Brendon O’Connell : Tool of the Week.

From the Department-of-ZOG-Strikes-Back:

WA man accused of anti-Jew YouTube posts
May 13, 2009

A 39-year-old Perth man has been charged under Western Australia’s racial vilification laws in relation to a series of videos posted on the internet website YouTube. It is alleged Maylands resident Brendon O’Connell shot video while making anti-Semitic comments in front of Perth’s Bell Tower and a South Perth supermarket. O’Connell has been charged with conduct intended to incite racial animosity or racist harassment. It is believed he is only the second person to be charged under the laws, which were introduced by the previous state government. The maximum penalty for the offence is 14 years’ jail.

Note that the legislation in question was introduced following a previous wave of racist stupidity conducted by a little gang of fascists called the ‘White Devils’; they acted as a kind of publicity machine for former Australian Nationalists Movement (ANM) leader Jack Van Tongeren. Several went to jail following a police crackdown. The first person charged under the legislation was not a nutzi, however, but an Aboriginal teenager who vilified a white woman — these charges were later dropped, partly at the insistence of her alleged victim. See : Racial vilification in WA, September 15, 2006.


Holocaust revisionist Frederick Toben sentenced to three months’ jail
Sean Frewster
The Advertiser
May 13, 2009

“REVISIONIST historian” Fredrick Toben has been given a three-month jail term for contempt of court – but has also won a 14-day reprieve to file appeal papers…

What a Wally!

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86 Responses to Brendon O’Connell : Tool of the Week.

  1. eithne_saoirse says:

    Aren’t Jews and Muslims both Semitic People?

  2. Steve says:

    Just watched the “amazing” Mr Brendan on TV (ACA yeah it’s crap I know but I had time to kill) then found this site and read the comments posted above.

    Holy sh*t! Are there really so many racist, bigoted, narrow minded, self-serving, one-eyed, insane, oxygen-wasters in this world?

    This planet is truly screwed.

  3. @ndy says:

    Oh right. I wondered why I was getting so many hits on this post. Look fwd to seeing the bizarro being given the ACA treatment.

    As for the commentary: yes and no. My blog tends to attract all kindsa anti-Semites, bigots and racists (I mean, you should see some of the comments I DON’T publish!). They usually come from Australia, the US or the UK, but it varies.

    The first comment (“you tikkum olamin?”) was posted by someone in the Netherlands; ‘Another Ranting Anti-Semitic Troll’ is someone from the US (which is apparently where Mike Delaney is also from). Peter Watson is a teenage racist from regional Queensland (and a member of the ‘Australia First Party’); Darrin Hodges is from Sydney, a former member of AF who now belongs to the rival ‘Australian Protectionist Party’. ‘Tony the Troll. Again!’ is a serial troll I’ve now more-or-less banned from my blog, but who’s posted 100s of comments under dozens of names, and is I think the stupidest person ever to have done so. ‘Whitelaw’ is another AF member named Jim Perren; like Peter, he’s a neo-Nazi from rural QLD (but old enough to know better). ‘KinkyBoy’ is another, formerly frequent troll, who is a monomaniac and now frequent commenter on Jim’s blog. Finally, ‘anarchore’ is a Canadian-based (?) anti-Semite, while the last few comments concern an internecine dispute among a number of different anti-Semitic groups and individuals, in which O’Connell assumes various roles, generally either as courageous champion of The Troof or dastardly agent of The Jew.


    Yeah, the planet is screwed, and yeah, one racist, bigoted, narrow minded, self-serving, one-eyed, insane, oxygen-waster is one too many, but I allow some of their commentary on my blog because others have expressed the view that these moarons don’t exist, so therefore I’m wrong to oppose their stoopid. Beyond that, Theantibogan blog documents the mountains of racist stoopid on Facebook — of which, sadly, there’s an absolutely endless supply.

  4. Steve says:

    Spent awhile perusing Theantibogan blog, and others of similar kind. I feel like I’ve spent the last 50 years living under a rock. I had no idea of the immense volume and vehemence of racial hatred in this country. Not to mention the rampant illiteracy (shame on the education system).
    The most disturbing aspect of this bigotry is that these idiots could be in positions of influence, whether commercial, political, or social. How do we know what sort of scumbag we might be dealing with on a daily basis? I shudder to think.

    What are they all so scared of? A false enemy and shadows?

