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Sometimes, surfers bring some useful search terms to my blog: ‘Russian Anti-Racist Skinheads’ is one, and the title of a new documentary (2011) by Ian Ivanov.

Searching for moar infos — of which there appears to be little — I also found this blog: skinhead-music-russian-ex-USSR.

The idea that a thriving, if marginal, neo-Nazi movement exists in Russia strikes some as absurd. After all, Hitler and the Nazi regime regarded the Slavs as being suitable for little more than slavery. Further, Russian neo-Nazis (and other racists) direct much of their fury at peoples from the Caucasus; ‘Caucasians’, in other words: a term generally considered synonymous with ‘white’. But the frequent absurdities of neo-Nazi or fascist or racialist thought is hardly new, and explanations for its attractions are just as often found elsewhere…

In any case, despite regular and occasionally murderous attacks by fascists, and more generalised repression by the state, skinhead and oppositional youth subcultures in Russia appear to be growing as well as surviving.

Note that last week:

…a divided jury issued a guilty verdict against Nikita Tikhonov and Yevgeniya Khasis, the neo-Nazi couple accused of murdering Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova in downtown Moscow on January 19, 2009. Seven jurors found the defendants guilty, and the forthcoming sentencing could yield a life imprisonment for Tikhonov and as many as 20 years behind the bars for Khasis.

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