The world needs Klowns?

Former KKK Grand Poobah-turned-fundamentalist Xtian Johnny Lee Clary has declared that there are some bedsheet-wearers in WA. Correction: the KKK has “infiltrated” Perth.

Whether by boat or plane is unknown.

“I know that the Ku Klux Klan is in Western Australia. I know that they’re in the Perth area”, he said in Perth this week.

“The National Front is here, I know that the Nazi Party is here. I’ve talked to people here and they’ve said to me ‘I know so and so, that belongs to the Klan'”.

~ Racist US organistation Ku Klux Klan ‘in Perth’, May 23, 2009

In reality, there’s been a KKK presence in Australia for many years; it has never attracted widespread support; what little support it has generated has been mostly restricted to a small number of rural towns (Cairns, Toowoomba, Townsville); there is little evidence of any violent activity on the part of the Klan(s); the Klan is split into numerous rival factions; of late, there has been no upsurge in Klan activity either in Perth, in WA, or in Australia as a whole. Further, there is no ‘National Front’ or ‘Nazi Party’ in Perth, in WA, or anywhere else in Australia; rather, there is a loose assortment of neo-Nazi cranks, some of whom are members of formal organisations, most of whom are not.

In terms of the KKK’s appeal, it is extremely limited. Moreover:

Ethnic Communities Council of WA president Ramdas Sankaran said racist elements in Australia had been strengthened “thanks to the demonisation of religious and ethnic minorities” by former [P]rime [M]inister John HoWARd and his senior colleagues.

This ‘demonisation’ has paid political dividends. First, in combination with a Tory dirty tricks campaign against it, by eclipsing the appeal of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. Secondly, by shoring up support for the Tories by way of capitalising on continuing racist residues in a country with an explicitly and formally-endorsed history of racism and continuing colonial dispossession.

That said, a lone KKK supporter did rock up to the Invasion Day celebrations conducted by the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ in Melbourne this year, and a handful of keyboard warriors have done their best to embiggen the Klowns on Stormfront Down Under in the last few years.

Wankers all.

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  1. Jamie R says:

    I’m not a knee-jerk believer, I knew that a war wasn’t about two sides and one evil. But! I mean let’s face it, if people can love Palestinians let’s love the worst sort of rednecks!

  2. Tom Metzger says:

    Your problem is that you follow the old right membership groups. That’s simple, but try following the Lone Wolves.
    No meetings, no uniforms, no demonstrations. Just infiltration. [You’re] whistling past the graveyard.
    Tom Metzger
    The Insurgent

  3. @ndy says:

    G’day Tom!

    I’m not convinced that efforts to monitor the activities of racist and fascist groups is a “problem” as such, but of course you do have a point, and that is that the best means by which a person with such views can maintain their anonymity is precisely by way of remaining anonymous: “No meetings, no uniforms, no demonstrations” — and so on. (Perhaps Theodore Kaczynski is the best example of a Lone Wolf approach.) However, this is more difficult than it appears, as the process of forming such views — in fact, almost any properly ‘political’ perspective, racialist or not — almost invariably involves some degree of involvement in the activities of formalised groups. The decision to operate alone, in other words, is more often the end result of some such process, rather than an initial jumping-off point. Timothy McVeigh, for example, was a loner, but even he reportedly did things like sell copies of The Turner Diaries at gun shows. He was also sexually-frustrated: the love of a good woman may have averted his eventual decision to explode a bomb in Oklahoma City.

    With regards “infiltration”: it’s certainly possible. In the 1970s, for example, the KKK decided to infiltrate the anarchist movement. Rather than join an existing group, however, it was decided it would be a lot easier to simply form one: the ‘Woodstock Anarchist Party’. Albert Meltzer:

    The Wooden Horse

    During the Seventies I had been contacted by a so-called “anarchist party” which had been set up in Stockton (Northern California) by Red Warthan, who called it the “Woodstock Anarchist Party”, after a mass rally at Woodstock that heralded the Youth, Music and Drugs hippy-peace-and-love scene of American sham-anarchism. I was acting secretary of the International Black Cross and got friendly letters from him. He never asked for anything but how to contact already publicised groups.

