Tyler Cassidy : Inquest

15 year old Tyler Cassidy was shot dead by police in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote on December 11, 2008. An inquest into his death has just opened. Note that, a week or so after the shooting, the White nationalist political party ‘Australia First’ declared that its members “will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death”. It also claimed that:

A submission to the Coroner will state that the police who attempted to arrest Tyler Cassidy were undermined in their duty of care by inflammatory and inaccurate intelligence contained ‘on line’ for use by police. This false information directly contributed to his death. This information must be revealed in full to the public.

No doubt the media and the coroner will sit up and take notice…

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4 Responses to Tyler Cassidy : Inquest

  1. Angela Krkoska says:

    I’m not a mother but Mrs Cassidy must be heard. It’s not okay for four adults with guns to shoot dead a teenager regardless of their mental state. Who the hell is mentally deficient?

  2. Piltdown says:

    And his mother cries when the morning comes
    And there’s mothers crying all over this world
    For their poor dead darling boys and girls

  3. petergerardhowley says:

    police investigating police is a joke. next Dracula will be in charge of Victoria’s blood supplies.

  4. Scott says:

    The police led Tyler into a situation where he was in a secluded area, then when approaching him say they were forced to shoot. The police involved should all stand trial for manslaughter. They have taken the boy’s life for their enjoyment. There is a culture in the Vic police that has escalated over the past decade to increased shootings.

    Of course the police want a finding of suicide by police otherwise they all [?] murder charges, and it was murder not manslaughter or suicide.

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