Cowardly neo-Nazi THUGs on di attack? Balls to that!

Once upon a time, there was a proud white man by the name of Peter Campbell. So proud was Peter, he adopted a pseudonym: ‘Kromlek of Asgard’. Using this moniker, Peter — a middle-aged salesman living in Sydney — liked to inform others of his views. For example, in reference to Mat Henderson-Hau, spokesperson for Trans-Tasman anti-racist network Fightdemback, Campbell writes:

This Lefty maggot will sneer at us and laugh its fake tits off unopposed because WE cannot muster even a HANDFUL of people, FAIR DINKUM blokes with gonads swingin’ between their legs, to oppose him! What? You people want to bend over, grease up your ring piece and have this filth fuck you up the arse?

Um, thanks for that Peter… and ah, how are your gonads swingin’ these days? Still living in fear of Mat bending you over and…

Well, suffice it to say that Campbell certainly has a talent for purple prose, but what about his political analysis?

“Who are the REAL thugs?” asks diddums in one of his latest blog entries (this time employing the pseudonym ‘Victor Whitelaw’):

Once again Mathew Henderson-Hau and the FDB Marxist criminals have attempted to use the alleged attempted murder of an Antifa supporter in Poland to rally the thugs. [Notwithstanding] the fact that no one has been charged nor any claims… been proven to be true, the Left are shrieking for blood. No surprise, the Left and… Antifa are well known in Australia and around the World for their violent behaviour.

Well blow me (down) and call me Buster Gonad and admire my Unfeasibly Large Testicles as, gonads swingin’, we examine that statement a little more closely, shall we?

But first, a tune!

Who’s that dragging what looks like a pink sack of spanners down the road?
His swollen folly on a supermarket trolley to alleviate the load
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When the cosmic power of a meteorite shower made them swell beyond the norm
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His enormous nuts not far behind
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He cures mutes and alcoholics
When they first see his bulbous bouncing . . .
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There’s bags of fun with Buster
See them shine with evil lustre

Buster! Watch out for that revolving door
Ooh Buster! They look so incredibly sore
Buster! Especially as you drag them through that powerful
cleaning agent someone spilled upon the floor
Ooh Buster! why do you let your sack swing so low?

“Sax swing solo?” Yeah!

Fun and japes and merry frolics
With Buster Gonad’s bulbous bouncing . . .
Bags of fun with Buster
And his super scrotal cluster

Doctor Who could defeat the Daleks
if he had Buster’s swinging space age . . .
Bags of fun with Buster
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Lots more scrots than you could muster


Campbell makes a number of claims with regards FDB:

i) it consists of ‘Marxists’ and ‘criminals’ and;
ii) the group is “using” the attempted knifing to death of Maciek, a Polish antifa, to “rally the thugs”.

This last ‘fact’, according to Campbell, is merely one (further) example of the Left’s (sic) general proclivity for “shrieking for blood”. Apparently, Campbell BELIEVES that everybody COMMUNICATES in the same manner he does:

But revenge, as the old adage goes, is a dish best served cold, and once I recovered from the initial shock and shame at having been so comprehensively outplayed by the Darpists through their superior skills in I.T. technology [those fiendish geeks!] I settled down to planning and scheming my ultimate revenge. And it will be so sweet as to be sickly. I have become consumed by a (some might say unhealthy) slow burning rage against this vile creature. I think of little else these days. But if it is true that one gets out of something what one… puts in then I am due to reap a bumper harvest indeed. I fully intend to prove to all that it has never been an idle boast when I have said that one does NOT want ME on their case! I can be so single minded, so focused, so motivated, so determined when it comes to the evening of scores. Most of my waking hours have been occupied with researching, writing letters, designing counter-propaganda etc. to combat the aforementioned maggots.

(Er, fair enough Peter: would you like to borrow my handkerchief so that you can wipe the spittle from your mouth?)

Thus this shrieking violent, being a keen-eyed STUDENT of HISTORY, can confidently proclaim that “shrieking for blood” is “no surprise” as “the Left and the [sic] Antifa are well known in Australia and around the [w]orld for their violent behaviour”.

Hmmm. Well, if nobody ever opened a book, Peter would probably be on safe territory. Unfortunately for Campbell (and, presumably, his gonads), this is not the case.

i) By any standard definition, a ‘Marxist’ is someone who is a follower of Karl Marx, while ‘Marxism’ is “the philosophy, social theory and political practice based on the works of Karl Marx, a 19th century German socialist philosopher, economist, journalist, and revolutionary”. A ‘criminal’, on the other hand, is someone that has committed or been legally convicted of a crime.

