Who would Jesus call a c***?

For at least the third fourth time…

So some guy got charged with making a public nuisance of himself for wearing a Cradle of Filth tee. “The shirt allegedly featured the words “Jesus is a c—” in large letters and shows a picture of a semi-naked, masturbating nun… The offence of public nuisance is characterised by behaviour that interferes, or is likely to interfere with the peaceful passage through, or enjoyment of, a public place by a member of the public. The charge carries a maximum fine of $1000 or six months’ jail.”

Hopefully, the case comes before Magistrate Michael O’Driscoll. In August, His Honour ruled that the words “nigger” and “sand-nigger” are not offensive to reasonable people.

See also : Jesus is a BLANK & Vestal Masturbation is BAD… mmmkay? (June 29, 2008).

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3 Responses to Who would Jesus call a c***?

  1. Kommunistische says:

    They should ban heavy metal. Heavy metal only, cos Cello-Metal is too awesome.

  2. Scrooge McDuck says:

    And Crucifictorious, obviously. Maybe he’ll get this judge… a judge in the Queensland city of Townsville ruled last Thursday that it was acceptable for people to tell police officers to “f*** off”.

    And is it ok to laugh at the fact that the guy who got arrested is 34 years old and is facing charges that should be dealt with by a visit to the year 7 coordinator who’ll tell him that if he’s out of uniform he needs a note from his mum?

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