slackbastard is Mark Latham…

Mark Latham is (a) slackbastard.

I’ve given [Beazley] a bagging here, which he deserves. But the good thing about his being so conflict-averse is that he will do anything for anyone. He can’t say no. I call him an opportunist but maybe it’s the people around him suggesting opportunities that he can’t refuse. That settles it then: he’s a weak opportunist. (And I’m a slack bastard.)

~ Mark Latham, The Latham Diaries, Melbourne University Press (2005), pp.73–74

See also : Society vs academy? The social capital debate (Karen Healy, August 3, 2001) | Review: Mark Latham’s Civilising Global Capital (Andy Blunden, May 2003) | Social Capital Gateway

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