Court puts ban on pro-Nazi mum

Huh: an Australian court has ruled that involving children in the promotion of neo-Nazism is not in the children’s best interests. “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman / giving all your love to just one man dead foreign incestuous coprophiliac dictator“.

Court puts ban on pro-Nazi mum
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May 6, 2009

A neo-Nazi mother has been banned from taking her young son to right-wing political rallies or teaching him her fascist views, a court has ruled.

The German-born woman, known only as Ms Hoover, and her estranged Australian partner, known as Mr Hoover, are also forbidden from inciting racial hatred when in the presence of the six-year-old boy, Family Court Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks ruled in a judgement delivered in Canberra last month.

The woman, was once a bonehead like her former partner, is also banned from viewing pro-Nazi websites when the child is in her care.

In a separate hearing last year, the father was requested not to take the couple’s twin five-year-olds to any political rallies or marches.

See : Hoover & Hoover [2009] FamCA 267 (9 April 2009):

FAMILY LAW – CHILDREN – best interests of the child – where Court ordered restraint on parent from doing any act or saying anything in the presence of child or permitting any other person to do so in the presence of child that is likely in all the circumstances to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or group of people because of that person’s or that group’s race, colour or national or ethnic origin – where Court ordered restraints against parent for acts and saying of things which are contrary to certain anti-vilification provisions at State/Commonwealth discrimination legislation while child is in the parent’s care – where Court ordered restraint of parents from actively encouraging or teaching child to hold any particular political viewpoint of the parent – where Court ordered restraint of parents from taking or permitting child to be taken to rallies or political gatherings with an overt political purpose – where Court ordered restraint of parent accessing internet material promoting Nazism, neo-fascism or websites that advocate racial vilification or which may advocate or support acts which may be in breach of State/Commonwealth discrimination legislation while the child is in their care

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