    He seemed from the correspondence genuine enough, and I thought he might be won from his hippiness to something more concrete. “Surely no anarchist would object to an all-night pot party,” he replied in naive response to my saying no anarchist would form a party. He effusively inscribed a book to me, the classic Fat City which featured Stockton (California), after he learned I’d been a “boxer”, though hardly of the type depicted there.

    I felt a bit ashamed of my initial doubts until his story finally came out. It seemed that as a boy he had been a Ku Klux Klan member. When he was thirteen he had murdered a ten year old, but at his trial got acquitted “by reason of insanity”. He made friends with Nazi prisoners and drifted back into the Klan. The latter got him released by legal pressure, and asked him to infiltrate the Nazis. He couldn’t or wouldn’t so they asked him instead to “infiltrate the Anarchists”. As his and their definition was even woollier than usual, he set out quite cleverly to infiltrate in the only way possible, by forming his own pacifist-anarchist party and rely on dislike for sectarianism for it to be accepted on face value. However, the only hippy group he succeeded in properly infiltrating was hardly anarchist. It was the Manson hippy murder cult, and as it turned out he’d penetrated something nearer to the Nazis.

    When Manson won Warthan’s confidence (or vice versa) he managed to persuade Warthan to switch allegiance from one set of nutcases to the other, and feed Manson back information on KKK operations. He did this by linking up with the Nazi groups and there seems to have been some confusion as to who was spying on whom and to which of the three right-wing set-ups he owed allegiance, while still claiming to be anarchist.

    On Manson’s instructions Warthan publicly renounced the ‘anarchist’ connection as too confusing, explaining it was just an attempt to spy, but this alerted one or the other Supermen to his true role in this complicated business, resulting in an attempted killing of him, and his killing a seventeen year old instead. Of course the US press had it all down a battle between ‘rival anarchist groups’.

    Warthan had the cheek to write to me, when the charges were brought, asking if the Black Cross would defend him. I don’t know what it could have done anyway. He said all his fascistic friends had turned against him, that he had never done any damage to the anarchists while he was spying on them, and that if his wife hadn’t been raped five or six times by different black men he would never have returned to the Klan.

    I didn’t do anything about this heart-felt plea but I did reply non-committally, even deceitfully, questioning some of his statements and so drawing out the names of other small-time Nazi agents which I passed over for others to check.

    This was the only cloak-and-dagger involvement I ever had, if at the distance of a few thousand miles. Still, as the result of some disquiet over this someone in the Anarchist Black Cross decided to do a bit of investigation into the fascist groups to see how far the menace went over here. A comrade in Scotland published a fake Nazi paper, available only in reply to advertisements in fascist journals. He unearthed a whole list of addresses. Most of them were predictable, the old gang of sycophants, the aging chasers after the rough trade and the various hangers-on, but there were some finds. One wrote from Spain proudly that he had penetrated both ETA and the CNT, so we passed the message on. It was easy enough to “penetrate” the CNT, a union recruiting people on the basis of their work, but certainly the clandestine ETA was interested.

    In Canada Gary Jewell had been in the IWW and raised funds for our prisoners. He had definitely changed sides but had not thought fit to announce his change to his former associates. He visited England in the late Seventies and met many people in the old SWF and they found it hard to believe he had reneged, but we had it from himself in black and white, telling the spurious journal he had been a syndicalist and was now a “third positionist”. This was a line coming into favour from British fascism, suggesting they wanted neither capitalism nor communism but a third position, and mixed with the nonsense of Distributism and Catholic-Fascism. To muddle the situation further I wrote a cod pamphlet putting forward the claims of Constructivism but not saying what it was. It was a theory invented by a fictitious person I always referred to as The Beloved Dr Ludwig Gans or The Great and Learned Dr Gans. I had invented him years before when at the invitation of some group on the lines of Mensa, I gave a lecture in a series of others in which they had to guess which was deliberately phoney. I pulled one over on them by giving it on Constructivism and all these Certified Intelligents believed it, nodding in agreement when I mentioned Ludwig Gans’ work The Menace of Anti-Constructivism. I did it as a pure joke on George Plume, its secretary, who was always kidding someone. He even pretended to have been sentenced to death during the war for incitement by supporting a Scottish Nationalist in a by-election, only being reprieved because the seat had been won.

