Fascists arrested over redwatch

According to the Polish CIA, five people have been arrested in connection with the Blood and Honor redwatch site in Poland. Below is the CIA’s report, edited for clarity:

For months, Polish prosecutors have claimed to have been unable to take action because redwatch is hosted on a US server, DreamHost, and the site allegedly breaks no US laws. In reality, however, in California there are a range of laws criminalising “hate speech”, laws which redwatch — and DreamHost — may well be in breach of.

The fact that DreamHost has thus far refused to close down the site and the Polish Government has failed to take measures to block access to it is somewhat ironic given that, even in Polish high schools — where the new, far-right Minister of Education has had access to anarchist sites blocked — you can happily view its contents. Further, it was only after Poland’s chief rabbi was attacked on Sunday in Warsaw (by a person yelling “Poland for Poles”) that the Government rather suddenly announced that it would “take action” and, as a result, was apparently able to find the five people allegedly responsible for administering the site… in less than 48 hours.

…There are no legal solutions to fascist problems. Few anarchists appeal to the state for its assistance in the anti-fascist struggle, instead criticizing it for its complicity in providing a fertile political and social environment in which fascism may grow. Right now in Poland there are fascists in high-ranking positions, and many members of the Polish Government explicitly support — and even fund — far-right attacks; Government sponsorship of attacks on the gay parade being just one, recent, example…

See also : Skinheads assault Holocaust lecturer [14.03.06]: “Police in the north-eastern city of Białystok are investigating an incident involving an assault on a teacher who lectures on the Holocaust by a group of Polish neo-Nazis. The woman was not hurt but was scared into hiding…”

Yet another triumph for Blood and Honour, redwatch, DreamHost and “freedom of speech”.

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