Yeah. Having consulted their horoscope — and having accomplished his allotted role of providing the electorate with a bland alt.HoWARd — the Labor Right has made a tactical decision to get rid of the multi-millionaire’s husband ahead of the next Federal election. Michael Kroger blames seven, or possibly eight men for KRudd’s demise, but names only six: David Feeney, Bill Shorten, Don Farrell, Karl Bitar, Paul House (sic) and Bill Ludwig. Phillip Coorey casts the net slightly wider, including Steve Hutchins, Mark Bishop, Mark Arbib, and Paul Howes in the plot. “By daybreak, it was estimated Ms Gillard had about 83 of the 112 votes. Anthony Albanese told Mr Rudd he was doomed and should not contest to spare humiliation.” A supposedly crucial factor in the leadership spill was ‘research that showed Labor would suffer a ”total wipeout” under Kevin Rudd’ at the next Federal election.’

As a result of these machinations, Australia has its first female PM, and another nerd has been made to cry on TV. The election will now see not one but two former student politicians battle for political supremacy. Law-talking grrl Gillard will likely win; law-talking guy The Mad Monk will likely lose. Also exiting stage left is a law-talking guy named Lindsay Tanner, whose retirement from the seat of Melbourne means that — as Christian (‘The Christian’) Kerr notes — another law-talking guy, Adam Bandt, will likely be the first Green to be elected to the Lower House. (Note that Bandt, like Gillard, was once employed by Slater & Gordon.)

Uncle Rupert giveth, and Uncle Rupert taketh away.

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  1. Scrooge McDuck says:

    I think I used to watch “Total Wipeout” after school when I was a kid. It was a poor substitute for Double Dare much like alt.Howard was a poor substitute for Howard. Is there a children’s gameshow show we can compare to alt.alt.Howard?

  2. Peaces N' Dreams says:

    LOL, only way she could of had a chance, by getting carried and pushed to the top by everyone else.

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