Feminist Futures?


What’s up with that?

Inspired by a similar gathering in Sydney in April this year, the melbourne feminist collective is organising a conference to take place next year @ North Melbourne Town Hall over the weekend of May 28/29.

On Wednesday, December 15 @ Bella Union Bar @ Trades Hall, Cordelia Fine will be talking about her book Delusions of Gender: The Real Science behind Sex Differences. This will be “A fascinating event for science buffs and anyone interested in combating sexism”, apparently. You can also watch Cordelia @ Slow TV.

See also : The Dawn Chorus – by Australian feminists, for Australian feminists: Fresh, feminist commentary on pretty much anything and everything | History and Actuality of Anarcha-feminism: lessons from Spain (Marta Iniguez de Heredia, Lilith, No.16, 2007).

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