflect popular opinion, it should be noted that the polarisation of public opinion — along with disagreements among elites and widespread economic dysfunction — is generally considered to form one of the pre-conditions for the emergence of fascism as a mass movement. Fingers xed, as things fall apart, and the centre cannot hold, sheer anarchy will be loosed upon the dying bourgeois world.

In summary:

    Partij van de Arbeid/PvdA (Party of Labour/’left-of-centre’): 31 (-2)
    Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie/VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy/’rightwing liberal’): 31 (+10)
    Partij voor de Vrijheid/PVV (Party for Freedom): 22 (+13)
    Christen Democratisch Appèl/CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal): 21 (-20)
    SP (Socialist Party): 16 (-9)
    GroenLinks (GreenLeft): 11 (+4)
    Democraten 66 (‘liberal’): 10 (+7)
    ChristenUnie (ChristianUnion): 5 (-1)
    Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij/SGP (Politically Reformed Party): 2 (-)
    Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals): 1 (-1)
    Trots op Nederland (Proud of the Netherlands): 0 (-1)

See also : Dutch swing hard to the right as liberals win, Wilders surprises, Andrew Rettman, EU Observer, June 9, 2010 | Dutch Parliamentary Elections: The Return of the Bourgeoisie, Ian Buruma, Spiegel Online, June 8, 2010.


Here’s a fun game to keep you occupied. No Googling, now. You simply have to guess who said the following statements – Melanie Phillips or Geert Wilders…

Added Bonus Geert!

I know exactly how things stand
Don’t bore me with the facts
Give me one of those lefty newspapers
So that I can sh*t on it

The Dutch broadcasting corporations
Pretend to be journalists
They don’t do anything but lie
Those dirty socialists

They hate our Geert
We hate the government
That is secretly heading
For Islamisation

We were born stupid
Never had any education
But we don’t give a damn
We’ll vote for Geert anyway

The government doesn’t do anything
About all those Moroccans
Who are on the dole
And stealing our jobs

They also have a god
But ours is better
Their women are all ugly
Ours are much hotter

They don’t have any respect
For rules and legislation
But Geert is not at all afraid
He’ll throw them out of the country


As soon as Geert is Prime Minister
As he’s told us oftentimes
He’ll ban the Koran
Allah and His prophets

But that’s not all
Geert is not easily satisfied
The Imams will have to go
He’ll close down all their mosques

And if the Muslims
Start protesting
Geert will shoot them through the knee
And we’ll all chant


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  1. anonymous says:

    why would anyone want to live in the netherlands anyway.

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  3. Thomas says:

    I think you forgot to mention Facing Jihad Conference held in Jerusalem in 2008, and all the funding and help that Geert gets from the Jews, I wonder why?

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