David Lynch (American Front) ~versus~ Charles Gilbert Demar III (Stormtroop 16)

Update : Meth-making materials found in detainee’s apartment, Matt Kawahara, sacbee.com. Bonehead Demar has been booked on drug and gang-related charges–not homicide.


As previously noted, one of the founders of the bonehead (neo-Nazi skinhead) gang ‘American Front’, David Lynch, is dead, shot to death in his home in Sacramento, CA. Like other dead boneheads, his death has been greeted with much wailing and gnashing of teeth by his kameraden on the racist right–their attempts to balance the more generalised expressions of hatred and contempt for Dead Guy on various news sites and bulletin boards an admirable, if impossible, quest.

For some reason, people just. don’t. like. Nazis.

On learning of Lynch’s death, my first thought was ‘I wonder which of his fellow boneheads is responsible?’ Today, that person of interest is revealed as being Charles Gilbert Demar III, lead shouter of nutzi band ‘Stormtroop 16’. A sample lyric from the album The new voice of oi! (Condemned Records, 2006):

Sacramento is our home / We drenched these streets with blood and bone / Stick together, through thick and thin / We’re born to fight, we’re bred to win / Street commandos in the night / We love the chase, we love to fight / Can’t back down, this is our fate / Face the aggression / Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! 88!

Of the accusation:

Demar’s former mother-in-law, Kelly Caramella, told The Bee today that police had detained her for questioning Wednesday afternoon and wanted information about Demar. “It is totally ludicrous,” she said. “It is impossible that Charlie would hurt Dave, they loved each other as brothers.”

Point being, when they’re not bashing homeless people or picking on inter-racial couples, boneheads have a habit of channeling their violence towards one another. Curiously, David Lynch was recently pictured on the Rose City Antifa blog along with Randal Krager, the founder of another bonehead gang called Volksfront (President of Neo-Nazi Organization Contracted to Work in the Middle East, January 11, 2011):

On November 30, 2010, antifascist hackers targeted and disabled over a dozen fascist, neo-Nazi, and white power websites, publicly releasing information from several neo-Nazi forums as well as associated email addresses…

Rose City Antifascists (RCA) discovered a particularly noteworthy email in the wealth of intelligence made public by the hack. In a message dated October 15, 2009, Randal Krager—founder and president of the neo-Nazi organization Volksfront International—delegated tasks involved with running the group while he prepared to spend a year in the Middle East working for a private firm, possibly connected to the US military presence in the region…

Randal Krager (L) with (L-R, foreground) other neo-Nazi leaders Del O’Connor (Blood & Honour America), David Lynch (American Front), and Mike Lawrence (Volksfront) circa 2009.

The Australian franchise of Volksfront is largely based in Sydney. Its two principal spokesmen (No Girls Allowed!) are 20-something Chris Smith and 40-something Welf Herfurth. Smith–who in December 2010 got a 12-month suspended sentence for bashing and robbing some guy–is also a Creatard (a ‘Reverend’ in the the White supremacist Creativity kvlt) and the bRanes behind a new blog titled “AntiAntifaAustralia”, which specifically targets people who oppose fascism. Herfurth, for his part, is responsible for both the New Right and ‘national anarchism’ and serves as MC at the annual Australia First Party conference known as the Sydney Forum. Last year the Forum’s honoured guest was Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm.

What a sad and sorry bunch.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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24 Responses to David Lynch (American Front) ~versus~ Charles Gilbert Demar III (Stormtroop 16)

  1. @ndy says:

    Killing of bonehead leader David Lynch: What was the motive?
    Brad Knickerbocker
    Christian Science Monitor
    March 4, 2011

    The killing of white supremacist leader David Lynch in California raises questions about the competition among members of hate groups – which occasionally turns violent – and the ways in which they finance their operations…

    Mark Pitcavage, ADL’s director of investigative research, says of Lynch: “In one sense, his longevity was one of his most noticeable features, as he became an active bonehead back in the 1980s, when that subculture was still forming in the US, and stayed in that subculture for more than 20 years.”

    “He was, however, not without his enemies or detractors in the white supremacist movement,” Mr. Pitcavage says. “For example, he was sometimes called a snitch for testifying in a trial related to the Kehoe brothers.” (In 2005, white supremacist Chevie Kehoe was convicted and given three life sentences for the kidnapping, torture, and murder of a gun dealer and his family. His younger brother Cheyne Kehoe testified against him. The murders were connected with a pursuit of guns and money.)

  2. @ndy says:

    Stormtroop 16, ‘Unite’ (Steel Capped Justice, 2008):

    Be a good example for the younger generations
    Stand up for your kind, we can not be beat
    A positive role model fights for his race and nation
    For drug-free warriors marching on our streets

    Bonehead drug suspect breaks down in court, asks for help
    Sam Stanton
    March 4, 2011

    …Demar is charged with transporting methamphetamine for the benefit of a street gang, posssession for sale of methamphetamine and manufacturing the drug. Because he has previous felony convictions for burglary and assault he could face life if convicted on the current charges.

    He has been named by Citrus Heights police as a “person of interest” in the early Wednesday slaying of Lynch, a 40-year-old man who was one of Demar’s closest friends. Police have not said Demar is a suspect in the case, and Demar’s former mother-in-law told The Bee Thursday that Demar would never have harmed Lynch.

    Demar’s wife, Sara, died Feb. 19 of undetermined causes, and she and Demar had two children, a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl.

