Ghosts of Dachau

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    “As I stated on the Bombshell forum Andy, you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against.” ~ Dion, December, 2007
    Anarchy is a fag. Thanx to the people who have supported us… and to the random people letting us know about this anarchist knobjockey Mr Moran.” ~ Chunga (The Worst), September 2007

Established in March 1933, the Dachau concentration camp was the first regular concentration camp established by the National Socialist (Nazi) government. Heinrich Himmler, in his capacity as police president of Munich, officially described the camp as “the first concentration camp for political prisoners.” It was located on the grounds of an abandoned munitions factory near the northeastern part of the town of Dachau, about 10 miles northwest of Munich in southern Germany.

During the first year, the camp held about 4,800 prisoners. Initially the internees consisted primarily of German Communists, Social Democrats, trade unionists, and other political opponents of the Nazi regime. Over time, other groups were also interned at Dachau, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, as well as “asocials” and repeat criminal offenders. During the early years relatively few Jews were interned in Dachau and then usually because they belonged to one of the above groups or had completed prison sentences after being convicted for violating the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.

In early 1937, the SS, using prisoner labor, initiated construction of a large complex of buildings on the grounds of the original camp. Prisoners were forced to do this work, starting with the destruction of the old munitions factory, under terrible conditions. The construction was officially completed in mid-August 1938 and the camp remained essentially unchanged until 1945. Dachau thus remained in operation for the entire period of the Third Reich.

The number of Jewish prisoners at Dachau rose with the increased persecution of Jews and on November 10-11, 1938, in the aftermath of Kristallnacht, more than 10,000 Jewish men were interned there. (Most of [the] men in this group were released after incarceration of a few weeks to a few months, many after proving they had made arrangements to emigrate from Germany.)

On ANZAC Day (April 25), neo-Nazis will be gathering in Perth under the auspices of international neo-Nazi network ‘Blood and Honour’ (named after the inscription ‘Blut und Ehre’ which the Hitler Youth had inscribed on their daggers) in order to attend a gig by local band ‘Quick & the Dead’ and Melbourne band ‘Ravenous’. B&H’s representative and spokesperson in WA is Murray Holmes of Harvey. “Every one [in Harvey] hates blacks and Asians” reckons Murray, and “Australian immigration has been letting in so called refugees from all these sand nigger countries now for years… the numbers have increased to an epidemic proportion”.

His comrade-in-arms in Victoria is the vocalist for Ravenous, a Hammerskin named Jesse. Jesse has a YouTube channel (‘genocidal88’: 88 = HH = Heil Hitler) and also dabbles in business. You can help Murray and Jesse promote neo-Nazi ideology by purchasing items from Jesse’s online nutzi emporium Some of my favourite album titles are ‘Der ewige Jude’ (The Eternal Jew) by Volkszorn (In the song “Der ewige Jude” (Eternal Jew) on the CD of the same title, the band Volkszorn sings: “Eternal Jew, he is still around. Eternal Jew, the worldwide danger. He poisons and bribes the entire wide world. The Jew must die or our days are numbered”), ‘Fetch the Rope’ by The Klansmen, ‘Freezer Full of Nigger Heads’ by Grinded Nig and ‘Alcoholocaust’ by Jew Slaughter.

Jesse also flogs swastika flags and other nutzi kitsch.

As in the manner of all other public events organised by B&H over the last 15 or so years, the venue for the gig is undisclosed. B&H once held annual and semi-annual events at a pub in Fitzroy, Melbourne called The Birmingham Hotel. 2006 was the last time B&H used the pub for this purpose, and it was subsequently subjected to a boycott. The boycott was successful in bringing about a change in management and ownership in early 2008.

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