Australia First vs. Australian Protectionist Parties (Sutherland Shire)

Above : Darrin Hodges as a member of the fascist ‘black bloc’ which assembled in Sydney on September 8, 2007 under the banner of the ‘New Right’ and under the leadership of Welf Herfurth; Herfurth has since gone on to lead the neo-Nazi skinhead group Volksfront.

The 2010 Sutherland Shire Council D Ward By-Election is almost upon us, and its proximity is making the thousands of citizens clustered around Engadine giddy with excitement. Scheduled for Saturday October 16, the By-Election has been called following the press-ganging of Liberal member David Redmond. Just 25km south of the CBD and only 20 minutes from Sydney Airport, “The Shire” as the area is affectionately known, delivers all the best Sydney has to offer: famous beaches; iconic waterways; rich bushland and memorable experiences.

Like being hit over the head by a drunken racist.

There are eight candidates jostling to take Redmond’s place, but only one is protecting Australia from The Asian Invasion, Lebs and/or Mooselems, porno shops and refugees while the other is putting White Australians first — ahead of Asians, blacks, Jews, and the forces of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism. The first aspiring Philosopher King is named Darrin Hodges (44) of the Australian Protectionist Party; the second is Matt Hodgson (35) of the Australia First Party.

This is Hodge’s second tilt at a seat in Sutherland. In 2008, he got 333 votes of approval for his efforts — about 2% of the total. In August, he asked the people of NSW to make he and and Nick Folkes Federal Senators, and to thereby help protect Australia from Communists, Islam, Greens, Muslims, homosexuals, followers of Muhammad and the Australia First Party. They got 1,844 votes (0.05%) for their efforts.

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4 Responses to Australia First vs. Australian Protectionist Parties (Sutherland Shire)

  1. Fascist Troll says:

    Hey, I was just wondering how you pronounce “S!@#$%^&*”.

    It’s just not a name that comes up enough.

    I’ve heard everyone say “ded-meet”. But I just don’t see it…

  2. Seamus says:

    “In August, he asked the people of NSW to make HE and and Nick Folkes Federal Senators…”

    Emphasis added. Should be ‘him.’

  3. @ndy says:

    …and and you will be hearing from my lawyer.

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