    Demar, a tattoo artist and lead singer in a popular white power band, also was fired recently from a job as an asbestos removal worker.

    He did not enter a plea today and the case was continued to March 18.

  3. Tiberius says:

    Man, I really loved his movies. It’s sad to see a cinematic master go in such circumstances.

  4. @ndy says:

    It’s a shame that The Great Director in The Sky shouted the final “Cut!” on The David Lynch Story, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself seated next to him in The Heavenly Valhalla Cinema at some point in the future Brother Tiberius.

    14! 42! 88! 666! Hutt hutt hutt!

  5. ben says:

    you are a dog cunt c@ndy pants… Jock palfreeman is going to have a wonderful exsistance for the next 20yrs haha now thats funny mate.

  6. @ndy says:

    G’day ben,

    It’s spelled “existence”.

  7. ben says:

    thanks for the spelling tip arsehole. Palnomorefreedom haha suffer the mudering wank

  8. @ndy says:

    No worries mate.

    Also: “murdering”.

    PS. Why are you so angry and upset?

  9. @ndy says:

    Ah well. Real skinheads know the score.

  10. Fascist Troll says:

    I agree with Ben . Ole jock is gonna run into alot of pro white boys in his cosy little cell block . Anyone wanna put [a] wager on how long that dreadlocked faggot lasts ? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha . I give that filthy soap dodger about a year of vigilante back watching until he slips over in the shower . What[‘]s your guess c@ndy pants @ndy ?

  11. Fascist Troll says:

    P.S @ndy , do like my name ? Personally I think it[‘]s very juvenile , but it makes me laugh . One more question c@ndy @ndy p@nts , do you look like [Rik Mayall] ??? Excuse the spelling , I really couldn’t be bothered to check it just for your site , you [sexy] bastard !!!!!

  12. Fascist Troll says:

    Oops , forgot to put this on at the end ! Hails to CSKA Sofia Ultras , good luck Jock , ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

  13. Fascist Troll says:

    Can’t help myself , I know it[‘]s childish , but Jock and his family should get some comfort knowing that this is what Bulgaria is about .


  14. Fascist Troll says:

    One more for Jock and his supporters .


    Have fun with that for the next twenty years . RIP Dave Lynch .

    Hey @ndy , not so cool when it[‘]s one of your own on the [receiving] end of REAL violence . You may think it[‘]s funny to bag out a dead man , but it could be one of your own on the [receiving] end . I’m just guessing , but you and your soap dodging buddies won’t think it[‘]s that funny then .

  15. @ndy says:

    Dear Troll,

    You seem like a sad Little Man.

    With regards Jock, he’s actually been imprisoned for over three years now, some portion of which he’s spent in solitary confinement. No doubt the general conditions in Sofia Prison are poor, but to my understanding Jock is equally concerned for the rights and welfare of his fellow prisoners as he is for himself.

    Jock receives infrequent visits from family and friends but some larger amount of correspondence from supporters here in Australia and elsewhere. There have been some public demonstrations in support of Jock in Europe and a handful in Australia. Currently, the journalist Belinda Hawkins is writing a book about the Palfreeman case: when it’s finally published, it will hopefully continue to put his case before the public, and encourage others to continue to campaign for his release.

    In terms of his legal situation, following the rejection of his appeal last month, Jock has the opportunity to make one final appeal to a higher Bulgarian court. When this appeal is also rejected (as it almost certainly will be), he will have the opportunity to put his case before a European tribunal. Here there is some possibility of redress, given the facts of his case, and the fact that the EU has already formally recognised the existence of fundamental flaws in the Bulgarian judicial system, flaws which are also apparent in the handling of Jock’s case.

    Naturally, I understand that all of this, like, stuff–which others sometimes like to refer to as ‘reality’–will fly completely over your head, so I add it for the benefit of the casual reader, one hopefully unburdened by the pathological hatred and ignorance which blinds you to the basic facts and prevents you from either exercising common courtesy or elementary decency.

    Finally, with regards the casual sadism you express in your commentary, it’s a hallmark of your kind, and it’s therefore not at all surprising that you should be attracted to a violent, irrational and misogynist ideology like fascism.

    Kind regards,


  16. Fascist Troll says:

    Thanks for setting me straight @ndy . You have really opened my eyes to the errors of my ways . I’m sending Jock a fruit basket right now , and letting the Sofia Ultras know to leave him alone .

    Anyway Rik , I mean @ndy , thanks for steering me in the right path . Maybe we can catch up for a drink sometime ? Kiss kiss from the former hate monger , Fascist Troll.

  17. @ndy says:

    The ill-mannered longshoreman obliviously devoured the greasy duckweed pie.

    The high-strung rodeo clown feverishly drove right over the nonexistent trough of hog slop.

  18. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    I’m guessing my official name on this blog is now Fascist Troll ! I would rather you called me Fascist Hobgoblin . Oh yeah I was wrong about which team wanted Jock’s blood . Hails to PFC Levski , I believe that’s the team of the lad who Jock killed . From what I understand they aren’t too fond of ole Jock .

    Regards from the silly , upset , Fascist Hobgoblin .

  19. ANDREA METZGER says:


  20. nobody says:

    fuck the media. dave was an absurdly knowledgeable man fighting for equality in the workplace and the preservation of his culture. he may have made some bad choices over the course of his life but who among us hasn’t. who the fuck is anyone to judge him. walk a fucking mile in his shoes. fucking writers bashing a man they don’t even know to gain popularity. may his soul live on.

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