    I am told that Constructivism, while never as popular as Distributism though equally mysterious, was seriously discussed in fascist circles for some time after I quite inadvertently slipped it in, though nobody ever knew what it was except the great and good Dr Gans, and he never existed.

    It was a shame to lose him altogether so once or twice I put in quotes from him in Black Flag as a joke against Marxists who wrote in with equally preposterous quotations. Sure as fate one such wrote in, protesting at the notoriously “reactionary professor” currently in favour with the fascists.

    Whatever you think of Constructivism, so far as I was concerned, it beat Gustav Metzger and his Auto-Destructive Art hands down, and was a change from writing sense, with nobody, certified intelligent or not, nodding in agreement.

  4. Jamie R says:

    This whole infiltration of groups does come from a certain mindset. What if people who think alike never consider themself a group or conduct meetings but just vote the same way and attend the same concerts and drink at the same clubs? That’s not a group per se, but like-minded people doing as they do. Now infiltration sounds Stalinesque, or FBI’ish, it’s not something everyday Joes think about, to me it just harks back to the days of secret police and so forth, like everything was a war, even civilian life.

    Using your examples, the ones who mean business are the serious-minded ones threatening violence or already committing it. Timothy McVeigh was a gulf war veteran and there is a percentage of soldiers who never adjust back to civilian life and want to keep fighting a war. His beef was with the US government and it’s not without precedent for Americans to go after their government, even Hollywood promotes that. (As an aside, the last creche I’d put my kid in is a United States Federal Government building). Then you have guys like Theodore Kaczynski who was a highly intelligent mathematician whose beef with science is not so crazy when you consider the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons just within the US and Russian military storage could kill off every human on this planet, something natives living in the Amazon believing in sky fairies would never come up with. Kaczynski started committing violence against others to get his point across, in libertarian circles that’s when you face trial and wind up in jail.

  5. Jamie R says:

    Oh for my serious comment on this issue of Ku Klu Klan in Perth, none of our history is associated with American South politics, economics, or mutated social issues festering from a war in the 19th century USA. Why don’t you address this to them?

    I have the same belief for Italian Fascism or the two German strains of political philosophy, Nazism and Marxism. Although I can go to those nations and see actual people who grew up in those times with those views, but I expect not locally, because it is not Australian – developed and grown here.

    If we’re going to get extremists how about those committed to the Westminster system of government? That’s our cultural heritage!

    I’ll start this political gang myself then, I need a name. I’ll be back.

    Back. Henry Parkes beat me to it. So I’m calling myself a Neo-Westminster.

    Watch out bitches. I’ma coming.

  6. @ndy says:

    Obviously, individuals share opinions, vote, and socialise — I confess I’m unsure precisely what your point is.

    On ‘infiltration’: the state regularly seeks to infiltrate ‘political’ groups of one sort or another, and based on its own assessment of the threat such groups pose to political stability and social order. Otherwise, it merely monitors their activities, and documents these (as well as cultivates informants). In Australia, this role is performed by ASIO, and the various ‘State Intelligence Services’. (Frank Cain’s The Origins of Political Surveillance in Australia (Angus and Robertson, 1983), provides a useful history of the development of these agencies.) Private agencies engage in similar activities: corporate spying is a growth sector.

    I’ve written about both state and private spies on my blog on numerous occasions.

    In any case, outside of having a more general mandate to assess potential threats to state security, what determines the specific nature of spying depends on the political context and government instruction. In Australia and other Western societies, a recent emphasis has been on spying on Islamist groups (for obvious reasons).

