Australian Protectionist Party : n a s t y and w e i r d

The ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ are a weird mob. Formed in 2007 as a split from the ‘Australia First Party’, the APP has adopted as its model the ‘British National Party’ under Nick Griffin. Displacing the good (neo-)Nazi John Tyndall from the Party leadership, Griffin’s assumption of power in September 1999 was accompanied by a shift in political direction, away from the organisation’s neo-Nazi past and towards mainstreaming the party as the ‘authentic’ voice of White nationalism (and White alienation) in Great Britain. The re-branding and re-positioning of the BNP has brought with it some success, especially for the Chairman, who in 2009 was elected, along with Andrew Brons (another veteran fascist), to the European Parliament.

The APP is nominally led by Adelaidean Andrew Phillips (the party’s national chairman); its most prominent public spokesperson is former AF member and Sydney resident Darrin Hodges. Darrin used to dig Hitler videos on the White supremacist forum Stormfront, but now touts the virtues of Zionism, hatred of Jews having been supplanted by a fear and loathing of Muslims. Both Phillips and Hodges contested the 2010 Federal election, Phillips for the seat of Mayo in South Australia and Hodges, along with Nicholas Hunter-Folkes, on a Senate ticket in NSW.

Two other members/supporters of APP have made a minor splash recently, in ways that tend to undermine claims that the Party is a ‘moderate’ voice. The first is a member of the APP’s Internet discussion Forum using the pseudonym ‘Mutation’. In response to a media report of a public brawl in Adelaide (African community tension sparked Adelaide brawl, Jason Om, ABC), not for the first time, ‘Mutation’ has made his attitude to n*gg*rs rather plain:

The other APP member/supporter to have raised questions as to his mental state is Joel Buckley Joel Panzerkeil “Joel Panzerfaust”. Joel is a member of the Australian Navy who enjoys candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, bashing leftists and Hitler’s SS.

Well, according to theantibogan blog anyway, which features a happy snap of the able seaman in question showing off his lack of accessory nipples and preparing to go into battle for the Master Race.

Or something.

I dunno.

I used to get called a bogan, only it was ’cause I wore plaid flannel shirts, not espoused racism.

Ah well.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Kommunistische says:

    I hope PAT50 doesn’t hear about this.

    “I believe that there is not NAZIS in APP, If there was I wouldn’t be a member”

    A “Hero Member” with outstanding Karma “Karma: 246/-31”, and such a devoted member at “872” posts.

  2. Lucid Glow says:

    The fact that there are such people at all says a lot about modern society as a whole.

  3. @ndy says:


    Yeah. PAT50. Opined that I was somehow being dishonest by portraying Hodges & Folkes as APP candidates. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    As for NAZIS IN APP SHOCKER: no, literally, there are no Nazis in the APP. If there were, it would be quite extraordinary, the NSDAP (Nazi party) having been mostly destroyed in 1945. On the other hand, the activities of groups like ODESSA (Organisation of Former SS Members) and the desire of the conquering powers (especially the USA and USSR) to secure the services of important Nazis ensured that the ideology, as well as an infrastructure to support its propagation, was preserved. Australia did its bit, as Mark Aarons documents in his book War Criminals Welcome. Many of these men continued to remain politically active, and to provide material support and political guidance to later generations of Nazis — or ‘neo-Nazis’ (‘neo’ being a Latin prefix meaning ‘new’).

    In Germany, the NSDAP was replaced by the Socialist Reich Party (SRP), established in 1949 and just one of several neo-Nazi political formations to emerge in the immediate post-War period. Its fuehrer was a bloke called Otto Ernst Remer, a former Major General (and Mister Hitler’s chief bodyguard). The SRP got banned in 1952, but neo-Nazism didn’t end, and some of the most important developments occurred outside of Germany among the neo-Nazi diaspora in the Middle East, South America and the United States. The contemporary neo-Nazi party — the NPD, which disavows the label — was born in the mid-1960s, partly in order to replace yet another party, the DRP (Deutsche Reichspartei). Which is a rather long-winded way of saying that, if you’re looking for neo-Nazis in this sense of the word, you’re probably better off looking at folks like ex-NPD member Welf Herfurth, whose closest political associates are to be found among Dr James Saleam’s ‘Australia First Party’ and bonehead gangs like Volksfront (of which he is actually a member apparently) rather than the APP.

