antifa notes (september 20, 2010)

‘Diversity’ by Belgian reich ‘n’ rollers Kill Baby Kill. The band toured Australia in 2008; Dieter Samoy, the lead shouter, committed suicide in January after being sentenced to several years jail for assault. Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins, the neo-Nazi networks responsible for organising the tour, will be presenting some more foreign bands this weekend in Melbourne. The site on which the vid was originally produced was known as the site’s creator, Craig Cobb, is a Creatard, and was last year deported from Estonia to the US…

Blood & Honour / Combat 18 / Hammerskins / Volksfront

Anti-Racist Canada reports that the subject of the newly-launched ‘Combat 18’-aligned neo-Nazi skinhead network ‘Blood & Honour’ has generated some rather heated disco on Stormfront of late, with Canadian moderator Dan Martin (‘OdinPatrick’) coming down firmly on the other side of the dispute; that is, the Hammerskin- (and Volksfront-) aligned B&H. According to Martin and other Jew-hatin’ critics, C18 is a terrorist group, and its actions damage the White nationalist cause. Sadly, Martin fails to explain how he reconciles this claim with the fact that Stormfront is owned by a convicted terrorist named Don Black.

The Canadian B&H/C18 has as its fuehrer a meathead called John Marleau, previously the fuehrer of another mob called the Aryan Guard (AG). One of the few groups to take up the call by Australian White supremacists to celebrate the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racism’ (March 21) as ‘White Pride World Wide’ (WPWW) Day, the AG had a few brief moments in the spotlight before falling apart in a bout of internecine warfare. The AG was also one of many fascist groups supported by Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm, currently meant to be on tour in Australia.

The ‘debate’ in Canada follows the sentencing last month of B&H/C18 Australia member Bradley Trappitt for crimes arising from his involvement in a shooting incident at a Perth mosque. Like Trappitt, Stormfront Down Under moderator Paul Innes (‘Steelcap Boot’) is from Perth. An attempt by the West Australian branch of B&H to organise a gig on ANZAC Day last year was unsuccessful as one of the bands — Indigenous Hate — decided to throw its weight behind B&H/C18. The angry Aryan pop group, like C18, appears to have disbanded, but it’s likely only a matter of time before something similar re-emerges.

The Hammerskin and Volksfront franchises in Australia appear to be fairly stable, with the former group organising a gig in Melbourne on Grand Final Day. Elsewhere, Mário Machado, the leader of the Portuguese Hammerskins, was last month sentenced to seven years and two months jail for the crimes of coercion, robbery, kidnapping and illegal possession of weapons, while a member of Volksfront in the US, Corey J. Miller, got into some minor trouble in July; in May, one of his kameraden, John Edward Grogan, got sentenced to 5 years jail for defacing a synagogue (in April 2009).

See : Blood and Honour vs. Blood and Honour (April 12, 2009).


Melbourne-based Patrick O’Sullivan — who, posting as ‘RAHOWA NOW’, leaps to the defence of C18 — is the contact point for ‘The Creativity Movement’ in Australia. O’Sullivan has few followers aside from the homeless yoof he periodically recruits, but a coupla pinheads were spotted recently distroing his agitprop in Wellington (Aotearoa/New Zealand). In this case, supply could easily said to be exceeding demand. Nevertheless, last year, a rival faction of Creatards emerged in Victoria when Scott Harrison, the racist teenybopper, and former friend of O’Sullivan, decided to swap his ‘anarchist’ label for an openly and unapologetically White supremacist one. Based in Geelong, and studying at Deakin University, it’s likely that Harrison’s current infatuation will be replaced by another before too long. In Sydney, the teenybopper’s former leader Welf Herfurth — aka ‘New Right Australia & New Zealand’ — has been busy helping to develop the local franchise of Volksfront. His main ally in this endeavour is Chris Smith, who represents the interests of the Creatards in New South Wales, and is formally allied with Harrison.

New Zealand

Elsewhere, boneheads belonging to ‘Right Wing Resistance New Zealand’ have been complaining about police harassment. Although the reasons why remain unspecified, if they’re anything like other fascist vigilantes, it’ll likely be as a result of either: a) drugs; b) domestic violence or; c) public violence. Kyle Chapman, the leader of RWRNZ, was featured on Kiwi TV recently (Marc Ellis’ How the Other Half Lives), in his role as leader of another mob called ‘Survive Club’, a Whites-only group preparing for the coming Armageddon. By mutual agreement, the episode made no reference to Chapman’s decades-long involvement in far right politics.