    I’m not sure what Tom — a notorious US neo-Nazi, btw — was referring to exactly, but in this context, I thought the example of Red Warthan was germane.

    Re the Unabomber: yes, there are of course very real grounds for concern over the development of particular technologies, and these concerns are very widely shared. Obviously, what made Theodore unique was — in addition to the depth of his antagonism towards industrial society — the manner in which he responded to these issues / expressed his concern. That is, by attempting to blow people up (and in some cases succeeding).

    Moar l8r…

  7. Jamie R says:

    Obviously, individuals share opinions, vote, and socialise — I confess I’m unsure precisely what your point is.

    I was referring to monitoring of what that guy said above, Lone Wolf detached-style groups not considered groups, I just found it a strange thing, because where do you draw the line? Eventually it becomes an informant society and secret police and all that jazz.

    I’m not sure what Tom — a notorious US neo-Nazi, btw — was referring to exactly, but in this context, I thought the example of Red Warthan was germane.

    Ah! I didn’t know. Do you have a glossary of such people? I’ll do one for me if you like, for instance:

    Jamie-R: ‘Informed libertarian/conservative with British monarchist sympathies up to but not including Henry VIII by weekday, jokester/whitey mc and sometimes rambling incoherent wanker by weekend’.

    It makes things so much easier, but I guess I understand why most people wouldn’t want that.

    Private agencies engage in similar activities: corporate spying is a growth sector.

    That’s fair enough, business is always trying anything to get ahead of their competitors. I hear the French send women on airplanes to get executives drunk for their industrial espionage.

    I’ve written about both state and private spies on my blog on numerous occasions.

    I’ve seen some of it. But it’s mostly to do with the radical politics of Europe from what I saw – Marxism, Fascism and Neo-Nazism. I know they’re doing most spywork in Islamic communites here, but apart from those things listed I wouldn’t have a clue who else ASIO deems a threat to monitor.

  8. Grand Dragoness Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says:

    Now now come on Andy you declared war on me *cough* the Klan, and now you have done what? Hmmm nothing?

    I am very disappointed in you, you know as well as I, the Knights Party is not Klan, just a Klan like group.

    If you are going to flap your gums, I strongly suggest you do your research first.

    Oh that is right you can’t find anything on me or the CNKKKK, I thought I would include the web address.

    In future make sure you are factual. As a up and coming Law student research is the key.

    And always remember one criminal conviction will stop you from taking the bar.

    The higher the stakes, the more exciting is it not?

  9. @ndy says:

    A few examples of state-sponsored tricksy spying:

    1) Rob Gilchrist (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

    Rob’s role as a spy — that is, a paid police informant — was exposed in December last year following his then-girlfriend’s discovery of some rather odd emails. His spying took place over a 10-year period, if not longer. Rob earned his pocket money keeping tabs on the following groups and campaigns (among others):


    He also spied on trades unionists.

    See : Rob Gilchrist : Police Informant (December 14, 2008) | Moaron Rob Gilchrist (December 17, 2008) | Rob Gilchrist : Saving the country economically from people who do a lot of good (…and need a shave) (December 24, 2008)

    2) Mehmet Ersoy / Osman (Australia)

    Mehmet was a former spook who went into private practice. He was based in Melbourne (and Sydney) and for a period was a member of the Barricade Books collective. Prior to this, Mehmet was involved in the Jabiluka Action Group, Friends of the Earth, and various other, principally environmental groups but extending into various ethnic communities (Kurdish/Turkish). His spying on environmental groups — especially those campaigning against uranium mining — was sponsored by US-based TNCs such as General Atomics. His activities were originally exposed as such in May/June 2001, but only made it into the papers in October of last year as part of an investigative report conducted by The Age into state and corporate spying. Last year, he was in Iraq training Iraqi police.