By any standard definition, then, FDB is neither ‘Marxist’ nor ‘criminal’.

Still, for the purposes of his audience — that same audience that Campbell’s mentor, Adolf Hitler, disparaged as being of “limited receptivity”, whose “intelligence is small”, and whose “power of forgetting is enormous” — nonsense like this plays well. After all, those few sad losers who have the misfortune to find Campbell’s ideology attractive are presumably far too busy fiddling with their tinfoil helmets to bother peeking out from under them; thus saving themselves from having the opportunity to take a good look at the real world as it passes them by…

ii) In this instance, Campbell appears to be reacting — quite badly, by the sounds of it — to the news that his comrades in Blood & Honour (Poland), their site redwatch, and its host, DreamHost, may soon be experiencing some legal difficulties, courtesy of both Polish and US authorities. And who knows if the statements made by Victor Ashe, the US Ambassador to Poland, Polish Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Ludwik Dorn, or Konrad Ciesiolkiewicz, a spokesperson for the Polish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, are intended to be taken seriously?

Time will tell.

Of course, aside from presenting no evidence to support his claim that “the Left” is “shrieking for blood”, Campbell fails to note that:

a) the near-fatal assault upon Maciek (a Jew, according to the US Embassy in Poland) on May 16 was followed by another on Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, only a few weeks later.

b) Polish Jewish students have also been threatened. According to one source:

Two Jewish student leaders in Poland have received anti-Semitic messages on their telephones.

The threatening calls came during the run-up to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Poland and during his stay there this week, JTA has learned. [T]he text messages received by the Jewish student in Warsaw threatens to blow up the synagogue and put Jews in concentration camps.

The police are trying to find out the source of the text messages, and the Polish Prime Minister’s Office is working to give the case top priority.

The calls come only a few weeks after the stabbing of an anti-fascist activist in Warsaw, allegedly by two [boneheads] who remain at large.

The stabbing victim’s contact information and picture had been listed on a xenophobic Web site that also lists Jews, gays and their supporters.

It is believed that the [bonehead] attack was connected to the Red Watch extremist Web site, which Polish authorities want to shut down.

Campbell’s world is a very small one, his Weltanschauung even smaller, and ignorance and bigotry mark its borders. Fortunately, he belongs to a very small minority of local (Australian) fascists, and, like them, is chronically incapable of understanding the Big Bad World outside of it. For example, the Council of Europe’s 2005 ‘Report on racism in Albania, Croatia, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom’ states:

In Poland, some measures have been taken in favour of the cultural and linguistic rights of national and ethnic minorities. However, there is still no comprehensive body of civil and administrative legislation prohibiting discrimination in all fields of life. ECRI is concerned that cases of racial hatred are rarely investigated and prosecuted while publications containing racist, and particularly antisemitic material are still available on the market.

Someone capable of interpreting the world, let alone changing it, might recognise in this statement a message from EU authorities to their Polish equivalents. Further, such a person might have some understanding of the importance of EU membership to Poland, and why Polish authorities might be keen to demonstrate to others that, while Poland may have hosted a number of extermination camps for European Jews during WWII, it no longer wishes to be perceived as a happy home to murderous anti-Semites (a privilege that is currently DreamHost’s).

Anyway, so much for Campbell’s ludicrous attack on FDB. The remainder of his diatribe consists of:

a) an account of a violent assault upon fascists associated with the German Republican Party by a group of masked assailants in April 1992 in Neukolln, Berlin;

b) the claim that “[i]n the 1970s [Campbell’s heyday] Australian Jews openly attacked and vandalized Australian Nationalists and their property”;

c) the reproduction of an article, ‘Website seeks net loss for net-Nazis’ (June 17, 2005) by Peter Kohn, profiling FDB for the benefit of readers of the Australian Jewish News and;

d) the reproduction of one of my own posts to the FDB Forum.

In response:

A) Campbell fails to provide the political background to the trial. From the same source:

Since 1990, fascists and racists have killed at least 75 people – immigrants, refugees, homeless, disabled and young anti-fascists – in Germany; thousands of attacks and firebombings have been aimed particularly at immigrants and refugees as well as against the small Jewish community. In 1991/1992 [for example], the pogrom in Hoyerswerda took place. Mete Eksi, a Turkish youth, was killed on the street by racists in Berlin. The situation was and has been escalated to a point where internationally known Jewish writer Ralf Giordano publicly called on all Jewish people and other victims of fascist terror to arm themselves, because they could not rely on the German state for protection.

