Leave Tim Noonan alone!

Now that Walkley Award winning journalist Martin King has swapped television for radio, his place in my ♥ has been taken by Walkley Award winning journalist Tim Noonan. Tim is a fearless independent documentary filmmaker, whose enormous and possibly unique talents have, thankfully, been spotted by Walkley Award winning journalist Matthew White and the production team at Today Tonight. Sadly, Tim’s talents have made him the subject of a campaign of state-sponsored political harassment — yet another in a seemingly endless cycle, this time titled ‘Tweed Tales on TT’.

Leave Tim Noonan alone!

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  1. ryan says:

    Tim Noonan is a good reporter, if you call reporting buying underage youths alcohol and cigarettes and targeting a certain small group of teenagers located in Kingscliff, spinning a story about older men and women in Tweed Heads who get bullied by men in their own street. I wouldn’t call it reporting, I would call it lying. Straight up lying. I know for a fact Noonan won’t be taking a holiday destination in some of the towns where he has done reports on.

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