    Stoopid alright. Geez.

  5. Steve says:

    BTW, I gather that Mike Delaney is the crud who runs that sewerage outfall called

    And, if you can leave out the religious aspects and assuming the literal interpretation, isn’t “tikkum olam” surely a compliment? Does “Troll” have a clue?

  6. @ndy says:

    The most disturbing aspect of this bigotry is that these idiots could be in positions of influence, whether commercial, political, or social. How do we know what sort of scumbag we might be dealing with on a daily basis? I shudder to think.

    Could be, yes, but generally aren’t, which is partly what fuels their ressentiment.

    And, if you can leave out the religious aspects and assuming the literal interpretation, isn’t “tikkum olam” surely a compliment? Does “Troll” have a clue?

    In this case, leaving out the religious aspect means leaving out the Jewish aspect, an impossibility as The Anti-Semite’s world revolves around The Jew, and derives its meaning from it. Thus I am Jewish by mere virtue of the fact that I appear to defend The Jew from The Anti-Semite.

    Them’s crazy!

  7. Eric says:

    Awesome Melbourne shuffle at 1:99.

  8. John Mason says:

    check youtube “elvis sings about jews” or [] also google “The International Jew-The World’s Foremost Problem”, published in 1922 by the world renowned industrial leader Henry Ford also watch on youtube “What Famous Men Have To Say About Jews 1-3” exposing the truth about jew’s hating non jews.

  9. @ndy says:

    Alternatively, rather than rely on hoary old myths, you could learn something. Say, by watching the following:

    Antisemitism: medieval and modern. Steven Katz

    In the 2009 Freilich Foundation Annual Lecture in Bigotry and Tolerance, Steven Katz describes the features of medieval Christian antisemitism and the very different features of modern racial antisemitism, culminating in Nazi antisemitism. He concludes with an assessment on the connection between historical antisemitism and the antisemitism of today.

    Steven T. Katz is Director of the Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies at Boston University, Boston, Ma., where he holds the Alvin J. and Shirley Slater Chair in Jewish and Holocaust Studies. Professor Katz was Chair of the Academic Committee of the United States Holocaust Museum for five years and still serves on the committee.

    ANU, Canberra, March 2009

  10. James says:

    I dont think oconnell is antisemitic. I think he just doesnt like how racist Israel is. The institutionalised racism i mean.

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  12. David Radford says:

    What a joke of a blog. So any white people who simply want THEIR OWN COUNTRY to live in, are ‘anti-semitic’, ‘bigoted’, ‘racist’, ‘full of hate’, yadda yadda yadda.

    What exactly did Brendan O’Connell do? Oh, how awful – he questioned some JEWS and asked them what they were doing, and asked them what they thought about the JEWS genocide against the Palestinians.

    And WHO made up the ‘racial hatred’ laws? Why, our JEWISH masters, that’s who. How nice of them, to rule supreme over us, after all, they are apparently ‘god’ and we are ‘cattle’. Nothing ‘supremacist’ about that then.

    The writer of this blog is obviously a Jew too, how nice.

    Still, don’t worry, I’m sure you can get all of us put in prison for merely SAYING THINGS JEWS DON’T LIKE, and then you’ll be able to carry on living off the fruits of your ‘goyim’s’ labour…

  13. joshua says:

    The jews are not a race but a religion, there is no justice under a jew controled goverment.

  14. @ndy says:

    What about ZOG?

  15. Mary says:

    He’s a friend of mine. He’s not racist, just questioning. Seems no one can handle questioning. I am of Eurasian descent and I have and still get so much racist shit in my life, I don’t like what they do and say but I would stand up for their right to speak their minds.
    Brendon’s rights have been revoked. What kind of democracy do we live in?
    Three years? That’s a little excessive. Especially when you have child abusers getting off on suspended sentences all the time.This isn’t about the Jews it’s about freedom of speech.