    See : Revealed: spying on Anarchists (October 3, 2006) | Mehmet Ersoy/Osman : Former officer hired to spy (October 17, 2008)

    3) Setha Sann (Australia)

    ‘Setha Sann’ was (and may still be) employed by the Victorian ‘Security Intelligence Group’, and his targets included Socialist Alternative, Animal Liberation Victoria, the organising committee for the Palm Sunday peace rally and a group organising to protest ‘The Asia Pacific Defence and Security Exhibition’ in Adelaide.

    See : Victoria Police denounce McDonald’s (Kinda sorta) (November 5, 2008)

    Other episodes of note (and of late) include timber companies spying on ‘greens’ — see : Revealed: spying on Greens, Michael Bachelard, The Age, October 2, 2006 & ‘The A Team’, Sally Neighbour, 4 Corners, October 2, 2006 — and further exposures by The Age‘s Investigative Unit last year. See : Police spying on activists revealed, Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie, October 16, 2008.

    As noted at the time:

    Infiltrating community groups has a long history
    Marika Dobbin
    The Age
    October 16, 2008

    DOES the news that a covert arm of Victoria Police has been infiltrating activist groups and compiling secret dossiers on members sound familiar? It should.

    In October 1997, an ombudsman’s special investigation was launched after The Age revealed that members of the force’s Operations Intelligence Unit had gone undercover to spy on community groups.

    The groups included Friends of the Earth and Radio 3CR, where two clandestine officers became regular presenters.

    Surveillance information was kept in a secret electronic database that had files on more than 1200 Victorians ranging from gay activists to politicians, trade unionists, students, ethnic community leaders and environmentalists.

    One of those targeted was former Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett, now a federal cabinet minister.

    The unit also deployed undercover officers to “assess” events such as a 1989 teddy bears picnic in the Fitzroy Gardens organised by the Victorian Childcare Action Group and a Reclaim the Night rally in the city in 1985, at which female officers posed as feminists.

    Then police minister Bill McGrath said covert police operations were necessary to protect the public from political extremists, but The Age report sparked an outcry among community organisations, which demanded a full judicial inquiry into what they believed was an abuse of police power.

    Having received more than 50 public complaints, ombudsman Dr Barry Perry prepared a series of reports, which were tabled in parliament.

    In one report, Dr Perry found a lack of management controls had allowed the police unit to effectively continue the work of a controversial Special Branch that was disbanded in 1983, including the unjustified keeping of secret records.

    The ombudsman said that in some cases the unit’s activities “cannot be justified by any stretch of the imagination”.

    The introduction of an electronic database in 1989 enabled the unit to become “something which more closely resembled the old Special Branch”.

    He also found that a number of police files and records that were supposed to have been destroyed on three occasions between 1987 and 1989 had remained intact.

    However, he found there was no evidence of a high-level conspiracy in the Victoria Police to keep the secret records. Rather, it is likely they were removed from the Special Branch offices in 1983 during processing of freedom of information requests.

    Then police acting deputy commissioner Graeme McDonald conceded that there had been shortcomings in “applying consistent standards to the type of information kept on record, but steps have already been taken to adopt a tighter approach to this issue”.

    The Age was able to expose these tricksy spies in 1997 only as a result of the Operations Intelligence Unit’s rather unfortunate choice of cleaners for its offices (in a house in suburban Brunswick). This rather entertaining tale is told in Chapter 31 of Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow’s Radical Melbourne (Volume 2), Vulgar Press, 2004.

    In general, the state monitors any individual, group or movement which in some way represents a threat to business (profit) or government (power).

    On a point of clarity, when I refer to ‘private’ spy agencies, I don’t mean to refer to companies seeking to spy on other companies — what is otherwise referred to as ‘industrial espionage’ (snakes on a plane). I mean businesses such as Hakluyt, which, among other things, employs individuals to spy on campaign groups and social movement activists.

