Brendon O’Connell and The Campaign to Free Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant was FRAMED for the Port Arthur Massacre!
Brendon O’Connell has uncovered PROOF that Abe Saffron, working in close collaboration with The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, was responsible for the killings!
In order to keep the TRUTH from the public, ZOG arranged for O’Connell’s capture and imprisonment!

Free Martin Bryant!
Free Brendon O’Connell!

See also : Martin Bryant Facebook profile removed, ABC, January 19, 2011.

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14 Responses to Brendon O’Connell and The Campaign to Free Martin Bryant

  1. whitelaw says:

    @ndy you are truly a wanker. You know that Brendon is in Jail because of Steve Lieblich. Why don’t you poke some at Verint?

  2. @ndy says:

    whitelaw you truly are a winner. You know that Brendon is in Jail because of Martin Bryant. Why don’t you poke some at Abe Saffron?

  3. kieran krud says:

    to : brendan o’connell
    re : youtube hate

    ok, so from the facts, most reasonable people would conclude martin bryant either didnt act alone, or didnt act at all at port arthur.

    but to put it on the jews, with no proof whatsoever, is a stretch. trying to prove your not an anti-semite, haha, good luck with that.

    also good luck in jail, at least you’ll be with your own kind, the only choice is the aryan brotherhood or the neo nazis.

  4. Sharky says:

    Bryant not alone ? Some kinda grassy knoll shit ?
    Whl lt nct dcks n yr rs, Brndn.

  5. @ndy says:

    Yeah. O’Connell reckons Bryant didn’t act alone. Not that he came up with the theory: it’s a meme that’s been floating around pretty much since the murders took place. You can read numerous versions across right-wing, conspiracist samizdat. The basic argument is that Bryant was incapable of shooting to death that many people unaided. Who assisted Bryant? MOSSAD. Why? Because ZOG is intent on disarming the populace.


    The argument is aided by the fact that Bryant didn’t undergo a proper trial… AND WE ALL KNOW WHY, RIGHT?

  6. sharky says:

    Tavistock – psyops.
    Old money in England.

    Is all I’m sayin …

  7. Eazy says:

    To much unanswered But without doubt this was not Martin Bryant, Its like the goverment want us to know they done it but we can’t touch them or get around the system to enforce them to give answers or a trial. I think a letter to the Queen is required to get our constitution back. In any case i don’t want there answers because they will just be lies. We need Martin Bryant to have a trial and witnesses to be heard.
    The guy i heard on the phone making a sandwich ablivious to what was going on was not a killer. I think because no evedence has supported his guilt, Because he was scapgoated by his lawyer, because the media made chances of a fair trial impossable Martin Bryant should get a Pardon and be released at the queens lessure. That should be the first thing to happen, Then its truth hunting time.

  8. Ted says:

    that fucking buyback was bullshit, I lost my AK47s and shit from it

  9. tom says:

    My question would be, for those who believe Martin did do it is, WHY then no trial? just because after 5 months of saying NO I DID NOT DO IT! a simpleton like Bryant finally turns around and says yeah ok I did it, DOES not take away his “right” and the public’s DUTY for a trial by jury! THE ONLY motive for this would be to hide the truth, IF Bryant did it then prove it once and for all, WHAT are you all afraid of? the truth coming out? and then the realization that the world’s biggest mass murderer is still walking around free? The lame argument seems to be to not have it as it would upset the victims too much, WHAT? the victims are ALL dead! how would it upset them? as for the living relatives, I can tell you I would want to know the true killers as I’m sure they WOULD, never have I heard ANY of them say they don’t want to know the truth if there is doubt to who did it, AND THERE IS DOUBT! But to the contrary I have heard that many of them don’t believe Martin did it! so where is this idea coming from? not the relatives themselves! Only from the media and government officials! and a few on here that are either completely stupid or are paid by the government to keep the lie going and stop the truth from coming out! But rest assured the TRUTH WILL COME OUT in the end…

  10. Clark Kent says:

    It was the fucken so called jews liars traitors fools paedophiles and thieves

  11. Jake says:

    What sort of sick people would [serve] up an intellectually disabled person for the murdering of innocent Australian citizens? True [psychopaths] like the Jewish controllers I can understand, after all they are mentally ill, but sycophants afraid for their own pathetic lives like John Howard I just don’t understand, they are both cowardly and pathetic. Maybe the Jew rulers deserve to rule, after all they are not easily brainwashed and they stick together, unlike us who are easily fooled and cowardly. Sad!

  12. patrick says:

    The real reason Brendon went to jail has nothing to do with Martin Byrant. It was because of the way he spoke to the judge during his court case. The fact that whitelaw towers wishes to think otherwise only proves that the people behind whitelaw towers are a crew of delusional paranoid wankers completely out of touch with reality. Interesting that the scum behind whitelaw towers who claim to be White Nationalists should care about a pro palestinian such as Brendon, after all, palestinians aint White, oh thats right, whitelaw idiots are also members of the Australia First Party, a political party led by a half breed arab who has had palestinian speakers at his Sydney forum. Must of been an interesting day when the Sydney forum had a palestinian bitch tell a bunch of so called White Nationalists about abo land rights, LOL

  13. Cass says:

    Martin Bryant is innocent. He was framed! When will people learn?!

  14. Brendon says:

    PATRICK – – – –

    QUOTE: The real reason Brendon went to jail has nothing to do with Martin Byrant. It was because of the way he spoke to the judge during his court case. END QUOTE

    Absolutely incorrect. The judge went to great pains to state that I was going to jail for my charges – upsetting jews with the truth. NOT for the way I spoke to the idiot Judge John Wisbey. So you are dead wrong on that one. Wisbey was so bad a lawyer I was speaking too said he had never seen a judge THAT bad – ever. Read the transcript and my high court synopsis.

    I should know, I was there.

    You are ALL neglecting the BIGGEST and most amazing things that happened…the Israeli Ambassador, Israeli deputy foreign minister, Australian foreign minister and 135 local and federal members of parliament came out against me and THAT is incredible, world news. And NOBODY talks about it. Ever.

    All the links are here – https :// isolatebutpreserve . blogspot . my/2017/03/conservative-australian-politician . html

    As for Martin Bryant? It is obvious he did not act alone. The witness statements bear this out. The fact that 6 hours after the shooting began shots were being fired at the Fox & Hound at tourists cowering in fear. How? Bryant, the ONLY gunman, is 5km away at the Seascape Cottage.

    A retarded moron, with two brain cells can see the whole case is a cover up. I am talking the OFFICIAL documents…not “innuendo”.

    Mick Sergent was the first to be shot. His fiance Kate Scott the next. The top of her head was blown off. Mick has to live with that the rest of his life as he survived. He is a rev head down at the stock cars. A mate knows him. He said Kate told him, “There are two guys at that outside table staring at me.” Mick turned around to look. As he did the first round grazed the top of his head and he collapsed to the floor.

    TWO GUYS, at the same table.

    Personally…Bryant was a total patsy. But, there are serious errors too in the refutations flying around. It is possible for a twit to hit people in the head and neck from a few feet. Also, there were over 40 shots fired in that cafe. A %50 hit rate.

    What we need is less innuendo and amature theories and a PROPER investigation.

    Tasmanian Detective Glenn Frame came to Hakea Remand center and begged me to take the Port Arthur video down. I told him it had nothing to do with me.

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