  16. Sebulba says:

    David Radford, I’m not sure whether to be intimidated that there are such hateful irrational people as you in this world, or relieved in the knowledge that based on what you’ve written you clearly aren’t smart enough to cause anybody harm.
    In answer to your first question, YES, white people who simply want their own country to live in does make you a hateful, racist bigoted and probably (just playing the percentages) anti-Semitic person. What I don’t understand is that you know you don’t like other races, ethnic groups or whatever. You’re actually free not to like them. I don’t like you and that’s fine too. But why do you get so offended then when somebody says you’re a racist hateful wanker? Especially if you’re going to use the next sentence in your diatribe to precisely reveal how much of a paranoid, hateful critter you are. Just embrace your identity as a hateful person. Nobody is going to change your mind or convince you that Jews, blacks and whoever else bothers you are ok. Fine. But don’t be such a moron and ruin a perfectly good blog with your ranting, nonsensical, insecure, paranoid crap. You make all the other white supremacists out there look bad.
    Sending you unconditional love,
    The Eternal Jew

  17. Wyntar says:

    This type of debate leaves me severely conflicted, on the one hand I think this guy is a prime example of the sort of people looking for someone else to blame for anything that goes wrong be it the Jews, Muslims or Lizard People. People who will discover something on the internet which fits their warped view of the world and suddenly think that the existence of others [with a] similarly skewed view is a vindication of every other bit of weirdness they believe in. But then I run into the other side of things [where] I have an overriding belief in the importance of free speech, not because I believe it is an inalienable right and something we cannot live without but because the minute we start saying “you are free to say whatever you like except if….” is the time when we are saying we are happy for small but vocal groups to start dictating to us what we are allowed to say and do.

    At what point do we draw the line, is it ok to rail against the perceived evils of Muslims/Islam but not of Christians/Christianity or Jews/Judaism. Do we expand the laws to include religious vilification instead of just racial vilification? Do we start throwing people in jail because they protest outside of a scientology building? Do we arrest Fred Nile for his comments about Muslims/Islam? Now as much as the idea of Freddy being chucked into the jail makes me chuckle I would not seriously condone it, for all his bile and ignorant drivel I believe the majority of people know he is on the lunatic fringe and his views are mostly discounted by everyday Australians, just as I would say that most people would agree that Brendan O’Connell is an ignorant racist fool with a very warped perception of life and who is best held up to the cold harsh light of reality and seen to be the fool that he is. Does he deserve to be punished for what he said, probably. Does he deserve to be jailed for 3 years for essentially calling people names, I can’t agree with that.

    My first reaction was to think “yeah idiot got what he deserved” but on reflection I think that in this case the punishment does not fit the crime.

  18. Lloyd S. says:

    David Radford – There was a little more to what O’Connell did than just question some Jews. He physically chased and theatened a pair of Jewish men who had the temerity to take pictures of a pro-Palestinian demonstration. He sent mail threatening to blow up synagogues, and he ran a blog with some very threatening hate speech. As for genocide against the so-called “Palestinians,” since the founding of Israel, the number of “Palestinians” has gone from a little over 1,000,000 to well over 5,000,000. A mere 400% increase in population over 60 years – that’s some horrible genocide. And David, most (but certainly not all) Jews are white people and your first name is a Jewish name.

    James – Israel is a lot less racist than most places. It’s no more racist to say there should be a Jewish state in which Jews form the majority than to say there should be a “Palestinian” state or a French state or a Russian state. What is racist is to insist that there should be no Israel and there has to be a 23rd Arab state. That’s saying the Jews should not have the same right of self-determination that’s accorded to other nations. As for pointing towards Israel’s treatment of the “Palestinians” as racist, in case you haven’t noticed, Israel and the Palestinian Arabs have been engaged in a war for something like 70 years now. And Palestinian language and imagery about Jews is probably far more racist and hate-filled than Israeli rhetoric and imagery on Palestinians.

  19. Lumpen says:

    It’s no more racist to say there should be a Jewish state in which Jews form the majority than to say there should be a “Palestinian” state or a French state or a Russian state.

    The analogy doesn’t work. Russia is made up of various ethnic minorities and a very large Russian majority that does not require any enforcement (though some are giving it a red-hot go). If there was a demographic change, the reason the Russian state exists – to exploit its population – would not change a whole bunch. The French state is the well-known product of a bourgeois uprising where the concept of citizenship isn’t tied to race or religion. It’s kind of a big deal there.

    It might not be strictly racist to advocate a state-enforced quota of jewishness to maintain a jewish state, but it’s still pretty fucking backward. So is comparing ‘Palestinian rhetoric’ and ‘Israeli rhetoric’ without taking into account the variety of language and imagery on both sides; they are not very good categories to reduce people to when measuring conflict.

    I agreed with the first three sentences, but then you lost me.