    See : Hakluyt (Spies Like Us) (August 5, 2008) | “revolutionaries into secret agents and secret agents into revolutionaries” (August 12, 2008) | Hakluyt dons fishnet stockings! (October 13, 2008) | The Downer Age : Hakluyt & Co (October 14, 2008) | “Welease Wodewick!”, Or; The Continuing Adventures of Hakluyt & Co. (October 15, 2008)

    Finally, note that the above is, obviously, only the tip of the iceberg. In Australia, probably the most notorious, recent example of malfeasance on the part of the secret state was ASIO’s complicity in the Hilton bombing in 1978. Fortunately, nobody important was killed in this exercise, just a worthless garbo. See : Jeff Sparrow adds to his ASIO file (May 29, 2008) | With BONUS links!

    PS. I’ve also written on tricksy spies in Europe, the UK, and the US.

  10. @ndy says:

    G’day Grand Dragoness Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,

    I declared war on the Klan?


    I don’t recall.

    As for the relationship between the Knights Party and the KKK — what of it? My post does not concern this subject.

    As for finding out anything on yourself or the KKK, um… did you know that one of my favourite artists is Domenicos Theotokopoulos?

  11. Hobbit says:

    Andy i noticed you called us wankers.I have been polite to you,i would hope that we can keep this as civilised as possible.In the mean time dont you think that you should actual[l]y post truth not fiction when talking about the KKK.Its obvious that you and your mates know nothing of us,so why not just admit it.By the way its called Australia Day not invasion day.Can you do me a favour and ask your mate Darp when this war he declared against CNKKKK is going to start lol,its been nearly 2 months now and FDB still have nothing on us,cant be that good at finding out things after all.Yeah FDB might scare some of the keyboard commandos on SFDU/ANN but to us you and your FDB mates are nothing but an irritating though often amusing pest.

  12. Jamie R says:

    Okay thanks.

    On a point of clarity, when I refer to ‘private’ spy agencies,

    I see the reasoning behind why they would go after Greenpeace and environmental groups, since they can impact a lot of trade by their activities (and not court-based ones), something business or government does not want to see when trying to convince other nations to rely on their supply of a product. It’s in many ways an abstract form of security guards for their perimeter. And with terror laws now and idiot premiers like Mike Rann trying to prosecute bikies under them, you will see that happen with those groups too. Me personally, I don’t get how you can take a specific context of Islamic-based terrorism for the threat it has displayed around the world, and wield that against local home-grown groups that have nothing to do with Islamic militants. But that’s why libertarians oppose the creation of these ‘special laws’ in the first place. It would be good if they used them in the context they were created, but it’s politicians appealing to voters who take it off that path.

    In Australia, probably the most notorious, recent example of malfeasance on the part of the secret state was ASIO’s complicity in the Hilton bombing in 1978.

    I see. I never paid close attention to that, but since the Commonwealth dismissed a detailed investigation it does point to involvement they don’t want uncovered, but over what I was trying to figure out, bloody Indians? I mean why, it does not constitute a community threat from what I’ve read. But I get that it’s a point of bother for groups considered troublemakers by the security services of Australia.

    I never experienced the Cold War times, I was awaiting my first pubes when the Soviet Union collapsed, so I can’t say how much of a pressure-cooker those times were to live in, but I can see it wasn’t such a one way street like it is today. Back then, the Marxists had a lot of international power and really were a threat, way more than Islam is today, and I can understand the games that were being played by security services on both sides. Although for the life of me I still don’t get why they would need to bomb a Sydney street over…Indians? That is just out there. In the context of those times, it’s really f***ing silly.

    Of course, people were murdered that means, by ASIO, and no one was found guilty, but if we look back at the last 200 years, after disease it is government that is the biggest killer of people.

  13. @ndy says:


    You’ve been polite? Um, afaik, this is your first comment on my blog, and we’ve had no other correspondence. In any case, I do maintain that anyone attracted to the Klowns is indeed a wanKKKer. Regarding fact and fiction, you’ve not pointed out any errors in my post, so the defence rests.

  14. Grand Dragoness Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan says:

    Dear dear Andy look at your own comments, Hobbit has commented on your site before.

    Tell me does drugs really effect a person[‘]s memory?