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah.


    Another link may be found by way of the NSW Liberal party and the Nazi puppet Ljenko Urbančič — but that’s another story. Otherwise, Everyone wants to be Fuehrer by David Harcourt (1972) is funs, as is I was a teenage fascist by David Greason (1994).

    Lucid Glow,

    Oh? Like what?

  4. PAT50 says:

    @ndy about not being the Sharpe’s tool, I would sometimes agree with you. After all, I am only human you know. But hey what about you living two lives, you know? I mean all that hard work you put into your blog and then try and live a normal life. It must be exciting to be @ndy Slackbastard and know that not many others know who you are, like some sort of grandeur fantasy. But I digress and get back to the topic at hand.
    I see you have singled out a young man whom you have decided to set upon in a very destructive manor with only a minuscule amount of captures and creditable comments.
    @ndy your getting slack in your old age [No pun intended] with your usual vile attacks on individuals. I thought that your exposure on this young man would have had some juicy bits in it but it was cut short with a small titbit’s there from an AI member about his n*gg*r comment.
    @ndy could one suggest that you have too much on your plate and have found it difficult now to keep up your fixation. Or maybe a double life? One ponders.
    As I have responded in another comment here on your blog. I assume that your fixation on APP and its members and affiliated groups can only suggest that you too have a political agenda yourself that is driven to this point of obsession. To badger and cajole peoples actions and thoughts begs a form of fascism, a way of controlling the thoughts and speech of a group or political movement.
    BTW @ndy when you find some decent dirt that APP have Nazis and Jew haters in their ranks I will personally help you to destroy them. But as far as I can see right now […] your evidence on this page and others about this young man that are circumstantial and border on a young man’s comments and name change taken out of context with a few pictures and a brief history of comments. Poor attempt @ndy for such an educated media savvy dick like you. 😀

  5. @ndy says:

    On Joel:

    I’ve mentioned Joel twice on my blog. On September 16, in an account of an APP rally in Newtown in which he took part; secondly, in the above post. On the first occasion I wrote:

    One of the d00ds what came to Newtown last month to spread agitprop on behalf of the APP has been revealed as a member of the Australian Navy. Presumably, Joel Buckley looks forward to being posted up north, where he can show those “DIRTY, CAMEL FUCKING, RAG HEADED PIECES OF SHIT” that we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.

    Onya mate.

    I included a screenshot in which he states the above and includes a photo of him in Naval uniform. The screenshot was also published on ‘Fuck Off We’re Full of Racists’ under the title ‘Remember This Guy…?’; a post which has generated well over 100 comments. The screenshot in the above post was also taken from this blog and an entry titled ‘Australian Soldier Idolises Nazis’ (September 29, 2010).

    If I were to set upon Joel in a very destructive manor, it would make for a very bizarre storey.

    That said:

    I don’t think it’s “vile” to comment upon the fact that a member of the Navy is violent, racist, a member of a racist political party, and attends a public rally organised by this party;
    I do think that the degree of animosity Joel expresses towards Muslims is especially problematic given that: a) the Australian Navy is responsible for patrolling Australia’s northern borders and for intercepting boatloads of asylum seekers, many of whom are Muslim; b) one of Australia’s nearest neighbours to the north is also the largest Muslim country on Earth.

    On Nazis and Jew haters in the APP:

    Obviously, I know of only a handful of APP members. Therefore, I’m not in a position to provide any ‘dirt’. I am aware of the fact that NSW party leader Darrin Hodges was once enamoured of Nazism, and a member of what is arguably the world’s leading anti-Semitic website Stormfront; his politics appear to have undergone a shift since he helped establish the APP. (A member of the Australian Identity forum who uses the handle ‘jaxxen’ remains a member of SF.) Besides Darrin, Mark Wilson is a former member of the BNP and of the ‘Australian Friends of the BNP’. The relationship of the BNP to neo-Nazism is another story, too long to go into here.

