Australian Defence League : Martin Brennan gets the arse?

Update (June 29) : Roberta Moore, aka the Jewish Division of the EDL, has ended her tempestuous affair with the English mob, declaring that it’s got too many Nazis in it. See : Roberta Moore Steps Down from EDL Jewish Division; Complains of “Nazis Within” EDL, Richard Bartholomew, June 29, 2011.

Earlier this year, ‘English Defence League’ leader and tanning salon owner Stephen Yaxley-Lennon appointed fellow whinging Pom Martin Brennan leader of the ‘Australian Defence League’. Following his appointment, Brennan organised an anti-Muslim rally at Federation Square in Melbourne in May (20–30 locals joined Brennan for about an hour or so before being told to bugger off and stop making dickheads of themselves by a larger group of counter-protesters). Since then, Brennan has been engaged in a ding-dong online battle over Australia’s future with arch-nemesis and fellow mentalist Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon of “Shariah4Australia” fame.

Now, sadly, Brennan faces an internal revolt by admins of the group’s Facebook page who have unanimously decided (all 12 of them) to un-elect Brennan as leader. According to the admins, Brennan is guilty of inciting racial violence and generally acting like a wanker (or ‘tosser’ in Martin’s dialect).

In the absence of any formal organisational structure, what this means in practice is anybody’s guess, but it comes just a month before the group’s much-hyped rally in Sydney on July 30 and days after trollumnist Miranda Devine gave the group a fillip in her column. The admins allege that Brennan has reacted badly to his dethroning, sending threatening messages to those responsible including sending their names and addresses to the Muslamic enimy. As well as claiming to have the support of another foreigner (Roberta Moore of the EDL’s Jewish Division), Brennan himself claims that “the aussie admins just don’t like an Englishman running the defence league because we bring it to the muzzies, English style”, adding that “the difference between us English and you aussies [is] we know how to fight hard and you lot don’t”. A former Colour Sergeant in the British Army who served in Afghanistan, Brennan presumably knows what he’s talking about.

Speaking of violence, Brennan’s boss is currently facing charges for assault.

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12 Responses to Australian Defence League : Martin Brennan gets the arse?

  1. inglourious_basterd says:

    Is Marty taking his own advice and going back to where he came from?

  2. @ndy says:

    Yeah. The EDL.

  3. Paul Justo says:

    Lennon and Brennan – the two English patriots with Fenian names. Plonkers.

  4. Martin Brennan says:

    So sorry to let you guys down but i’m afraid to say i haven’t gone anywhere, a few idiots on Facebook don’t dictate the future of the ADL, the Sydney demo is 100% still going ahead

    See you again on the 30th July

    Kind regards
    Martin Brennan
    Leader of the Australian Defence League

  5. @ndy says:

    G’day Martin,

    OK, so you’re gonna be at a rally in Sydney on July 30.

    I won’t.

    Otherwise, on what basis can someone be called the leader of the ADL? Just ’cause they say they are? My understanding is that you were appointed to the position by Yaxley-Lennon. Is this not correct? If not, how did you become “leader”? Does it really not concern you that the admins on the ADL Facebook page have now uniformly rejected your claim to be leader, denounced you as a racist etc., and declared that the July 30 rally does not have the support of the ADL? If they’re not following you, who is?


  6. David Wells says:

    A facebook page or group does not make an organisation, it is purely a social media network. So who is the real ADL? There are four groups or pages that exist nationally plus many more in each state or territory, as anyone can set up a group or page you could have hundreds professing to be the ADL or any other organisation for that matter.

    When the rally has taken place on 30th July 2011 I believe that will show who The Real ADL are, rather than the multitude of keyboard warriors who suggest that they are.

  7. @ndy says:

    OK David. As far as I can tell, the ADL has only a semblance of a formal organisational structure, so yeah you’re right: anybody can call themselves “the ADL”. Presumably, however, youse wouldn’t give much truck to some person or group declaring themselves to be the “Australian Defence League” while simultaneously proclaiming that their sole aim was the promotion of (say) ‘dope, guns, and fucking in the streets’… The EDL obviously serves as a model for the ADL, and its hostility to Islam–and love of God, Queen & Country–has been made pretty clear, both in words and deeds.

    In any case, leaving aside the question of who The Real ADL is, Martin declared himself its Leader early this year.

    And still does.

    On what basis?

  8. Sconey says:

    Martin Brennan you was booted just as said above. “According to the admins, Brennan is guilty of inciting racial violence and generally acting like a wanker.” Here again it shows how you insult Australians. You have a personal vendetta. One goal to set Australia to a point of no return with racial violence. You might want to run with your rally but trust me Australia is not what you think and many are watching. Again I will say it. Do you know that? You just don’t know by who tho’. I suppose it is being called you’re on notice…

  9. mat says:

    “Speaking of violence, Brennan’s boss is currently facing charges for assault.”

    Please can you explain to me how attacking a flag that excite[s] holy war towards you [sic] is classed as assault?

    I have seen forms of racism on both the so called official ADL facebook pages[:] it seems that arguing and putting each other down is the order of the day[.] [N]ot once have I seen any real action from either of these groups just talk about what they are going to do. The group ADL established 2009 have [aligned] themselves with a political group which excludes members that don’t have the same political view and the ADL official seems to be reluctant to do anything (to date) apart from talk. To be a leader of any defence league you will become a target [for] the radical [M]uslims and the hypocritical left with threats of violence or even death towards them[.] I don’t seen anyone willing to be the face of the counter jihad movement in Australia just a load of people that are happy to put each other down instead of working together and this article [does] nothing more than [put] a bigger wedge between all the groups that want to fight radical [I]slam and sharia law. The left and their allies must laughing at all this[.]

  10. @ndy says:


    As the BBC report states: “[Yaxley-Lennon] denied common assault against Alan McKee when he appeared at Blackburn Magistrates’ Court and was given bail.”

    I can’t be absolutely sure, but I very much doubt Alan McKee is a flag.

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