  20. irish Savant says:

    A guy – he appears to be a somewhat nasty type – calls a Jew out on the street and asks him some tricky questions. And he gets three years in jail! Honestly, how can ANYONE condone that? It makes a ‘normal’ person start to smell a rat and to that extent is counter-productive in my view.

  21. SELBY says:
    I came across this whole Brend[o]n O’Connell thing whilst looking at something else – apparently this guy is still in prison. I am not sure how long he has been in there and I’m not quite sure what he did nor do I know much about his political leanings apart from his dislike of “Zionism” however I firmly believe in free speech for everyone, I don’t put any limits or riders on that, obviously inciting people to commit acts of violence is a different matter. I don’t know what O’Connell did or what he was charged with but if it’s racial vilification then he should never have been jailed. Do you know what he was charged with and found guilty of?

  22. SELBY says:

    and this
    the matter of his jailing is very perplexing, I can see that he is somewhat a goose and possibly a bit loopy but I dunno I think he is the one needing protection from the state, not the guy he is supposed to have traumatised – there’s a link to footage of the jewish guy on the youtube page, he looks like he’d make a great disco dancer

  23. Kratoklastes says:

    Odd that a soi-disant anarchist would not be appalled at the notion of a man being deprived of his liberty for thoughtcrime. (I’ve seen the video where he ‘chases’ the sayanim – to find out why they are videotaping him – and there is absolutely no assault: anyone who claims otherwise is simply selling a bill of goods).

    So it’s OK for the State’s boot to slam down on the faces of those who criticise a certain racial-supremacist tribal primitive Bronze Age blood-and-foreskin cult? That trumps your opposition to the State (i.e., your self-described anarchism)?

    That’s some interesting anarchist principles you got there fella. Proudhon, Bastiat, Rothbard and Goldman might not agree, but you would get a pat on the head from Irving Kristol or Leo Strauss (or Richard Perle or Benjamin NetanYahoo).

  24. @ndy says:


    I think yr being disingenuous. That, or yr a bit stoopid. You do remember questioning just a few days ago on my blog whether or not Jews are actually human beings, yeah? As well as whether or not it’s actually permissible to discuss the Holocaust in Europe? As for the facts of O’Connell’s trial and sentencing, if you can use Google, you can find out the finer details. Briefly, in January 2011 Brendon was found guilty of six charges arising from an altercation he had with two Jewish students:

    O’Connell faced seven charges related to the posting of a verbal altercation he had with Stanley Keyser and Timothy Peach, who are Jewish, and was found guilty on six.

    An argument broke out between the three men at an IGA supermarket in South Perth on May 2, 2009, where a Friends of Palestine group was holding a protest against Israeli oranges.

    He was sentenced to 3 years jail as a result.

    Currently, Brendon is being held in Casuarina prison in WA. According to the ah, Internets, he is currently on a hunger strike.

  25. @ndy says:


    I’ve not read the transcripts for the trial nor the verdict. That said, O’Connell is in jail not because of Bad Thoughts but Bad Actions. The fact that he conducted his own defence and expressed no remorse for his bizarro probably didn’t help. Otherwise, his case is remarkable in the sense that he is the first person to have been successfully prosecuted under WA’s racial vilification legislation.

    Obviously, in reality, The State doesn’t care what I think of the verdict or sentencing of O’Connell. Beyond this, FWIW, I think most Australian citizens probably don’t care all that much if someone rabbits on online about The Joos (tho’ they may find it distasteful), but draw a line b/w that kinda malarkey and racially abusing someone in the street, filming it, and doing so as part of an ongoing campaign of harassment for which no remorse is expressed.

    As do the courts, it seems.

  26. SELBY says:

    Its okay for us to bandy opinions about – we imagine that we can express our respective views without feeling threatened, well l hope we do.

    This guy has had his freedom removed by the state at the behest of a racial/cultural/religious group, in this particular instance the behesters are jews. The jewish guy who was “attacked” was reported to have welcomed the guys jailing.

    Apart from being very loud and annoying l cant see what this guy Brendon did that warrants jail time. If they can jail him for no good reason they can jail anyone for no good reason. Because this guy is perceived to be a “right winger” no one is willing to step forward and defend his right to say what he believes – well no one on the left anyway.

    l believe those max brenner protests are carefully monitored and not by the police. It wouldnt be hard to set up a guy like Brendon given that he is so “up front” about his convictions. Andy are you saying you believe his conviction and jailing was warranted?

