Write ‘CHANGE THE AUSTRALIAN FLAG TO A GIANT DICK’ on your ballot paper!*

A massive campaign has been launched on the eve of the 2010 Australian federal election to finally bring to the attention of government authorities the issue that dares not speaks its name:


The only party prepared to even consider the issue is The Greens, and it’s thrown the party into complete disarray ahead of the election. As always, Johnny On The Spot is Christian Kerr (and Matthew Denholm):

Disunity growing in the Greens
Christian Kerr and Matthew Denholm
The Australian
August 21, 2010

Cracks are appearing in the Greens as the party stands on the edge of unprecedented power in parliament.

A steady stream of emails detailing dissent over policy and preference decisions has been leaked to newspapers and websites in recent days.

The leaks reveal that the issue of whether or not to support a grassroots campaign to change the Australian flag to a giant dick is at the heart of the disputes.

And a power struggle is developing between flag loyalists and the Tasmanian Greens and the hard-left NSW party and its lead Senate candidate, Lee Rhiannon, a scion of one of Australia’s most unapologetically pro-change-the-Australian-flag-to-a-giant-dick families.

Greens sources say party figurehead and leader Senator Brown plans to retire at the end of his term in three years, but he’s avoided public comment for fear of fostering disunity…

*Or cock.

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2 Responses to Write ‘CHANGE THE AUSTRALIAN FLAG TO A GIANT DICK’ on your ballot paper!*

  1. Kieran says:

    LOL, stream of emails, disunity, bitching, that’s just business as usual! It’s just now that the Greens pose a minor threat to the major party cartel that hacks like Christian Kerr bother to pay any attention to the fact that the internal workings of the Greens are as chaotic as any large organisation.

  2. @ndy says:

    Christian the conservative former coke-snorting Christian has been writing a short series of articles on the Greens – Private colleges rail against Greens policy (August 19), Bob Brown as Plato? Thanks, but no thanks (August 18), Greens’ high tax ambitions (August 17) – presumably intended to confirm in the the minds of The Australian‘s readership its worst fears about the crazy watermelons. Plus, Uncle Rupert’s flagship is rooting for the Tories so, y’know…

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