anarchist notes (march 10, 2011)

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have i plugged before? What about Rob Ray’s blog? Also: Italy Calling.

assembly for dignity is another new (to me) blog what is focused on analysing, understanding and resisting the tightening of the skrews in the welfare sector. The fools think the poors are entitled to some weird thing called ‘dignity’.

Funnily enough, a few months ago a policy wonk noted that maybe unemployment benefits should be increased — perhaps even as far as the poverty line, who knows? But this shockingly radical proposal — the implementation of which would surely imperil The Economy, if not Western Civilization — is not something that anybody takes seriously, or ever will. For obvious reasons, and not necessarily because the ALP is intellectually and morally bankrupt as Paul Norton argued at the time. (On the ALP’s travails, see also The Hollowmen, Mark Aarons, The Monthly, August 2010 | Australian Labor Party in its death throes, Richard Phillips,, March 2, 2011 | Qld union boss booted from ALP, The Sydney Morning Herald/AAP, March 1, 2011 | Union and Community Summer School 2010, December 12, 2010.)

…for the majority of adolescents academic routine is time-wasting, unreal, dispiriting, desexualizing and destructive of initiative; and it is resisted by the usual devices of sabotage, by “sub-culture” and—on the part of the highly intelligent—by “underachievement,” for they do not want to “achieve” in this way.

Lucy Parsons was not an educated woman. Lucy Parsons was an African, Native and Mexican-American revolutionary anarchist labor activist from the late nineteenth and 20th century America. She also had a habit of smashing nails on the head:

Let every dirty, lousy tramp arm himself with a revolver or a knife, and lay in wait on the steps of the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot the owners as they come out. Let us kill them without mercy and let it be a war of extermination without pity.

Hey, makes a change from it being the other way ’round at least (also, Holloway smokes crack).

Hey Ladies!

Ladies and gentlemen had their one day of the year the other day. Kim writes:

It’s the hundredth anniversary, and from where I sit, it’s a bit of a pity that most of the public debate has been dominated by people like Gail Kelly and Quentin Bryce talking about the urgent need for more women to sit on corporate boards. We could be talking about things like the fact that many women earn far less over the life course than men and…

…so on and so forth. Of course, one of the reasons “many women earn far less over the life course than men” is because many women are employed in relatively low-paid sectors of The Economy. In response to this fact, the Labor-controlled ASU — which represents many women employed in these sectors — is engaged in a campaign titled ‘Equal Pay’. The problems with the campaign are of a similar nature to those associated with the (non-existent) campaign to increase the incomes of the unemployed. That said, the following is germane:

Pay rise for staff pocketed
Ben Schneiders
The Age
February 21, 2011

ONE of Australia’s biggest charities pocketed nearly $500,000 in public money that was meant to fund large pay rises for community workers.

A top executive at Mission Australia, which had $289 million in revenue last financial year, admitted in a Fair Work Australia hearing it received the money from the Queensland government after the 2009 equal pay decision, but only paid community workers at the same rate as in other states…


(On Mission Australia, see also : Charity is Big Business : Toby Hall and responsibilities that need to be taken seriously, September 23, 2010.)

Oh. And IWD was formally launched when the Second International held an international women’s conference at Folkets Hus–later Ungdomshuset–in Copenhagen. The Ungdomshuset was itself forcibly evicted by social democrats in 2007, following the site’s sale to a Xtian fundamentalist kvlt.

There’s a moral in there somewhere, I’m sure.

On a not unrelated note from the Department of Cats are Nice! comes:

Eric Drooker’s naughty kitty is scheduled to make an appearance in Wisconsin, as things are moving towards some kinda ‘general strike’… or something… I dunno.

Glenn Beck, on the other hand, knows everything.

Beck, inter alia, has apparently discussed “The Blaze exclusive video of anarchists, socialists, and communists who have infiltrated the protests in Wisconsin. In the video, it shows a group of them – not everyday teachers and the average union workers – engaged in a party where they smelled of pot and alcohol.”


Certainly, Wisconsin authorities are shitting their pants, and police doing their usual tricksy business, in response to the threat of workers acting with dignity. Otherwise, I think this clip is illuminating.

Workers in Egypt are paying attention at least…

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5 Responses to anarchist notes (march 10, 2011)

  1. FLAEDO says:

    l dont think that guy in the photographic depiction is Egyptian.
    Nevertheless according to the recent poll 62 percent of Egyptians want sharia law introduced nationally. Unfortunately sharia law and meaningful or less than meaningful democracy are not compatible. ln fact they are very incompatible. l am sorry to be the one to burst your idylic fantasia like vision of the freedom loving Egyptians rising up and reaching out and clamouring and grasping at yer freedom – but they dont want that. They want islamic prison. Forget Egypt. ln fact forget any and every muslim majority shitole.
    Theyre shitoles. They will stay shitoles for ever. Fence them off and erect signs (telling it like it is) – “this country is a islamic shitole”. lf you want your country to become a shitole too so you get your own fence complete with sign just keep letting more muslims in. Guaranteed you will get a shitole. Do you want the fence and the sign now? l will deliver it.

  2. FLAEDO says:

    btw you guys arent solid. youre not anarchists. youre not anything, youre bittersweet and creations of the kgb. allow me to fill you in – espionage comprised about 15 percent of the kgb’s work. the real work of the kgb was subversion, subvert the house of the West by every possible means. your political views are not your own. its arguable that any anarcho leftleaning person post 1922 can be whole or independent in the sense that theyve arrived at their own political address. in fact no event on a political stage can be trusted since the kgb set about its real work.

  3. Lumpen says:

    Did you know that “KGB” spelt backwards is “ZOG”?

  4. blah says:

    Hey Flaedo it doesnt matter if the person in the photo is egyptian, nor does it matter what a poll says, i thought that would be common sense to ignore both factors.

    I think you forgot 1 simple key ingredient to the formula of = a shithole. You see a muslim is a human, did you know your a human? Congrats your 100% related to a muslim.

    So what makes you different? Your personality, but it may be hard to comprehend if you were a muslim kid, born in a muslim family 200 years ago, you probably would be a hardcore muslim. If you were born not too long ago in iraq, afghanistan or other shitholes invaded by the west, perhaps a suicide bomber or freedom fighter perhaps or some asshole just trying to pull your fellow kins mental and heart strings to gain power for yourself at the cost of their lives, such as happens in europe and the west daily.

    It means you arent who you are because you decided to be. In another place, another family, another time, you would have had a different personality possibly polar opposite to your current one…simply due to your life experiences being varied to your current.

    So what does this boil down to? Guess what the US is a shithole, europe is a shithole, every place is a shithole, has been from the start, just depends on which side of the fence you sit, the side with money or the side without.

    If your environment is good for you, supports your attitudes and helps your lusts mature to reality, you will probably consider it paradise and anything that takes from it a shithole, such as opposing beliefs or systems from another nation etc or its people which represent it be it via color of skin or whatever.

    So lesson 1, people are people, humans are humans, you just fell into the biggest idiot trap invented the instant you start putting idiot labels on other humans such as “muslims” which have little value to them other than to derive understanding to possible culture and experiences and then start chucking stones at each other while the assholes at the top laugh at you and take the spoils.

    The real enemy to humanity is right there blatant to be seen, its those who regardless of what nationality or religion or not, they came from all have a personality evolved to feed their need to be on top at your expense, even if its your life, they dont care about anyone.

    So aim your gun at something else besides the kgb or muslims or this website even if it perhaps is bullshit too.

    By the way english is not my 1st language, but you should be able to understand.

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