Anders Behring Breivik ♥s the English Defence League?

[Via Django @ libcom] Alleged murderer Anders Behring Breivik appears to have ties with the “I must say I am very impressed with how quickly they have grown” E E EDL. (Note that the A A ADL is assembling in Sydney next Saturday under the leadership of E E Englishman (and former soldier) Martin Brennan, while the E E EDL is gonna march through Tower Hamlets next month.) Funnily enough, Breivik berates Muslims for their murderous ways, but otherwise carries on with all the usual shite one expects from a ‘cultural conservative’ on the perils of leftism and multiculturalism, the corrosive effects of cultural Marxism on social order and so on and so forth.


The rightwinger allegedly responsible for the Mumbai-style massacre and bombing in Norway appears to have ties with UK-based “counter-jihad movement” the English Defence League.

In online rants, alleged murderer Anders Behring Breivik describes himself as a rightwing conservative opposed to “Eurabia”, the “Islamisation of Europe” and the erosion of Christian values.

In a post on Norwegian website he describes his admiration for the English Defence League, his contacts with the group and aspiration to set up a Norwegian sister organisation…

The original source for Breivik’s posts is the (right-wing, populist) site.

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  1. Jin says:

    A bit of far right trivia – Darrin Hodges of the AANCC expresses his admiration for Fjordman’s “Defeating Eurabia”.

  2. Paul Justo says:

    Stop Violent Racists!

    Prevent Violent Racists From Building Their Forces!

    Don’t let them unleash more Norway-style terror attacks!

    Stop the White Supremacist ADL!

    On July 30 in the heart of Sydney, an extreme White Supremacist group, the “Australian Defence League” (ADL) will hold a race hate rally in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. The ADL is an offshoot of the English Defence League (EDL), an outfit notorious for violent attacks on Asians, Muslims and other non-white people.

    The ADL say their Sydney rally is against Sharia Law, which they claim is taking over Australia. In reality, these fascists do not care about Sharia Law. They are using it simply as an excuse to whip up hatred against, in the first place Muslims, and then against all non-white people. If they were not using a scare campaign about the supposed takeover of Sharia Law, they would find some other tactic to incite racist violence. When such types organised the Cronulla riot, they found another excuse to bash people of Middle Eastern and South Asian origin.

    The likes of the ADL are not just people with bad views who incite racist prejudice. Rallies like the one coming up on July 30 are aimed at recruiting and indoctrinating new forces so that they can carry out their agenda of using paramilitary style violence to ethnically “cleanse” Australia of Asians, Arabs, Africans, Aboriginal people and anyone else who does not fit into their deranged idea of a “master race.”

    The ADL must be stopped! That is why on July 30 at 12pm, trade unionists, “ethnic” youth and anti-racists of all colours will gather at a meeting point in the city and then as a group move to the site where the ADL will hold their race hate provocation.

    The trade union movement is especially called on to participate in this anti-racist action. For the racist violence incited by the likes of the ADL is poison to the unity that workers need at the workplace to struggle to defend their rights. Only by standing against racism, can the workers movement unify its ranks to the level needed to defend its rights against greedy exploiters.

    There is no danger of Australia being overrun by Sharia Law. But there is a real danger of violent racists carrying out more Cronulla style racist riots, more violent attacks on Indian and Chinese students, more cowardly attacks on Muslim women and possibly even a Norway-style horror:

    · Say no to the more Cronulla Beach style White Supremacist riots!
    · Say no to violent attacks on Indian and Chinese students!
    · Say no to attacks on Muslims!
    · Say no to ethnic “cleansing”!
    · Say no to new Nazi-style holocausts!
    · Rally on July 30 to stop the ADL!

    12pm, Saturday, July 30
    Assemble at the Elizabeth and Market Streets Corner of Hyde Park in the City

    For more information see

    From – Trotskyist Platform

  3. @ndy says:

    So: Breivik is Fjordman?!?

    Also: d00d apparently wrote a 1,500 page manifesto titled 2083 and credited to “Andrew Berwick, London, England – 2011, Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe and one of several leaders of the National and pan-European Patriotic Resistance Movement. With the assistance from brothers and sisters in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the US etc.”

    Well maybe.

    Here’s some analysis:

    3.111 National Anarchists (Anarcho-nationalists, certain ACAB-, oi-, RAC-, 14/88 nationalists)

    “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action will change the world.” Joel Barker

    National-anarchism is somewhat a partial ideology of its own[1]. However, I tend to put all individuals who refuse to embrace pragmatical methods and principles in this category. A majority of these individuals do not directly contribute in a useful way to any of the 8 political fronts.

