Brendon Lee O’Connell found guilty of racial hatred

    Update, January 31, 2011. Brendon O’Connell has been sentenced to three years jail for his crimes. O’Connell has the distinction of being the first person to be successfully prosecuted under WA’s laws against racial and religious vilification, legislation introduced following the racist violence of the neo-Nazi ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ under Jack Van Tongeren. Van Tongeren’s former arch-nemesis is Dr James Saleam, leader of the Australia First Party. AF has urged its followers to support O’Connell, whom the party denies is anti-Semitic and argues is instead merely a good Christian.

Israeli oranges + Jewish yoof + Labor Party + Multicultural Industry + the very model of a KGB/Gestapo operation + a treasonous judge + a kangaroo court + King James Bible + the Constitution = Jews did WTC! guilty verdict on six counts of racial hatred + remand + court on Monday.

Brendon Lee O’Connell found guilty of racial hatred
January 28, 2011

A PERTH man who posted a video online showing him arguing with a Jewish man and calling him a “racist, homicidal maniac” has been found guilty of racial hatred.

Brendan [sic] Lee O’Connell, 38, represented himself before a jury in the Perth District Court after firing the lawyer who had been defending him against an accusation that he posted an anti-[S]emitic video online.

O’Connell faced seven charges related to the posting of a verbal altercation he had with Stanley Keyser and Timothy Peach, who are Jewish, and was found guilty on six.

An argument broke out between the three men at an IGA supermarket in South Perth on May 2, 2009, where a Friends of Palestine group was holding a protest against Israeli oranges.

Mr Peach, 19, told the court during the trial that he was a member of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students at the time and had attended the rally to “observe” and hand out flyers to educate the protesters about Israel.

He said he was “angry”, “confused” and “offended” by O’Connell when he started to film the two Jewish men and argue with them about their religion.

During the trial, O’Connell refused to acknowledge Judge Henry Wisbey when he entered the court and, instead, rose to bow to the jury.

About a dozen supporters in the court cheered when O’Connell labelled the proceedings “a kangaroo court” and gave a long, repetitive rant about the King James Bible and the Constitution.

The video that O’Connell posted online was shown on the first day of the trial.

“You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing,” O’Connell says to the men on the video.

“You are a racist, homicidal maniac.”

When the jury found O’Connell guilty on Friday, he shouted: “Free Palestine! Free Iraq!” before being taken away.

Outside court, Mr Keyser’s mother Shelley said it was “a big relief” for the “terrible” ordeal to be over.

O’Connell was remanded in custody and is due to reappear in court on Monday.

See also : Man found guilty over race hate video, Belle Taylor, The West Australian, January 28, 2011.

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  1. whitelaw says:

    Joe Dibaggio, nice job on spamming. At least @ndy helped you out.

  2. @ndy says:

    By anti-Semitism, I am sure you are actually referring to anti-Zionism.

    Ha. Yeah but no but… actually, no. By ‘anti-Semitism’ I mean ‘anti-Semitism’.

  3. kiwi says:

    So um, I have some new and [exciting] facts.

    Previously I agreed that with time, you or “we” could change people[‘]s perspective on what life is about, eventually (in time) helping to create a world of peace. This is true, but, intellectual knowledge, facts and all of the learning a person is capable of would only play a very tiny part in it, it matters [relatively] but not [absolutely].


    Firstly because time doesn’t exist. Only in thought. Things can only happen for humanity, in the constant timeless moment that we live in (if you look closely, you might be able to grasp with your mind that it is timeless). Nothing ever will or has happened outside of that moment. You may also see that problems don[‘]t exist in this moment, problems are created with time (that [ultimately] doesn’t exist).

    Secondly, peace cannot come “out there”. [I]t is inside each individual. And can be found simply by stopping the [unnecessary] thinking of humans, spiritually, and only using your mind when you choose to. Most of humanity is [unconscious] (literally), people in there own time will awaken. Eventually people will become [conscious], it is the next stage in human [evolution]. Teaching from spiritual teachers just speeds it up.

    If you were to make all of the world[‘]s problems disappear, and there was no change in [consciousness], the problems would just re-create themselves.

    Adyashanti points to the way things are done “in fear of”. You can see it on YouTube. Under “Adyashanti complete interview”.

    So the answers the world is looking for is not for people to find themselves, or for people to change. It is for people to become who they always were/who they are, and what is that? Life. You are life, [perceiving] things through human form. You are not form, you are the infinite life that is connected to every other form. These are facts. I can’t expect anyone to believe that, because belief is thought, and thought is limited. But, I can put [information] out so that people might realise something deeper, and eventually make this true in their own experience. I am also trying to put [information] out so people hopefully realise spirituality is not just another belief system.

