antifa notes (april 18, 2011)

Yeah well anyway, in New Jersey a coupla Hollywood Nazis belonging to the “We’re-not-racist” National Socialist Movement paid an unscheduled visit to the hospital on the weekend (apparently the result of an attack by ARA activists) though others still managed — with the assistance of ZOG’s police forces — to hold a rally the following day, and possibly even a pop concert later that night (*ing household names such as Empire Falls and Zyklon B). Police arrested two men who’ve been charged and given 50K bail. The event is sure to provoke a lot of Internet drama… but whatever. (See also : Laurence Hammack, Judge postpones decision on neo-Nazi Bill White, The Roanoke Times, April 5, 2011.)

On the Gold Coast, Australian nazis gathered together to listen to some patriotic hymns/odes to the Third Reich. Sadly, the opportunity to stage a rap battle with Snoop Dogg and his entourage was not realised. On the other hand, as the boneheads will almost certainly be back next year, and as “Mr Dogg” is seeking Australian citizenship, the future looks promising.

Also, drink Colt.

Otherwise, Sydney band T.H.U.G. has been gaining some attention recently, for reasons of both music but also, sadly, neo-Nazi politics. See T.H.U.G. – T.H.U.G. LP (Rock’N’Roll Disgrace) by Chuck Foster (The Big Takeover, April 14, 2011), ‘Sunday Night Safran’ (JJJ, March 27) and elsewhere.

In the UK:

Egos, money, factionalism and more egos seem to be the order of the day for the far right. The English Defence League has been riven by the inevitable splits over regions, football teams and the political differences that seem to characterise most of the far right organisations in the UK.

In Russia, antifa are training hard, and Australian punk rock is their soundtrack.


Comrades! I bring you this special report on the Russian Antifa movement with a translation from a friend:

Man: “Some people discuss or even laugh about prejudices but others still use them for hate and this can have a bad ending.”

Woman: “For example in Russia xenophobia is rising yearly and every year there are up to 600 racist attacks registered. Now there is a countermovement which declared war on the Moscow neo-Nazis – and both sides are armed.

2. Then the report starts. “Firing practice in a forest close to Moscow. The members of the radical left wing movement Antifa declared war on the nazis.”

Interview: “Most of the serious nazis wear guns on them and therefore we mustn’t be worse equipped. They were the first ones who used knives and then we did as well. Same thing with the guns, it was necessary.”

3. Report: “This video was uploaded by Russian neo-Nazis. 37 people were killed because of xenophobia and more than 400 have been wounded. “Blacks”, that’s what they call the people from the Caucasian and Asian region. Their lives aren’t safe in the streets of Moscow.”

4. Interview: “In the past years some of our friends have been killed by the fascists. It’s clear to us that there is no way back and that this can happen to all of us. Formerly you could speak about animosity between adolescents but now it’s about surviving.”

5. Report: “And therefore they train every day. They’re between 16 and 30 years old – about 1000 young people call themselves Antifa. The journalist Dimitry has been there for 5 years. He thought that only writing wasn’t enough when he realized that the police were barely doing anything against the growing neo-Nazi scene.”

6. Interview: “Now we have a large amount of fascists here and we have them because not too long ago they could organize their shows without any problems. Concerts, seminars, demonstrations – and this is how they attracted new people. Now things have changed because we’re here. Nowadays they don’t let everybody enter their concerts.”

7. Report: “With attacks like this one the people of the Antifa want to scare other adolescents and prevent them from joining the nazis. They followed this neo-Nazi in the city in order to beat him up in the subway.”

8. Interview: “It comes to fights regularly. We often do this in the wagons because these are closed rooms and nobody can escape – often things go on brutally.”

“ALTERTA, ALERTA, ANTIFASCISTA” is what the Antifa protesters shout. They try to make headlines with a riot.”

9. Interview: “A big part of our work consists of education. we try to spread our standpoint over the internet. We distribute fliers or organize our own events like festivals, presentations or movies.”

Report: “Punk rock is their music. They sing about the fight against the racists.”

10. Interview: “The nazis immediately tried to inhibit our events. They attacked us. Some of us were killed at those concerts. For example some nazis came before the beginning of the concert and stabbed the young people.”

Report: “The band No One Else is one of the most famous ones in the scene. The musicians don’t want to be recognized in the fear of nazi attacks.”

11. Interview: “The government hasn’t done anything against the nazis. They turned away. This was then the task of other people who understood that something has to be done, that you cannot keep the things the way they are.”

Report: “Loudly they announce their message, the Russians are responsible for the problems in their country, not the foreigners.”


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