As well as being fueher of the ‘New Zealand National Front’ (NZNF), Chapman was also, briefly, a signatory to an accord with the ‘Australia First Party’, whose annual conference took place this weekend in Sydney. Among those speaking at the event was the Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm, a Holocaust denialist who participated in AG events in Canada and who is currently running for Mayor of Mississauga.

Sydney Forum

The 2010 Sydney Forum done come and gone, with relatively little fanfare. Presumably, things went swimmingly for da fash, while Sydney-based businessman, Volksfront organiser, and Master of Race Ceremonies Welf Herfurth ran a friendly but tight ship. Nevertheless, some Sydney-siders did apparently decide to hold some kinda rally in opposition to the Forum on the Sunday, across the road from the venue @ The Bunker:

In his 10th straight year at university but flush with his dead father’s cash, Jim Saleam bought a house at 725 Princes Highway, Tempe, for $90,000. It was 1983 and this grim little terrace, along the main trucking route to Port Botany and just beyond Sydney airport’s runways, has been the Australian headquarters for hate politics ever since.

Happily, the NSW police were kind enough to provide a security detail for the event, one which also apparently outnumbered protesters, who were noticeable largely by their absence. (Or rather, I had difficulty spotting them from my helicopter.) Police were also kept active in Newtown as “Newtown square/The Hub was occupied … by anarchists, anti-authoritarians, antifascists and people in solidarity to make a demonstration against the Sydney Fascist Forum happening this weekend in Tempe” (Anti-fascist Occupation of Newtown Square, Indymedia Australia, September 19, 2010).

Muslims Out!

On October 9, anti-Muslim fanatics have declared that they’ll be assembling at the Sydney Opera House for a special performance of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen — or, possibly, to mill about complaining about all them Mooselems dey tuk er jerbs. The rally is being organised by the ‘Australian Defence League’, whose previous attempt to organise a rally in Melbourne in April was truly farcical. “Australia or Islamania? It’s Our Choice!” is the winning slogan for October 9, and if more than a handful of whinging Poms choo-choose to rock up @ the tourist attraction in Sydney it will be considered, presumably, a triumph.

See : Diary of a Domestic Extremist – The EDL: Street fighting for the establishment, Mikhail Goldman, Ceasefire, August 19, 2010.

Bonus Puhakka!

Neo-Nazi MMA fighter Niko Puhakka successfully invaded Poland’s KSW XIV over the weekend. Puhakka defeated Danny van Bergen in his first match, and Borys Mańkowski in his second. As a result of his wins, the bonehead will invade Poland again for KSW XV. Puhakka has changed his MySpace page to ‘Private’ in recent months, so precisely which other Übermensch he’s mates with, and how he’s coping with the demise of ‘Kill Baby Kill’, is unknown, but he continues to wear both a Life Rune and B&H tattoo on his chest and therefore, it would seem, his Nazi heart on his sleeve.

See also : Toni Valtonen | Doug Sonier | Hoelzer Reich : White Christmas Catalogue! (December 9, 2009).

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13 Responses to antifa notes (september 20, 2010)

  1. Blah says:

    So anti facists demonstrated against the Sydney forum (which was held at Tempe) at Newtown? Hmmm… Anti-Fa has lost all credibility it seems.

  2. @ndy says:

    Yes and no. Yes, there’s an anonymous, unconfirmed report on Indymedia that a group unfurled banners and distroed flyers and so on in Newtown — no, this was not the only action undertaken. Further, I imagine that “Anti-Fa” didn’t have a good deal of credibility in your eyes to begin with.

  3. Rev.O'Sullivan-TCM says:

    Keep it up with your slander about TCM but at least include your real name and photo with it. Then again you’re a fucking spinless dog. Die slow maggot, til we met.
    PS.That not a theat, as you are not even worth that…fucking worm.

  4. @ndy says:

    G’day Pat,

    It appears that you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘slander’ and have difficulty spelling.

    PS. That’s not exactly news, and won’t come as a surprise to your many fans… silly billy.
    PPS. Sleep tight.

  5. (A)dam says:

    “Rev.O’Sullivan-TCM Sep 20th, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    Keep it up with your slander about TCM but at least include your real name and photo with it. Then again you’re a fucking spinless dog. Die slow maggot, til we met.
    PS.That not a theat, as you are not even worth that…fucking worm.”

    politics and spelling aside for a moment, this is just horribly written, i mean if its not a threat (and please don’t say it’s a promise that’s too lame even for you) then what is it? passing musings? and not even worth a threat? but apparently reading everything he has to say on the interwebs religiously is something he is worthy of? and needing his full name and photo but not for a threat? what else do you want? his phone number? his favourite hobbies? if he likes long walks on the beach holding hands?

    seriously if you weren’t half in the bag when you wrote this you’ve got no excuse i can think of other than adding it in a gutless attempt to avoid prosecution for threats to kill. but it’s such a piss poor attempt that not even your own lawyer would bring it up as a defense in court.

