From Melbourne to London…

…no one likes a rat!


G20 riot suspects unmasked
The Age
January 18, 2007

Police have released images of 28 “people of interest” as they tighten the net on rioters wanted over the violent G20 protests in Melbourne.

A police officer’s wrist was broken and several were bitten and injured by broken glass when mobs of protesters clashed with police outside the G20 summit in central Melbourne in November.

Police are reviewing thousands of hours of video footage and more than 10,000 images of the riots as they hunt those responsible.

Images of 28 people, some wearing face scarves, were released today with police calling on the public for help…


Do you recognise these student rioters?
The Telegraph

Riot rabble who targeted Tory HQ: Unmasked, the hardcore leaders of the student mob
Richard Pendlebury
Daily Mail
November 12, 2010

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