    As for questioning whether or not jews are human beings – l am ambivalent whether they are or not. They may or may not be human beings – l cant vouch that anyone is a human being as l am not an expert on that subject however the behaviour of most of the beings posing as human on this planet is at best confounding. Real human beings are gifted with intelligence and a host of virtues and qualities that set them apart from the other creatures resident here, l take them as they come.

    In the matter of the holocaust one cannot discuss the subject in Europe without risking prosecution. Holocaust denial is a crime. Most people wont go near a discussion about that subject, they are too scared. l find it quite extraordinary that the subject has been quarantined off. Dr Peter Novick, history professor at Chicago University died recently, he challenged the jewish use of the holocaust as a “crutch” for Israel. He was jewish – non observant. If I, a non jew, had done the same l would be condemned. Sara Silverman sings about jews loving money – if youre not a jew dont follow her example. We had more freedom of speech in the sixties, oh but supposedly the world is such a better place now because of all the really profound changes we have made since then. Actually we have much less freedom, and when the marxists who rule us finally do reveal their true colours you can be sure theyll take out the anarchists – just as they took out the Free Territory in the Ukraine. They fixed up Nestor Makhno and theyll get you too Andy – and after youve given so much comfort to those socialist homies!

  27. Lumpen says:

    Another crucial difference between Sarah Silverman and SELBY is Silverman is deliberately hilarious.

    An interesting anecdote from the life of Nestor Makhno:

    “On May 4th or 5th, 1919… At the Verkhnii Tokmak station, Makhno saw a poster with the words: ‘Death to Jews, Save the Revolution, Long Live Batko Makhno.’

    “Who put up that poster?” Makhno asked.

    He learned that the poster had been put up by an insurgent whom Makhno knew personally, a soldier who had taken part in the battle against Denikin’s troops, a person who was in general decent. He presented himself immediately and was shot on the spot.”

  28. SELBY says:

    “On May 4th or 5th, 1919… At the Verkhnii Tokmak station, Makhno saw a poster with the words: ‘Death to Jews, Save the Revolution, Long Live Batko Makhno.’
    “Who put up that poster?” Makhno asked.
    He learned that the poster had been put up by an insurgent whom Makhno knew personally, a soldier who had taken part in the battle against Denikin’s troops, a person who was in general decent. He presented himself immediately and was shot on the spot.”
    Eighty two per cent of the Russian commie leadership were Jewish. Socialism is practically a Jewish invention. Being the good supplicant he was and dealing with the fellow who put up the poster in such a determined (and deadly) fashion didnt help Makhno one tiny bit – the Russian commies wiped the table with him and the Free Territory.
    In a recent survey in Israel nearly 80 per cent of Israelis volunteered that they consider themselves to be socialist.

  29. Lumpen says:

    Cool story, bro.

    In reality, the insurgents were drawn from the peasantry, including Jews, as well as relying heavily on peasant support. For a variety of reasons, antisemitism was used by militias and bandits as an excuse to steal (and worse) from local Jews. Makhno had a whole unit drawn from Jewish peasants, not to mention a sharp ideological opposition to antisemitism. Therefore a militiaman under his command, even one of otherwise good standing, promoting pogroms was a direct threat to the insurgency, both materially and politically. This doesn’t lessen the harshness of Makhno’s summary execution, but it does account for it more readily than your weirdo explanation.

    “Socialism is practically a Jewish invention.”
    Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be bothering to respond to your comments again. You should think seriously about the benefits of engaging in self-harm.

  30. Dr. Cam says:

    Saves on ink, for one thing.

  31. lumpnboy says:

    No, ‘strue, found a note from my uncle Morty, “We did it, we invented socialism”. A practical guy.

  32. Adolf Hitler says:

    Andy is a parasite. Mr. O’Connell was unlawfully imprisoned, and he wants to, and is entitled to receive 250,000 each year for his 3 year prison sentence as compensation, if he decides to take this matter to court, after he has served his sentence.

  33. @ndy says:

    G’day Adolphus,

    I thought you were dead? Know a kid from Queensland named Peter? You two would get along like a Reichstag on fire I reckon.

  34. lumpnboy says:

    Reichstag on fire you say? We did that too. The other we, the Left Communist one. Not the Jews.

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