    I wouldn’t know this, because I am law abiding.

  15. Hobbit says:

    Actualy [that’s ActualLy] Andy i have posted on your blog before.Jan 31 2009,you even asked me how the Klan was going.Why do you say there was a Klan supporter with the SCS boys in Melbourne on Australia Day[?]Did you actualy [that’s actualLy] see him and what made you think he was a Klan supporter[?]

  16. @ndy says:


    I stand corrected. You have twice posted comments. To wit:

    Hobbit Jan 31st, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    “Andy get your facts right,i am not a supporter of the half breed leb and his party.”

    — and —

    Hobbit Feb 1st, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    “The Klan are doing well Andy.Thank you for asking,how’s yourself?”

    I was informed that some bloke with a Klan tee was lurking at Flinders by another who attended. I’m unsure if he, like the SCS, was photographed or not, but I may find out.

    Grand Dragoness Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,

    Some drugs can affect a person’s memory, yes. But what are you? Some kinda nurse or something?

  17. @ndy says:

    Jamie R:

    As usual, you’ve raised a number of issues.

    First, the limitations of state power. That is, what, if any, restrictions can or should be placed upon the state in terms of its repressive capacities? Is spying on Greenpeace, for example, a legitimate activity? You write that you understand the state’s reasoning in this case. That is, insofar as Greenpeace’s activities impacts upon ‘trade’ (read: profit-making) by private companies, such spying may, perhaps, be justified. In other words, one of the legitimate roles of the state is to facilitate profit-making by private interests, extending even into the realms of covert surveillance.

    Here’s how Greenpeace Australia describes itself:

    “Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses non-violent direct action to expose global environmental problems and to force solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.”

    Is this group — whose members, afaik, have never been charged or convicted of violent, let alone ‘terrorist’ offences, and which is legal, public, and open about its activities — really of sufficient threat to ‘public order’ that it warrants being infiltrated by secret police? Further, if criminal activity is engaged in — such as trespass — why is it not simply left to police to handle? To my mind, this raises further questions regarding proportionality. That is, within a ‘liberal democratic’ order such as exists in Australia, there is theoretical space given to public protest and social activism — even if engaging in such activity potentially results in your having a member of a para-military group such as the TRG place you in a potentially-fatal chokehold.

    Moar l8r…

  18. Hobbit says:

    Andy the Klan bloke was me,hope your friend took good photo as it may be the only photo you ever get of me.

  19. @ndy says:


    I see.

    Jamie R,


    The Hilton bombing has been widely interpreted as an ASIO exercise gone wrong. That is, the explosion was not intended to kill anyone, but a change in the timing of the route taken by the garbos resulted in death. See: Wilson’s Almanac on the Hilton Bombing.

    On the nature of the Cold War, see: Noam Chomsky, ‘The Victors’, Z Magazine, November, 1990; January, 1991; and April, 1991.

  20. @ndy says:

    Moaron spies, this time J. Edgar Hoover’s mob:

    FBI Infiltrates Iowa City Protest Group
    Matthew Rothschild
    The Progressive
    May 26, 2009

    He was very well dressed. He claimed he’d been in the military. But he said when he was ordered to go to Iraq, he refused and was granted conscientious objector status.

    That’s how activists in Iowa City are now recalling a person they believe was working undercover for the FBI.

    He went by the name of “Jason,” and later changed his name to “Val,” they say.

    And he joined their group as they were planning protests for the Republican National Convention in St. Paul last year.

    “He was an active organizer,” says David Goodner, of the University of Iowa Anti-War Committee. “He gave speeches with other Iraq vets against the war and played a very high-profile role in our group.”

    He even served as moderator for at least one of their meetings, a web search shows. The meeting was held at the Iowa City Public Library on August 21, 2008, just ten days before the Republican National Convention. He then went to St. Paul with the group, ostensibly as a medic.

    “He knew the activist lingo,” Goodner says. “He could speak the slang. And he had instant credibility because he said he was a CO.”

