Change the Australian flag to a giant dick campaign endorsed by glittering array of celebrities

MORE than a dozen non-former Australians of the Year have sparked a fresh debate on the national flag, saying the time for change is long overdue.

In an unprecedented show of strength and purpose, the award non-recipients signed a statement saying the present flag is a transitional symbol that “highlights and promotes the flag of another nation”, the British Union Jack.

“Let’s face it”, Patricia McSorry, the gregarious 2010 award non-winner, said yesterday, “The current Australian flag is boring and unoriginal”.

“It’s time Australia loosened up. The design of the flag should be entrusted to a slowly maturing Generation Y adolescent, a 27-year-old who just won’t leave home,” she said, calling on the nation to embrace its status as “super laid back”.

Professor McSorry, a mental health expert who believes a new flag is now an “achievable goal” on the way to the greater prize of a new car, is one of 15 former winners to have signed a statement calling for change…

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