2011 NSW state election results : Left ~versus~ Right

See also : loon pond on NSW Labor, and no need for the conservative commentariat, not when you have the rats in the ranks … (March 30, 2011).

Kapow! Right

Sadly, The Aussie Resistance is at a low ebb at the moment: the APP’s Nicholas Hunter FOLKES received just 208 votes of confidence from the citizens of Balmain, narrowly defeating some guy called SHAPIRO (who got just 147 votes) but failing to overcome Jane Ward (another Independent), whose passion for social justice translated into her getting 486 votes.

In Mulgoa, AF candidate Tony ROBINSON fared far better than did FOLKES, gaining 1,322 votes (3.9%), while his kameraden in Riverstone, Tony PETTITT, received 470 (1.2%).

Shazam! Left

In Keira, HARVEY Paola (SA) got 449 votes (1.4%), coming last. In Marrickville, SA’s HINMAN, Pip was pitted against the SEP‘s COGAN, James. Hinman defeated Cogan by 661 votes (1.9%) to 458 (1.3%). In Newcastle, the battle was between SA’s ALCORN, Zane and the SEP’s HOLT, Noel. Zane’s dope rhymes secured him 563 votes (1.7%) while Noel’s unswerving commitment to the principles of the International Committee of the Fourth International meant he got 139 votes (0.4%). Note that the presumed leader of the ‘Progressive Labor Party’, Rod Noble, won 1,016 (3.1%). Of course, the real story in Newcastle, as elsewhere in NSW, is the massive swing against Labor:

It is too early to say what will happen in the seat of Newcastle which is set to be decided on preferences but it is expected to fall to the Liberals for the first time in more than a century. Liberal candidate, Tim Owen attracted 36-per-cent of the primary vote, while Labor’s Jodi McKay held onto a primary vote of 31-per-cent.


In Parramatta–where there was a 26% swing against Labor–SA’s RODEN, Duncan, received 528 votes (1.6%); in Auburn, the SEP’s KENNETT, Carolyn, got 349 votes and in Bankstown her comrade PHILLIPS, Richard 613: both placed last of 7 candidates. Finally, in the race for the Senate, SA (7,761 votes) narrowly defeated the productivist mania of the BUILDING AUSTRALIA party (6,915 votes), thereby avoiding last place.

In summary, the results were pretty much as expected.

Further afield and against the odds, the Greens done look to have lost another opportunity to gain a seat or two in the Lower House, while predictions of Labor’s death are no doubt exaggerated: it’s a two-party system, stupid. Interestingly: “THE former Greens MLC Ian Cohen said the party’s support for a boycott of Israel may have contributed to disappointing results in Balmain and Marrickville.”

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14 Responses to 2011 NSW state election results : Left ~versus~ Right

  1. Foot Soldier says:

    Actually, the Australia First Party got 516 votes and 1,459 votes respectively.

    Australia First came fourth last compared to the rest of the minor parties when one takes into account average votes per candidate.

    Socialist Alliance came last with the Australian Democrats coming second last.

  2. Foot Soldier says:

    Average Votes Per Candidate of each minor political party:

    Socialist Alliance……532

    Australian Democrats……557

    Save Our State……922

    Australia First Party……986

    Family First……1,037

    Christian Democrats……1,285

    Outdoor Recreation……1,342

    Fishing Party……1,506

    Shooters and Fishers……1,955

    Australian Greens……3,795

  3. @ndy says:

    1. These are preliminary results.
    2. ‘First Preference Votes Summary – Post Election Night’ in Mulgoa gives Tony Pettitt 516 votes and in Riverstone gives Tony Robinson 1,595 votes.
    3. The list of minor political parties is incomplete.

  4. Laughingcruiser says:

    Ethnic minorities and dual citizens within the political ranks of the ALP have caused its electoral demise in New South Wales. Radical Socialism, Privatization, Union Nepotism, Corruption and Bankruptcy are the lasting legacy of Labor Governments.

  5. Foot Soldier says:

    Average Votes Per Candidate is a good way to compare political parties to each other. Just get over the fact that the left got humiliated.

  6. @ndy says:

    @Laughingcruiser: I dunno about the role of ethnic minorities and dual citizens in bringing about the electoral demise of the NSW ALP: ethnic branch-stacking is certainly a problem, but 16 years in office is a long time, and the party’s last term in office was plagued by scandal. Certainly, the NSW ALP is not a radical socialist party, and never has been; it did, however, like Labor parties across Australia, and with the support of the Opposition, embark upon a program of privatisation of state assets. The party was also corrupt and, again like Labor parties across Australia, relied upon a network of political patronage in which affiliated unions–that is, control of affiliated unions–played, and continues to play, a crucial role [in dispensing wealth and privilege (jobs and contracts)].

    @Foot Soldier: Average Votes Per Candidate is one among various ways of comparing, not political parties to each other, but electoral results. If it makes you feel better, however, you can always use capitalisation: Average Votes Per Candidate is A Good Way to Compare Political Parties to Each Other. As for the supposed fact that the left got humiliated, this assumes that the NSW ALP is ‘the left’, a fairly controversial proposition (to put it mildly).

  7. Laughingcruiser says:

    @ndy: If you really want to know where Australia is heading just go to Youtube and enter “Brother Nathaniel”. I have researched specific information in his short videos and it is alarmingly accurate, you may get an insight into the forces that drove John Howard and continue to drive and influence Julia Gillard.

  8. @ndy says:

    You mean, The Jews?

  9. Laughingcruiser says:

    @andy: No not the Jews! I am referring to Talmudic Zionists!

  10. @ndy says:

    OK. I’m not sure how Talmudic Zionists can be blamed for the travails of the NSW ALP… but presumably you mean these religious Jews are responsible for the policies adopted by Joolya (the Federal ALP) and before her HoWARd (the Federal Coalition)? Given that the NSW ALP played a crucial role in Joolya’s displacing KRudd as leader, however, perhaps Talmudic Zionists play a determinant role there too? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrogn, and to explain how it all works: I’m unsure what you understand to be the relationship between all these things.

  11. Laughingcruiser says:

    @ndy: The only people responsible for the travails of the ALP in NSW are the corrupt Unions and the ALP. I am not sure what you mean by “religious Jews” unless of course you are implying that Jews are a race? Maybe you think “religious Catholics” are a race also?

  12. Davoe says:

    While the ALP were noted for having small logos on their posters, Zane Alcorn had an even smaller Socialist Alliance logo on his posters.

  13. @ndy says:


    Well, in the end, Comrade Alcorn got 700 votes (1.6%). This result is not very surprising, but must be considered disappointing given earlier predictions that as many as two in three young voters favoured Zane.

    Noel Holt received “a small but highly significant vote” of 189 (0.4%).

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