2010 Australian Federal Election (Miscellaneous)

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Champions of the ‘free market’, the Liberal Democratic Party are determined to show those faceless bureaucrats in Canberra who’s boss (and to put Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish); the Democrats — much to everybody else’s surprise — are still cranking (Campaign Details Coming Soon!), while the Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (“real people with real solutions and the courage to stand up for what is right”), the Australian Sex Party (“a political response to the sexual needs of Australia in the 21st century”) and the Shooters and Fishers Party will be representing the interests and obtaining the votes of thousands of fishers, shooters, lifestylists and rooters.


In summary, Seranna Shutt will be sexing it up in NT, in SA Ari Reid and Jason Virgo are aspiring Sex senators, while Austen Tayshus (aka Alexander Gutman) is running in Warringah against The Mad Monk.

The Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting) will be fielding candidates for both the NSW Senate and the House of Reps in NSW and Victoria.

Senator Online is either the rather forlorn face of e-democracy in the early twenty-first century, or the bastard child of a mad, amateur, political scientist — one whose creation is sure to turn against its master and destroy his house cum laboratory in a cybernetic fit of rage!


In the meantime: Senator Online candidate Wes Bas volunteers with a number of charities in his spare time; having grown up on Sydney’s northern beaches, Brianna Roach is proudly Australian and is keen to contribute to society. In Victoria, Glenn Sargent is a passionate Australian. One of the things he’s passionate about is the Greens. Namely, keeping them out of the Senate; perhaps by way of installing sensible people like him instead. “Recent Australian News Poll puts the Green Vote at 15%, up from 7.8% at the last election. This could be an extremely dangerous development for Australian Politics and all who live in the land.” In Queensland, Scott Reading has the drive and determination to get the job done.

“Never has the barrier for entry into the marketplace of ideas been so low…” Seemingly the brainchild of David Stockwell, the Climate Sceptics Party is “The world’s first political party representing scepticism and objectivity in climate policy”. Currently, the party has one candidate: Party President Leon Ashby is running for the Senate in SA. Ashby is a founding member of the Australian Environment Foundation, to which Liberal Senator Cory ‘Turn your lights on!’ Bernardi will be making a valuable contribution in October 2010 at their annual conference.

Variations on the Christian right may be found among the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nihilist), the Democratic Labor Party (Catholic) and Family First (Assemblies of God). The CDP is fielding 26 candidates, the DLP Senatorial candidates in every state and territory, while Australia First Earth First! Family First is attempting to put God back into politics just about everywhere: in NSW (presumably) QLD, SA, in VIC (presumably) WA — except maybe TAS. And ACT. (And NT.)

Family First (a limited liability company) is almost certain to lose its only Federal rep in Steve Fielding — the Victorian ALP’s gift to the Australian public has a use by date of 2010.

Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Prohibition of Display and Sale of Bongs) Bill 2010. A Bill for an Act to amend the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 to provide for a prohibition on the display and sale of bongs and for other purposes.

Indeed, from this building one can walk not very far at all down Bourke Street, to the second shop after Russell Street, to see this. Two weeks ago I did this and counted more than 200 bongs in the front window, including probably more than 50 different types of bongs, some of which were in the shape of a human skull, for example.”

“A bloke cannot marry his brother; it is not right”, he said. ”A woman cannot marry their sister; it is not right. A bloke cannot marry a bloke because it is not right, and a female cannot marry a female because it is not right. I don’t support this.”

The Carers Alliance is keeping the masses in suspense, declaring of their many candidates “Watch this space – details coming soon”.

The Building Australia Party meanwhile is, like The Future, a mystery, while “The Nimbin-based Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party has had [its] political party registration hopes dashed for another term – by an agonising four-day shortfall”.

And remember folks: “Only the Secular Party supports comprehensive secularism”: Our Candidates – Election 2010.

PS. http://republicandemocrats.org.au

See also : Socialism vs. 2010 election (July 27, 2010).

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Am I right, that “Family First” has nothing to say about the Stolen Generations?

