Mr. Griffin Goes To Brussels

Heil Victory!

After having apparently been declared unfit for Australia, wealthy Welshman and fuehrer of the British National Party Nick Griffin has been elected to the European Parliament. (Also Andrew Brons, in the Yorkshire and Humber area.)

Griffin welcomed the victory as a vindication of the party’s claim that “we’re here to look after our people because no one else is”. He said that feelings were particularly strong in Yorkshire, where former pit communities felt “at the bottom of the heap”.

Pointing to other big rises in the BNP vote to 15% in Rotherham and nearly 12% in Doncaster, Griffin said: “This is ordinary decent people in Yorkshire kicking back against racism, because racism in this country is now directed overwhelmingly against people who look like me.”

Griffin, who had to reach Manchester town hall for his own count in a police van after anti-fascist demonstrators blocked his convoy and hurled eggs, said immigration had become harmful to Britain, particularly with the spread of radical Islam. “Take Bradford – it isn’t immigration that’s happening there, it’s colonialism,” he said.

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6 Responses to Mr. Griffin Goes To Brussels

  1. Jamie R says:

    If the recession kicks along, and I think we’ll see 20% interest rates again within 10 years, democracy is going to take some interesting twists and turns. This is a time of upheaval, squarely put back on central banks and the politicians who used them for social planning. Heh, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two companies set up by government to try and provide housing to everyone pimping the printed money from the Fed regardless of the risks free market be damned, caused all this. And there’s more to come I’m sure.

    At least Australia isn’t in as bad a position economically as the UK. We’re a little more conservative in printing our money into oblivion and we have lots of resources.

  2. Anglo-Saxon says:

    Haha it begins here today… The ignored issue of “Anti-White” racism will now have a voice. ~14~

  3. Paul Justo says:

    Meanwhile in another part of the UK Sinn Féin has topped the poll in Northern Ireland’s European elections after a collapse in support for the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

    It is the first time a republican or nationalist party has secured the largest share of the vote in a Northern Ireland election.

    Scots nationalists, Irish republicans, Welsh nationalists and the BNP all representing the UK in Europe — it’s wonderful to be British!

  4. @ndy says:

    Sinn Féin eh? Yeah. Also:

    “Turnout, confirmed at just below 43%, has fallen dramatically from the last election. It means that 488,891 people in Northern Ireland [Six Counties] voted.”

    ~ and ~

    In Dublin, the Socialist Party’s Joe Higgins was bumped into Parliament after bumping off the Sinn Féin candidate.

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  6. Robert Kelly says:

    Excellent video. One of Australia’s finer cultural exports, I think.

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