    Another Iowa City group, the Wild Rose Rebellion, first publicly aired the accusation that “Jason”/“Val” was informing to the FBI in an Infoshop News posting of December 17. “The purpose of this statement is to warn all radical organizations and people,” read the posting, which was signed WRR.

    The Des Moines Register then busted the story wide open on May 17…

    Infoshop has lots more infos on tricksy spies here.

  21. weez says:

    Tina Greco aka “Grand Dragoness” wrote:

    Tell me does [sic] drugs really effect [sic] a person[‘]s memory?

    Possibly, but drugs may also play hell with one’s spelling and grammar. 😆

    I wouldn’t know this, because I am law abiding.

    Or just forgetful, perhaps? 😆

  22. Hobbit says:

    The reds have nothing on us so are resorting to making posts about how [bad?] a person[‘]s spelling and grammer [sic] is.I am not surprised that a bunch of Professional Students have nothing better to do.You should be more concerned about the survival of the White Race.That concept however is beyond your limited understanding of the real world.The average Aussie in suburbia supports our views about immigration and other issues that concern them.You lot are the real clowns.Do you honestly think the public support you and your ideals as being good for Australia[?]

  23. Jamie-R says:

    The Hilton bombing has been widely interpreted as an ASIO exercise gone wrong.

    An exercise in what? That’s one fucked up exercise.

    On the nature of the Cold War, see: Noam Chomsky.

    I know Noam is an interesting fellow and has a lot of intelligent things to say, I find him personally a bit naive on things, including economics and the nature of warfare, and I’m not so sure he was as impartial during the Cold War as he was partial post-Cold War, I think he came to praise some of the things Western civilisation stands for because we won, it’s funny he calls it The Victors because he at times sounds like that old adage of ‘the winners write history’. Like how he thinks WWII was probably justified. If the Cold War was still ongoing with the Soviets flexing strength I have my doubts about where he would stand, and being the son of a Vietnam Veteran I obviously have some issues with his past stances that can surface if I’m in a bad mood while drinking.

  24. Imperial Wizard Dave Wheeler MT4K, USA says:

    Andy, it is clear that you are nothing more than a bung kissing, porch monkey loving commie liberal! You are exactly what is wrong not only in the great Down Under but in the world as a whole today.

    Be very happy mate that you are living in such a tightly controlled country as you do for if you were in the US you would not make it one day without one of those pukes you are championing ending your miserable existence just for the shoes that you are wearing. This is the mentality of the sub-human class of animals that this poofer puke is fighting for.

    We of America understand the desire for freedom from oppressive government and the freedom from sheep molesting inbreeds like you sir! Make no doubt that the Ku Klux Klan is alive and well in the USA as well as it is in Australia. Remember we are the Invisible Empire and as such we can exist anywhere and remain undetected until we decide to make our presents known.

    We of the Middle Tennessee Knights of The Ku Klux Klan proudly support the efforts of these Klan patriots in their efforts of stemming the tide of liberals and reds as well as the sub-human ilk that is trying to get a firm foot hold in Australia. If you want to live in an out dated piece of farm equipment, Negro, Utopia then go to South Africa and see how long you and your followers will last!

    Well Andy or better yet I will just refer to you as Kangaroo Jack the Red one day you might see the errors of your ways and hopefully it won’t be from a random violent act committed by one of your sub-human ilk. Then you may finally appreciate what We the Klan are attempting to save with our tireless efforts!

  25. dj says:

    I can has presents?


  26. Grand Dragoness says:

    BTW Weez Did you play “pick a name” or something hahaha…

    I prefer Maxine Grey which is my name afterall.

  27. @ndy says:


    Yes. We can.

  28. Pingback: Dreaming of An Aryan Jeannie : Australia First, Australian Protectionist Parties | slackbastard

  29. andy says:

    NO KKK in Perth. OK, and no NF OK. The NF was in WA in the ’80s. It started in Rockingham. As for the KKK I can tell you that there is a large membership in WA and it is getting bigger.

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