Kenneth Stewart : Hammerskin, mercenary… scooterist?!?

Kenneth Stewart, 36, is a Hammerskin: a member of an international network of neo-Nazi skinheads with chapters in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. He’s also a mercenary, employed by various private sector companies to work in Afghanistan as an armed paramedic–and a pork-eating Viking.

Not bad, just misunderstood, apparently: The Age‘s article is re-posted below.

The Australian franchise of the Hammerskins was one of the first to open outside of the Jewnited States. In recent years the Hammerskins have begun recruiting a new crop of boneheads by way of the recently-established ‘Crew 38′: a process which brings the Hammerskins’ recruitment model more openly into line with that of the OMCs (from which, presumably, the boneheads drew their inspiration).

Originally established in Dallas, Texas (c.1987), the Hammerskins have run into a number of legal difficulties recently, especially in Portugal (2010) and Spain (2009), which have joined Germany in outlawing the association. The leader of the Portuguese Hammerskins, Mário Machado, is currently serving a seven-year sentence for coercion, robbery, kidnapping and illegal possession of weapons.

The leader of the Confederate Hammerskins in the US is Forrest Fogarty. He’s one of ‘A Few Bad Men’ to have joined the US military. “There are some dirty Arabs enjoying their 70 virgins because of my actions and that of my fire team,” Fogarty boasted in the Winter 2005 issue of Resistance.

The Age has published a photo of Kenneth wearing a ‘scooterhead sc’ t-shirt, so in addition to being a neo-Nazi and a mercenary, Stewart is also, presumably, a scooterist… although whether or not he’ll be riding his scooter to the Gold Coast for the Hammerskins’ next get-together is unknown at this stage.

Victorian neo-Nazi used as medic in Afghanistan
Staff Reporter
March 23, 2011

A NEO-NAZI organiser from Victoria has been working as a private military contractor in Afghanistan, mocking locals and holding secret ceremonies commemorating the deaths of German soldiers in World War II.

Kenneth Stewart, 36, has worked as a military-trained paramedic, accompanying aid workers around Afghanistan. His Facebook page shows a swastika flag in his room in Kandahar, and another picture shows him surrounded by Afghans he refers to as ”my nignogs” with a friend adding the comment ”it’s lovely to see a white man back in control of the subhuman”. On Stewart’s Facebook page he regularly makes disparaging comments about Afghans, Aborigines, Jews and others.

He has worked as a medic for several aid groups based in Kandahar, including the United Nations Development Program.

The Age made several attempts to contact Mr Stewart, but received no reply.

In Melbourne, he helps recruit white supremacists to the local branch of the Southern Cross Hammerskins, an international neo-Nazi group. He described himself on one internet forum as a ”skinhead, mercenary, pork-eating viking; not bad just misunderstood”.

Anti-facist [sic] groups in the US say there are growing numbers of neo-Nazis working in the expanding private military sector, and that the Hammerskins are considered to be among the best organised and most violent neo-Nazi groups in America.

The beliefs and photos posted by Mr Stewart have been condemned by the United Nations and the contractor who hired him on their behalf.

Spokesman Brian Hansford said the UN was ”horrified by these … disturbing images”.

On Armistice Day last year, Mr Stewart posted on a white supremacist website that he and his colleagues in Kandahar had a service commemorating World War II soldiers, including Germans and Italians ”that did what they thought was right regardless of which side they were on”.

The Age has not been able to establish who Mr Stewart worked for in Afghanistan last year, but it is clear from photos on his Facebook page that he was doing similar work.

One Australian security company that has employed him said it repudiated any far-right views and said the images he posted on Facebook should be removed.

Security experts say any Nazi or racist references could risk endangering the Coalition troops fighting under the NATO banner, including personnel from the Australian Defence Forces.

In the US, an intercepted 2009 email purported to show Oregon fascist organiser Randy Krager warning his colleagues not to email him about his racist skinhead group while he was working in Afghanistan. The email read: ”All communications from the mid-east are monitored by dept. of defense and/or cia … so I will have some contact but will not be able to discuss any business, not even vaguely.”

The Southern Cross Hammerskins also organise music festivals where far-right bands perform in front of vetted audiences. Their next festival is on the Gold Coast next month.

You can read more about Randy Krager’s military excursions here. (Krager is the leader of another neo-Nazi international called Volksfront. They also have a chapter in Australia, and an uncomfortable rivalry with the Hammerskins.) Otherwise, the SPLC has published a number of reports of neo-Nazi involvement in the US military and private sector:

Extremism and the Military
Mark Potok
Intelligence Report
No.122, Summer 2006

‘Killing a Brown’: New Evidence of Extremists in the Military
David Holthouse
Intelligence Report
No.132, Winter 2008

SPLC Urges Congress to Investigate Extremism in the Military
July 10, 2009

See also : Nicole Hanley : For Blood & Honour, April 6, 2009.

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  1. inglourious_basterd says:

    Must be the phases of the moon, the Kabul Gold or something in the water.

  2. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    SUWA 3CR , think about it faggot ! You and Cam rockin the free world .

  3. @ndy says:

    You must not listen to the radio much pseudonymous: Cam and I haven’t been on air since September last year… and our shows were pre-recorded.

  4. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    Yeah I already know that . Old news @ndy . Take down my bro’s little article please , I am asking nicely .

  5. C 18 says:

    Deny all you want.3CR and others will answer for what you do.

  6. @ndy says:

    G’day C18,

    I confess that I prefer D4.

  7. Lumpen says:

    Maybe C18 is more into rolling D12s.