    What do you think is more important andy[?] What does this world need[?] More knowledge and [information] on a intellectual level? Or wisdom? I[‘]m not after a debate, just throwing it out there. I have the same intention as you, just a different method.

  4. Eric says:

    Oi, kiwi!
    First up, you’re not a kiwi but an aussie.
    Secondly, you are a complete pillock!
    Thirdly, time IS real. I know for a fact, because I just wasted five minutes reading and replying to your bullshit comment.
    Finally, I am glad you have found the pool of spiritual knowledge that is YouTube. Bathe in it, and may you be cleansed of the sins committed during your brief foray into book reading.

  5. kiwi says:

    Actually Eric, im Irish.

    Your not looking close enough Eric. Thoughts are just thoughts, imagine if you couldn’t think and someone were to ask you what time it was, or if you were to ask your dog. Thoughts are just thoughts they are not what makes you function as a human, life is, life is what makes you breathe, life is who you are beyond thought.

    Time exists as a thought, it doesn’t truly exist. Without thought, what would be left? You would, and you would also be at peace. Don’t get me wrong thought is great when you need it, but it is the constant involantary thinking that thinks back to the past and creates an illusion, what it also sais is “in the imaginary future (that constantly changes), i will achieve this, and i will destroy whatever i have to to get it”, or it sais “i will use this moment to find who i am”. (Isn’t that insane?) You are not, and do not exist in your past or your future (only in thought you do). In reality you just are who you are, right there right then, your mind creates an illusion that makes past and future seem real. What i am talking about is beyond your mind (it is rising above thought). So you can’t understand it with your mind. I don’t expect you to get it. But name calling is nasty, it serves no other purpose other than to make yourself feel bigger about yourself, which might i add is another illution of your mind, it is also another disfunction of this world and is a statagy of your mind to stregthen your mind created self. It is also not your fault, your mind can only change what it does, it can’t stop what it does.

    Ask your self eric, who am i? Then ask yourself, am i thoughts from the past, or do i just exist. Or better off ask your tree in the front yard, what does it have to do to become itself, which path in life does the tree have to take to become itself? What makes you different from the tree, other than a mind that can think?

    And finally, 5 minutes? Dude, you read slow.

  6. kiwi says:


    *or it sais i will use this moment [as a stepping stone] to find who i am. (isn’t that insane?)*

  7. Eric says:

    I think I got. I don’t “think” you’re a pillock, rather, you just “are”.
    Sounds like you are regurgitating existential bullshit you have (I was gonna say read) watched on YouTube. You should read JPS’ ‘Nausea’. I am not having a go at you. I actually think you would enjoy it and, at the same time, learn there is nothing new or exciting about these so called ‘facts’ you have recently discovered.
    Diddley dee potaters!

  8. Eric says:

    One other thing. What the fuck does all this crap you’re spouting have to to with anything at all? I’m sure there are many websites devoted to ‘The Power of Now’ where people will be only too happy to discuss new age philosophy with you.
    I can help…
    I can help you…
    I can help you help yourself…
    Here’s how to order.

  9. Irish says:

    Ok, cool so im a pillock, whatever, thats fine, and on an intellectual level, very true. What confuses me is tho, is your definition of stupid, or should i say your thoughts on it. (Your viewpoint, not everybody elses).

    1. You talk in a way as if intelligence means to be above someone, or better than them. Problem is you are promoting yourself as someone who is all about equality? You also have seemed to of convinced your-“self”, that you are adding to the goodness of the world. (Probably because you have done afew/alot of good deeds for people in your time.)

    2. You have gone out of your road to cause an argument, thrown a few names in there and then claimed you are not having a go…?

    The facts I am talking about have clearly not sunk in with you yet.

    There are only two things you could be doing.

    1. You could be threatened by me (be in fear of) therefore leading to your attack, so that you don’t lose your identity as the “smart” guy, or whatever it is that you “think” you are.

    But, this is the one im going with:

    2. Your mind is “feeding”, so to speak, and you “want” some sort of praise, attention, or are strengthening your sense of self, by comparing yourself to me in the way that you know more than me.

    Was it you that said facts can make you look bad? Have you ever noticed that it is easier to recognise problems with other people than it is to recognise in yourself? Eg. When a person changes who they are to fit in with a certain group of people, you can see it, but they have no idea.

    Thing is tho Eric, this is “normal”, i don’t think you are a pillock, i think your a top bloke! Ill even give that book you suggested a go.

    To answer your second question, the reason for my comments, the reason i comment on andys blog, and my intentions, are this.