  2. @ndy says:

    No, not nothing, but very little. Thus they didn’t oppose the former PM saying ‘sorry’ — in fact, their first President, Andrea Mason (Australia’s first female indigenous party leader), put the party on the record in October 2004 as being strongly supportive of an apology — but by 2008 the party certainly opposed there being any cash cash money money to coincide with KRudd’s tears, and they were never known for their forthrightness on the issue.


    Suffer the children ‘n’ all that…

  3. @ndy, firstly well done on your commentary. I for one, enjoy it.

    A few points:

    1. It is very heartening to see the Communist League’s Ron Poulsen running in Blaxland. Shame that the SEP is also standing there, it would of been far wiser for one or the other to stand in the next door seat of Watson, where there is no socialist candidate of any description.

    2. Almost every week I see the CL comrades either at Sydney Central station or Bankstown shopping centre handing out their little paper. Hence probably why they chose Blaxland over Watson. I quite like them. They have a sense of maturity and an interest in actually working with others … something sorely lacking from the simple propaganda sects of the SEP and SAlt.

    3. The SEP stood 9 lower house candidates in 2007. This time they are standing 10. I believe this is to exclusively prove to themselves that they are growing. They are not.

    4. It should also be noted the Communist Alliance is running in the senate in NSW, but effectively the CA is the CPA in everything but name, so why not just run as the CPA? Talk about a marketing failure. Would of been so much better to of left it as the CPA and run with that.

    5. @ndy, I would like to see your analysis of candidate Van Rudd in Victoria … and of the RSP. Presumably the RSP is the closest of the so-called socialist groups to an anarchist formation and therefore to your liking?

    6. Where is the PLP, the CPA-ML and Socialist Party Australia? Who is Solidarity backing? These 4 have clearly not even put their toes in the water and we are a weaker nation for it.

    7. How shitty is it that the Hemp crew failed to get registered. There is no doubt a lack of political expertise and organisation, but there is so much untapped potential. I would of voted for HEMP, not because I agree with them, but because I dislike the people who disagree with them.

    8. Regarding the right wingers, whatever happened to the Patriotic Youth League. What happened to that old Australia First woman from country NSW somewhere? So much intrigue, but so appalling at the same time.

    Solidarity indeed.


  4. @ndy says:

    8. After some sporadic attempts at organising — all of which were fail — the PYL ended up being a 50-something guy from Brisbane called John Drew. He got his marching orders a year or two ago, and the PYL has since been replaced by Saleam w a mob called — imaginatively enuff — the EYL, or Eureka Youth League. (A name chosen partly, one presumes, to piss off the ’70s-era Maoists Jim imagines he’s still fighting.) The EYL is under the nominal leadership of another 50-something guy called Brendan Gidley (an old comrade/crony of Jim’s). It’s seems to be attempting to suck the life outta the Southern Cross Soldiers, and other, associated groupuscules of patriotik, “immigrants out!” yoof. The ‘old AF woman’ is Diane Teasdale, from or near Shepparton in Victoria. She’s still kicking (I presume), but basically, after a factional brawl, Jim’s run away w the ball, leaving her only w a moribund website. She did have a crack @ local council elections but.

    7. Oh man.

    6. The PLP appear to have gone kaput, the CPA-ML remain shrouded in secrecy, and the Socialists I think are concentrating their energies on local council and state (as opposed to Federal) elections, as well as building a base in inner Melbourne (thru involvement in various community campaigns and union organising). ‘Stop Abbott, fight Gillard—vote left and build the movements’ says Solidarity: “We must keep Tony Abbott out of office. Voting Greens 1 and Labor 2 will send Labor a signal that its policies are unpopular and that it doesn’t have to capitulate to the right.”

    5. Dunno why you think Rudd/RSP is closest to an anarchist formation — it seems like a fairly orthodox Leninist party to me, and as such no closer than similar parties. I’ve never met Rudd, but he’s certainly no anarchist.

    4. Maybe. I think CA was also intended to draw together members of Communist micro-parties.





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