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Boneheads in Dortmund attacked a trade union rally: “In the western city of Dortmund, police opened an inquiry against 280 neo-Nazis who attacked a parade of trade unionists with stones and clubs Friday. A police union [?] said neo-Nazis assaulted people and police in five other cities on May Day.” Berlin can has pictures.

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, ex-Miaowist Brian ‘Working Class Discipline’ Boyd wants teh Government to like, invest in manufacturing. ‘N’ stuff. Not a line I remember from the Internationale, but whatever. (See also : Manufacturing decline is all made up, Kim Carr, The Age, June 4, 2008 ~versus~ Manufacturing falls to 17-year low, Ed Logue, The Age, May 2, 2009.)

Organisers expect big turnout for May Day rally

Organisers of this afternoon’s May Day rally through the streets of Melbourne are expecting a big turnout.

Workers are gathering outside Trades Hall in Lygon Street, Carlton and will march down Swanston, Bourke and Russell Streets, before returning to Lygon Street, from 1:00 pm.

Trades Hall secretary Brian Boyd says they will be calling on governments to do more to protect jobs during the economic downturn.

“There will be a couple of speeches along the way, we will definitely be calling on both the State and Federal Government to take the impact on job losses from the financial crisis far more seriously than they are already,” he said.

“We think there’s a lot more governments can be doing to make sure that Victorian jobs are saved.

“Both the state and federal budgets are coming out at the moment, even though they’ve got some stimulus packages, they aren’t targetted enough to protect our manufacturing base that is slowly being eradicated by overseas markets, we need to concentrate on our manufacturing base.”

Makes me wanna shoop listen to some Kraftwerk Kreator.

Brutal riots left and right
Out to destroy, willing to die
Honour killing, blood is shed
A cruel reality in empires built on sand
Dark war, more gruesome than ever before
Supports this decadence galore
A tyrant’s feast on shoulders
Of the poorest of the poor
The necrologue for the elite
The rise of heartless bourgeoisie
While flags are waving
Everywhere they scream…


A special tip of the hat to the-professional-chatterers-formerly-known-as-revolutionary-communists @ spiked: ‘A caricature of a riot’ by Frank Furedi (April 2) and ‘Turning Ian Tomlinson into the Princess Diana of protest’ by Brendan O’Neill (April 14) are both exquisite pieces. Oh, and not content with their current stable of front groups, RCP/LM/spiked have established another called Modern Movement.

A genuine Bonus! is the re-launch of the website of The Institute for Anarchist Studies.

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