    1. As i mentioned earlier, to put information out there.

    2. To make people realise spirituality is not a belief system.

    3. In hope someone might take interest in what i say that doesn’t know these facts.

    4. I like @ndys blogs, I learn from them. (Through curiosity, Andy is a bloke, right?)

    5. To give a different perspective on @ndys blogs (with facts, that can’t be said with, just my opinion).

    So, to try and some it all up, the way i see it. The world kind of lives in a way where as soon as something become normal, it is ok. We have to think of it that way, because as an individual most people can’t do much about it, in some cases it is even protected by law. Some people don’t even see the big picture of how bad things are, mostly i think because they have been given too many problems of their own to look outside the square. MOST importantly, people don’t realise on a smaller scale (as an everyday person) they are the problem. Everyone wants everything, yet they complain that some people are luckier or better at getting what they want. If the world is built on want, it will have to eventually destroy itself, so how do we stop the wanting? I can tell you. But telling you is pointless, people have to want to experience it for themself.

    So my intention is to point out what is wrong, even tho it is perceived to be normal. My motivation is just that i care.

  10. Irish says:

    Oh, and although i do love you tube, my facts come from books, and i am very careful, with which books. I only learn off world renowned authors. I am also aware that facts have been around for ever. Unfortunately most people don’t know the facts, or they have turned them into a mere belief rather than experiencing the truth. More unfortunately, some people never got an education and have difficulty learning the facts.

  11. Eric says:

    Yeah, I apologise for calling you a pillock. That was nasty and unnecessary. For what it’s worth, I don’t think I’m any “smarter” or “know more” than you. What worries me is, you seem to have latched on to a self help system and you are endorsing it as though you believe you have discovered the One Truth. This, I think, is unhealthy. Now, admittedly, I have not read anything by Eckhart Tolle, and very little to do with ‘The Power of Now”. It may well be completely harmless (even though it is also endorsed by Oprah!). You certainly attribute to it, a change in yourself for the better, which is great. Just be careful.
    Years ago, I had a friend who, in desperation, went searching for meaning in the library and came home with L.Ron.Hubbard ‘Dianetics’. Two weeks later he had sold all his stuff, borrowed a heap of money and headed to Auckland to participate in a lot of very expensive (and ultimately worthless) courses and programs designed, not to clear his head as claimed, but his bank account.
    Anyway, I shouldn’t tell you what to read or not to read. If you do read JPS’ ‘Nausea’ though, and complete it, you will be doing a hell of a lot better than me. I could only get about 3/4 through before I began to feel, well… nauseas.

    PS: I too love YouTube.

  12. Aussie says:

    All good, and much appreciated, and i will take your advice, it has a lot of truth to it, i am not perfect, and i only benefit from good advice. I can also assure you i am not intelligent Eric. Thats not really how this works. Its just a clearer perception.

    Ill try to explain it…

    The more a person suffers, the more problems they have. The upside of this is that the more they can recognise this in themselves, they will become wiser. Spirituality it is closely linked with what psychiatrists teach. The difference being, it doesnt help people that seem to be going crazy, it explains, we are already crazy (craziness is necessary though, it gives us depth to being humans). The reason i can recognise problems with other people is because i have had those problems (this doesnt mean i should have pointed this out, its not important to aggravate people, its actually very unnecessary, so. sorry). So it is not so much a belief i am preaching, more so a reality for me that i am trying to share. If a person hasnt suffered, there wouldnt be any great reason for change.

    Eckhart Tolle suffered a lot, therefore his wisdom, plus he is intelligent (he is recognised by a lot of people as possibly the wisest man alive, including psychiatrists (?), and Buddhist monks). So sorry if i came across trying to be smarter, i am just trying to help. I will be careful how i say things for now on. It goes a lot deeper than what i am saying, but it will be peoples choice to find out, I like the idea that i might add to giving people a new option. Mostly for the people that Andy speaks of, who clearly have some problems. Can i also add “the power of now” is not nearly as great a book as “a new earth”.
    anyway, cheers.
    PS. Being nice to people can make a massive difference, nastiness finds niceness quite indigestible.

  13. Aussie says:

    Hey, just wanted to [throw] this in there quickly. Was just reading up on JPS. Its not different to eckhart tolle, both are talking about the same thing. It can’t be two different things if it is “the truth” it just comes across a whole lot more complicated. I wouldn’t be able to comprehend JPS if it were not for eckhart. I will keep reading tho. Interesting fella.

  14. @ndy says:

    Throw another guru on the barbie.

  15. Mathew says:

    People wake the fuck up the Jews do have a hate religion the Jews think there [sic] supior [sic] not all Jews just zionests [sic].

  16. @ndy says:

    Why do people who have such a firm grasp on how the world works make for such bad spellers?

  17. Aussie says:

    Probably their teachers, or the teacher’s teachers? Or rich people starving people of proper education? Obama? The Jews? Maybe his teacher had ADD? His teacher probably inherited that tho’, so blame the teacher’s family. I’ll find someone to blame, it has to be someone’s fault! 🙂

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