Spam A Nazi ~versus~ Right Wing Resistance (New Zealand)

Above : Kyle Chapman, fuehrer of RWRNZ, welcomes Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm to New Zealand, December 2010. Fromm’s tour was organised by the Australia First Party.

Right Wing Resistance New Zealand (RWRNZ) is veteran Kiwi fascist Kyle Chapman‘s latest organising project. The group — which seemingly consists of several dozen neo-Nazi skinheads, mostly from Christchurch — has been in existence since early 2009, and has recently become more active, distributing propaganda — see : Right Wing Resistance New Zealand : They took our jobs! (January 12, 2011) — and apparently organising several street patrols. The gang’s politics are fairly run-of-the-mill (see New Zealand National Front) but the boys’ resemblance to an OMC may cause them some problems in the future as their (arguably) more serious rivals resent the gang’s intrusions onto their turf. Responding to the accusation that RWRNZ is at war with the Rebels MC, Kyle Chapman rites in there blug thet “We have a Clare purpose. [I]t is to fight communism and other scum that want to take away our freedoms.”

Which begs the question: Who is Clare?

Online war against intolerance
The Press
April 25, 2011

Danny Webster’s grandfather fought for freedom in World War II.

Now Webster is waging his own war on intolerance, but his battlefield is online.

Right Wing Resistance is a New Zealand-wide white supremacist group run by Kyle Chapman, former leader of the National Front.

The group’s recent recruitment campaign in Christchurch included Stop the Asian Invasion pamphlets.

Conveniently, Webster says, the group’s blogspot advertising this campaign, included cellphone numbers and email addresses, which prompted him to fight back with a Facebook campaign, Spam A Nazi, launched this weekend.

Webster advocates spamming the group with texts and YouTube links to the Chinese National Anthem and songs such as I think I’m Turning Japanese, and People Are People.

“My flatmates and I found this racist pamphlet in our letterbox and we came up with the idea of sending them a message back,” Webster said.

“Now we have 140 members on Spam A Nazi. I think the Right Wing Resistance campaign is more to intimidate than recruit.

“My grandfather died from war-related injuries when my dad was eight. It’s sad to think that this intolerance still exists two generations on.

“After all we’ve been through in Christchurch, I wanted to send a clear message that this hatred won’t be tolerated. I’m not sure of the legalities around spamming but I’m sure few will have any sympathy for them.”

When contacted yesterday, a spokesman for the Right Wing Resistance, who did not wish to be identified, said they had received spam from “gay porn” to “foreign” texts.

“I didn’t understand what they said, they’re just wasting their time. I just delete them. It’s like squashing an annoying bug to me, I don’t even think about it.”

See also : The murky politics of the Right (in New Zealand/Aotearoa) (March 16, 2010).

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8 Responses to Spam A Nazi ~versus~ Right Wing Resistance (New Zealand)

  1. Vm says:

    I jsut can’t get over that photo. Was it taken out back in a dry-cleaners? You can tell that Fromm, despite the forced smile, is deeply resentful that while he’s gone the Full Hitchens with the crumpled white suit and unbuttoned shirt, his host is dressed like a 13 year old sk8r boi. I mean, Canada to New Zealand is a long way. He probably would have had to transfer through at least two airports. The vanguard of the Aotearoan White Race could have at least put on a shirt with a collar…

  2. @ndy says:

    Pffft. What the photo doesn’t reveal is Chapman’s footwear. Normally, he wears gumboots. On this occasion, however, it was Italian leather.

    Or so a reliable source informs me.

  3. Lumpen says:

    I never knew that Boss Hogg denied the Canadian Holocaust happened. For shame.

  4. @ndy says:

    A man, carrying a duck, walks up to a police officer.
    The man says, “I’m gonna kill this pig.”
    The cop says, “That’s a duck.”
    The man replies, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

  5. Alexander Hogenboom says:

    You liberal idiots are so blinded by your own ignorance. Look at South Africa for fuck’s sake, a white country, flooded with negroes and now it’s a third world country. Is this what you want? Do you want to be homeless? Do you want the country your ancestors built to be taken from you? Christ, how bad do things have to get before you start questioning your hyper PC dogma?

  6. Aussie says:

    Damn, why didn’t someone tell me I was going to be homeless! Thanks for predicting the future for me, Alexander Hogenboom. You’re not a psychic by any chance are you? What do I do now? Should I start building an underground fortress immediately? Is the world going to end? Quick tell me, it’s all too much!!! LOL.

  7. @ndy says:

    G’day Alexander,

    No I’m not a liberal and yes there is a country called South Africa. The majority of its 50 million or so inhabitants are classified as being black, and blacks have always constituted a majority of the population, so I’m not sure why you claim that it’s a white country. On the other hand, I suspect that, for whatever reason, you’ve chosen to comment here because you’re unhappy and very frustrated.

    In answer to your questions:

    1. No, I do not wish for Australia to become a Third World country — and I would prefer it if the indigenous population who live in such conditions did not.
    2. No, I do not wish to be homeless.
    3. My ancestors are many. My parents were both born in Australia, but they did not own it, and neither do I. Most land is held by the Crown or corporate interests, both Australian and foreign. Going further back, my ancestors are from Africa, which is where our species originated, and the number of countries they occupied are many.
    4. I always question things, but my main question at the moment is why do muppets like yourself bother commenting on my blog?

  8. Bryce says:

    South Africa is flooded by Black people? Omg send them back to where they came from lol. Hilarious hahahaha

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