(This was) Pisschrïst : 2004–2010

Pisschrïst played their first gig @ Irene Warehouse in May 2004, alongside of US performer Wendy-O-Matik (the “Bay Area based freelance writer, poet, performance and spoken word artist, and radical love activist” / “freelance writer, published poet, and certified holistic nutrition consultant who specializes in diet and stress reduction”). Like many subsequent performances, it was a benefit gig, on this occasion for Barricade infoshop. The band‘s last gig was on Sunday in Footscray, along with local boys Pathetic Human and Tear Gas a Scottish rock band originally known as Mustard who recorded two albums in the early 70s a Melbourne heavy metal band which split in 2008 a Brisbane punk rock and/or roll band.

Word on the street is that the band has split due to bass player James’ desire to take the band in a new musical direction; while video footage of the pop concert will soon be posted online, I’ve been given exclusive access to the following extract:

So long, and thanks for all the tofu.

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2 Responses to (This was) Pisschrïst : 2004–2010

  1. Scrooge McDuck says:

    Mongolian neo-Nazis! (Not piss related).

  2. matt says:

    great gig! awesome atmosphere, really glad i went

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