    As for “destroy”… please explain?

  6. PAT50 says:

    As for “destroy”… please explain?

    Well @ndy it has been suggested lately by whitelawtowers [WLT] of whom or who your identity is [sic]. Ie Andrew S[.] I gather from a quick [G]oogle search that this individual does seem to fit your profile @ndy. This individual Andrew S is in the public political forum and has issues with nationalist political parties and their views. One could suggest that it would be to Andrew S[‘] advantage to discredit and disband said political groups/parties.

    A point of observation too.
    A link for these details on [WLT] was posted on AI forums but Hodges took down the thread and said he wouldn’t be apart [sic] to this naming and shaming. “Two wrongs don’t make a right” was his comment when asked why he did delete the thread.
    Strange “professional courtesy” for one that has been denigrating and abusing Darrin Hodges[‘] character for years.

    I suggest that you have nothing to worry about APP members finding out who you are @ndy as the majority of APP are amused and delighted with how your attacks on APP and its members are losing [their] meaning and ferocity. If you can only find out about a “couple” of APP members with Nazi views, I suggest you try harder. I want to believe you, however you seem to be missing the drive now, things are boring here, give us something juicy to read about.
    BTW with WLT publication, [o]ne could suggest/presume that individuals/groups could use this information to approach and confront Andrew S in a way/manor that is not very favorable to said Andrew S. If Andrew S is not you, well I pity him as he will wear the brunt of all the anger you have generated on individuals/groups attacks.
    Now that should make good reading in the media in the future.

  7. @ndy says:


    Given that you’ve passed over the above in silence, I believe my point has been made.

    As for the rest…

    No, I’m not the Andrew Perren & Co. claims I am. Naturally, I don’t expect his readers to believe this, at least not at first: I’ll address that problem later. As for the guy in question, we’ve never met, and I’ve had no contact with him. I’ve tried calling the relevant number but can’t get through, so for the time being I’ve had to rely on email. Hopefully, someone will get back in touch with me soon, and we can discuss what to do next.

    As for the media… yeah, maybe. Dunno.

  8. PAT50 says:

    Andrew S works at 3CR on a Monday morning. Tomorrow morning should be interesting. I will have to tune in and hear what happens.

  9. Nick Folkes says:


    You are a racist anti-semitic goat molester – an arrant wasted orgasm.

    Your comments are boring and senile, not worth a bedpan of piss.

    Most Australians are able to see the dangers of multiculturalism and want an end to this divisive bigoted policy. The rioting Africans of Adelaide remind the public that many migrants and their culture are intolerant and aggressive towards others including their own kind. Tribalism and ethno-rivalry are part of the village scene in the third world and for you to ignore this fact elevates you to the PooBar of stupidity.

  10. Piltdown says:

    I am @ndy and so is my wife.

  11. @ndy says:

    So… I take it yr not a fan then Nick?

  12. Nick Folkes says:


    Stop making me laugh.

    Why are you so obsessed with the Nazis?

    I had family members murdered by the Nazis and Communists. Both ideologies belong on different ends of the spectrum but share many fatalistic characteristics. Nazism has been defeated but creeping Socialism will wreak havoc on the civilised world and bankrupt us in the process. It is now time to defeat the retarded envious ideology of Socialism.

    It was a complete failure in the USSR so why do you think it will be different this time?

    Einstein remarked on the path to insanity; those fools who go down the same path for a different outcome. The left wing elite are making the same vacuous mistakes by taking us down this murderous path again. This time the outcome will be even worse and more murderous than the last time.

  13. @ndy says:


    You are a silly ignorant fool who specialises in puerile accusations.

    A fitting Senatorial candidate for the APP.

  14. The Knife's Edge says:

    Yes, the APP are weird, just look at the perverted stuff they’re peddling now.

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  16. Keith says:

    Ah, using my art work Knife’s Edge.

    If anyone wants to see proof of the extremism within APP, check out this link:



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