    “if it pleases the court my client didn’t intend to threaten Mr. Bastard he even said so, just after that bit about dying a slow death”

    also this is how you do the whole not a threat thing,

    dear reverend fuck knuckle, i don’t want you to die, i want you to live a long comedic life doing some of the best antifa work on the planet by parading around as a fucking joke and showing boneheads truly do live up to their name, you really are a fuck knuckle plain and simple.

    p.s. if you could stop grooming young boys though it would probably be for the best … seems a touch on the nose

  6. Rev.Patrick-TCM says:

    ()dm r whtvr scrn nm y hd bhnd.Yr prvs pst ws jst tht btchy nd lmp wrstd tht srly y mst st dwn t pss.Hw bt y(,lk yr bddy ndy)pt yr rl nm t yr drvl.Grmng yng bys snds mr p yr lly y fckng pd dg.ntf?s tht th 10 r s clwns tht trnd p t tht lm rlly n th cty fw mnths g?Y cnt b srs?! vr thght tht thrs wll nswr fr yr bllsht ndy ntl y r nrthd?

  7. @ndy says:

    G’day Pat,

    Your threats are boring.


  8. (A)dam says:

    i got an unabridged version from andy and all i have to say is jesus pat i can’t believe you went to the “I know you are but what am I?” well.

  9. (A)dam says:

    Frankly i expected more creativity… get it? …creativity …cause …you know what never mind

  10. black panther77 says:

    haha good work folks keep up the laughs if paddy wasnt sadly a real sicko it would be sitcom of the year for the record i was visiting a mate in the nick during patricias time of incarceration he had it on good authority h ws n prtctn bcs h ws pck rpd by .. you guessed it other national socialists i can also say a year or so after he got out i was notified for mine and my wifes safety as paddy has been attempting to murder me for years (even when he claimed he was a friend of ours) he often resides at lw rnt jnk hvl knwn s rdn strt r n rdn strt as i can only imagine that would be probably the one place even a shitmen like him could be allowed to rent. now to be fair i too have found myself homeless on many an occasion as i am prone to extreme violence, mania, depression etc of which i am not ashamed, i currently see a psychologist, & also i am taking seroquel, i am indeed no better when it comes to being a violent social outcast only i tend to learn from my mistakes and seek to educate myself as well as to educate others, sadly patricia only sks t bd dwn wth xtrmly yng bys sm f whm r nt vn 15!

    he is currently known to be in the inner north/west of town but then i have spies all over, many dedicated folks in pubs, clubs, underground speak easy type places within and around the fringe criminal underground, and i can say while peppermint paddy and co are dangerous to young impressionable minds and non white folks, they are simply a very small group (20 at best) not even b&h or any other noteworthy white pride movement have had anything to do with him nor do they ever want to.. i know for fact paddy got his ass handed to him on numerous occasions for attempting to turn up to b&h shows and cause a ruckus, also note that he has never had any formal training whatsoever all the years he spoke of white revolution blah blah blah.. not once did he produce any weapons or knowledge of them, nor did he have any physical regime or hand to hand expertise at all i have been a street fighter since i was 9 or 10 and have grown up under extremely violent conditions and have taken more physical/mental abuse than the average human can survive over the years paddy was also involved in a fight with a cab driver who started attacking me.. i was about 19 at the time the cabby was at least 3 times my size and weight division, paddy proudly and bravely went and gave us all up to the cops while i was in the middle of bourke street biting this guys nose and stomping on his ribs

    (like i said no saint) please let this serve as a warning to any young kiddies reading this who think rev paddy is a stand up bloke.. cos he isnt he will have you down the cop shop covering his ass quicker than you can say red light! i have been granted total and utter clearance to dispose of this maggot i will give you one year from this years end to mend your ways or else it is off for a dirt nap you go

  11. Rev.Patrick O'Sullivan-Creativity Movement says:

    If this isnt you Andy posting this out there shit,then whoever needs to take their medication?The ‘I’ve been a street fighter since I was 9 or 10’ is gold.The ‘fight’ in Bourke Street is out there too.
    If this isnt you Andy posting this then whoever it is put your hand up and hide [sic] behind a computer screen maggot.

  12. @ndy says:

    Patrick’s email address is [email protected].

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