  8. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    I know you may think its funny , but how will you feel when you are eventually exposed ?

  9. @ndy says:

    I know you may think I’m a Jewish faggot, but why do you persist in a) ignoring the obvious and b) posting non sequiturs on my blog?

  10. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    No @ndy I seriously doubt that you are Jewish . I’m more inclined to believe that you are a typical “Student Grant” (I’m sure you’ve read Viz).

    Seriously though , what will you do when you’re exposed ?

    Will you threaten legal action , call the cops , or just run for the hills ?
    Or will you stand your ground against all the people you’ve pissed off over the years ?

  11. @ndy says:

    I know you may think I’m a Jewish faggot, but why do you persist in a) ignoring the obvious and b) posting non sequiturs on my blog?

  12. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    How does anything I’ve posted not make sense ?

    I asked you a question about how you will handle it when you’re exposed ?

    As for the obvious , it was probably you or one of your scared little goons who tipped off the media about this story .

    You and your kind can’t face us (boneheads) in person , so you have to resort to calling the cops or the media .

    I don’t say these things to be a smart arse , but I’ve never had an antifa type in Australia stand up to myself or any other “bonehead” I know .


  13. Fascist Hobgoblin says:

    I don’t know if you’re a faggot @ndy . I know Cam has a missus , and you trail along on their dates sometimes .

  14. @ndy says:

    G’day Mr. Hobgoblin,

    “How does anything I’ve posted not make sense?”

    Let’s see.

    Unless you’re deliberately posting nonsense, what you’ve posted (here and elsewhere on my blog) obviously makes sense, of a kind, to you. Otherwise, your contributions are an exercise in question-begging: you assume what you set out to make inquiries of. I don’t know if you understand this point–it seems not–but there you have it.

    Regarding ‘antifa types’ standing up to boneheads… I understand this to be a euphemism for violent confrontation. That is, you’re not aware of a self-described anti-fascist physically attacking a bonehead. I am, but that’s beside the point. In other words, you’re correct: violent confrontations between ‘anti-fascists’ and boneheads are very rare; when they do occur, they’re more likely to have been initiated by a bonehead. There’s a number of reasons for this, and I’m unsure if you’re being disingenuous when you ask for my opinion as to why. That said…

    First, and most obviously, there are very few boneheads in Australia. There are the few score who orientate themselves around groups like yours (and one or two others); a few hundred more, perhaps, on the periphery of these groups, and a larger network of what you might term ‘racially-aware’ Whites with some connection to the bonehead subculture, the members of which are otherwise immersed in a range of different sub-cultural milieus (of the sort that Mister Sansom is attempting to crystalise around White Noise and his various other metal projects). So, my best estimate is that boneheads can draw upon the support, loosely-defined, of a few thousand individuals among the various, principally youth-oriented subcultures that exist mostly in the major urban centres (such as Melbourne and Sydney) but which otherwise extend across the country. On this note, two further points. One, most of this support is passive: it often amounts to little more than responding to the presence of boneheads with genuine indifference/being much more interested in music and fashion than in ‘politics’. Two, there is considerable overlap between the various segments of the White nationalist movement and within this movement (such as it is) boneheads are in fact a small minority.

    Secondly, boneheads rarely assert their public presence. By this I don’t mean that they’re never encountered in the pubs and clubs of, say, Melbourne (or Brisbane for that matter), but that outside of this milieu there has only rarely been attempts made to give the subculture a properly political (which in this instance means ‘street’) presence. To the best of my knowledge, the most recent and also most consistent attempt by boneheads and their allies to assume a public presence took place under the banner of ‘National Action’. In Melbourne, the last of these public protests took place in the mid-1990s, at around the same time the group had its bunker in Fawkner. It’s a long story. Suffice it to say that there’s ongoing tension between bonehead qua lifestyle and bonehead qua political project; a bonehead’s place in The Struggle is as foot soldier; a number of older boneheads are reticent to be used in this manner, while others equivocate.

    So much for opportunity.

    Thirdly, regarding ‘antifa types’ standing up to boneheads, much depends on what you mean by ‘antifa’.

    Broadly speaking, anyone who opposes ‘fascism’ is, by definition, ‘antifa’. As such, ‘antifa’ refers to a broad range of people of different ages, races, genders, abilities, skills and political perspectives. Point being, as a separately constituted political project which embraces (so-called) militant anti-fascism, there simply is no ‘antifa’ in Australia. Which is not to say that there are not individuals who might describe themselves as such–there are–but in this meaning of the term (and also in reference to the context in which it and an associated political practice developed), ‘antifa’ depends upon the existence of a collective struggle against ‘fascist’ political tendencies. Given that the fascist presence in Australia is tiny and rarely, if ever, manifests publicly, the absence of an organised ‘antifa’ movement is not surprising.

    Finally, it’s wrogn to draw a political equivalence between boneheads and ‘antifa’. Boneheads are almost all young, male, celebrate and are drawn towards a cult of violence. The myth of violence as redemptive social force–one which is valued both for its own sake and for its cleansing properties–is one of the hallmarks of classical fascism, and the myth is certainly perpetuated in bonehead culture. The songs which celebrate the Holocaust are the paradigmatic example of this violent, almost invariably exterminationist mentality, but it saturates the genre as a whole, and its closest rivals are probably odes to drunkenness.

    In summary: some people rely on their bRanes to make a point, other people rely on their fists.

    I’m a lover, not a fighter.

    PS. Last week your mate Mário Machado had his sentence reduced from seven plus years to six years and ten months. This is good news for Mário as he’s apparently not well liked by his fellow prisoners.

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