I’ve been unable to discover the results of this particular trial online, but this provides some further detail.

What Campbell’s example — seemingly picked at random — has to do with FDB, I’ve no idea.

B) Campbell refers to four separate incidents to support his thesis. The first, allegedly reported in The Herald (January 31, 1971) concerns an attack upon two bikies, who were allegedly thrown into the Yarra River and had their bikes “destroyed” by “a large crowd of Antifa, egged on by Communist Jews”. The second, which occurred on the same day, involved an assault upon a man whose crime, according to Campbell, was that he “spoke with a European accent”. The third incident is a reference to a famed assault upon the Carlton headquarters of the National Socialist Party of Australia. The fourth and final incident Campbell claims occurred in 1972, when a group of Jews trashed the residence of another would-be Fuehrer, this time in St Albans.

Jews eh? ‘Can’t live with ’em, can’t oppress ’em without ’em fighting back.’

As for the incidents themselves…

In April 1972, sixteen sticks of gelignite exploded in the Communist Party’s Brisbane office, lifting the floor of the building almost six centimetres off the ground. Later the same evening, three rifle shots ricocheted through the Maoist East Wind bookshop…

The next month, the terror campaign returned to Melbourne with an attempt to set the Third World bookshop alight. A week later, the East Wind bookshop in Little Londsdale Street received a fire-bomb through the front door, while Molotov cocktails hit the Radical Action Movement’s headquarters in Palmerston Street, Carlton, the China Friendship Society, and the Source bookshop in Collins Street…

Many naturally suspected the NSPA of involvement in the bookshop attacks, since the Nazis had previously clashed with the Left. In January 1971, the NSPA announced a fascist rally to be held on Melbourne’s Yarra Bank. The Left and the Jewish community organised a counter-rally. When the Nazis did not appear, thousands streamed up to their headquarters in North Carlton. The party’s leader Cass Young later complained:

All this time we could hear a noise such as that at a football ground, getting louder. Looking outside, I saw that a huge crowd was coming down the street towards our headquarters.

Within minutes there were several thousand people, mostly reds and those of the chosen race, milling around outside. We closed all the doors and windows and I posted sentries at the back and on the roof. We hoisted the mighty flag of our race — the swastika — and the Eureka flag at the top front window. The crowd outside began throwing anything it could get its hands on: eggs, tomatoes, rocks and tins. Soon all the windows had been smashed by flying missiles.

In June 1972, the NSPA tried to hold its annual conference. The fascists kept the location secret. Protesters instead marched to a triple-fronted brick veneer in St. Albans, which served both as Young’s house and the new [neo-]Nazi HQ. To resounding chants of ‘Death to the Nazis’, they tore the building apart. Surveying the wreckage of his property, Young lost some of his enthusiasm for overt displays of Nazism, and the NSPA collapsed in a bout of internecine warfare, a process nicely captured in the title of David Harcourt’s study of Australian Nazism: Everyone Wants to Be Fuehrer.

Source : Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne 2 : The Enemy Within, The Vulgar Press, 2004, pp.149-150.

Again, quite what Campbell’s examples — seemingly picked on no other basis than his rampant Judeophobia — have to do with FDB, I’ve no idea.

C) And what an interesting article it is too. But its relevance seems, once again, to rely on Campbell’s hatred for Jews. Thus the moral of the tale is that “Jewish groups, [which] in the [1970s] carried out violent attacks against Patriots [sic] in Australia, now use stupid Goyim or Shabbos Goy ([Helpful] Gentiles) to push the[ir] violent agenda. The Jews who no longer want to get their hands dirty now use the “useful idiots” of groups like FDB as their Militant Henchmen.”

Further commentary is, I think, superfluous.

D) As Campbell simply reproduces this post, there’s really nothing for me to add. Presumably Campbell thinks it sufficient evidence of FDB’s perfidy that one of its members is an (gasp!) anarchist.

Finally, Campbell devotes the rest of his post to blathering on about Mat, FDB, and the various offences that Campbell — and Campbell alone, it seems — believes him to be guilty of, and concludes by ‘demanding’ that Australian authorities subscribe to his bizarre, neo-Nazi political program, one centred on combating the nefarious activities of FDB, Andrew Bartlett, the Democrats, the Greens, the AWU and Dr. John Casey.

And presumably, if the authorities decide to ignore Peter Campbell’s ‘demands’ — and call me a crazy anarchist who labours day and night “to destroy the nation and create some sort of sick Maoist society”, but I think that they might — this will be further proof of the political stranglehold the ZOG holds over Australian law enforcement.

The more things change

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