    They are currently more or less an irrelevant political force in most Western European countries and they will continue to be politically irrelevant unless they start to contribute efficiently through various ways of political activism. Embracing our (the Knights Templar) primary principles is one of these ways.

    Of course, it must be noted that many in the oi, RAC, ACAB groups do in fact contribute to the struggle in very useful ways through active consolidation and activation of former passive individuals. However, the large majority, who themselves claim to be political activists, do very little or absolutely nothing useful for our struggle. Their ideological platform and propaganda is often so crude and un-appealing that they often end up defeating their own purpose and often end up in isolated groups/spheres with minimal influence (penetration rate) towards the broader society. Some even hurt the nationalist cause with their counter-productive behaviour.

    The ACAB mentality (All Cops Are Bastards) is a useless and counterproductive philosophy. The cops/system protectors are NOT our targets and they never will be. Instead, the Knights Templar, consider them speed bumps on the way to our target destination. Sure, they protect the category A and B traitors but we do what we can to avoid and evade all system protectors. If it comes to a confrontation where we cannot evade or escape we will strike hard and without mercy as they will do the same to us if given the opportunity.

    If the national anarchists were true rebels – true nationalist revolutionaries, they would not spend 1000-20 000 Euros on tattoos but rather invest that budget on meaningful resistance by participation in the 8 fronts. If they are warriors of the conservative revolution wouldn’t the investment in guns and explosives or even books to broaden their knowledge base be the way to go? You can get premium weaponry and armour for 5-20k Euro.

    National anarchists often lack the will to fight because they lack long term purpose and structure. They loathe authority hierarchies and the PC bourgeois even more. They lack the structure in their lives that will allow them to become an unstoppable political force. They will become a superior and unstoppable force if they adapt and conform to the principles of the Knights Templar. They have the potential to rise up from irrelevancy to become the leaders of tomorrow. No one can make that decision but them, themselves.

    It should be in the interest of every European nationalist to actively reach out a hand to the national anarchists and offer them structure, know how – knowledge and purpose. The road to influence begins by taking collective responsibility.

    We must contribute to make them relevant in the ongoing European struggle, the civil war. Because I believe they will prove to be an essential and required piece of the puzzle. We may not be able to win as long as our less structured brothers and sisters choose the ACAB and the immigrant/ANTIFA (anarcho-Marxist) bashing mentality.

    In short, they will continue to remain irrelevant as long as they channel their frustration and rage towards immigrants, ANTIFA and the police, while completely ignoring the category A and B traitors. They must learn to ignore the immigrants, the ANTIFA and the system protectors and instead attack the very heart of the 7 headed monster – the individual category A and B traitors. The way to defeat the ANTIFA and win over the police is to destroy the 7-headed monster, the category A and B traitors from where they get their funding. Alternatively they should contribute to any of the other 7 non violent fronts described in this compendium. Sure, street protesting, front 7, is essential and important to prevent the ANTIFA from negatively influencing our other fronts. But there are ways to structure this front more efficiently. It is highly advisable to structure any street protest organisation after the English Defence League (EDL) model as it is the only way to avoid paralyzing scrutiny and persecution.

    The system protectors of any given country can never be defeated nor should we ever try to defeat them. They are an undefeatable manifestation of the regime and they are easy to replace should some of them fall (unlike the category A and B traitors).

    National anarchists must reject and ignore un-ressurectable nationalist ideologies such as national socialism. Instead study the great nationalist revolutions and revolutionaries of our times. As of now, each fully motivated, well prepared and battle ready Justiciar Knight constitutes the same usefulness in our struggle as 1000 national anarchists. Now imagine the prospect of 1000 national anarchists adapting and embracing the principles and knowledge associated with becoming a Justiciar Knight. 1000 European Justiciar Knights spread all across a small or medium sized Western European country would be enough to bring that cultural Marxist/multiculturalist regime to it its knees and would result in full capitulation (or would at least eventually lead to it). The potential and political influence carried within each and every national anarchist is enormous should he one day choose to follow in the footsteps of the Justiciar Knight.

    1000 Justiciar Knights is of course a utopia, at least in the first part of phase 1, as most of the national anarchists simply do not have the knowledge and abilities required, and sadly most of them are unwilling or lack the courage to learn and adapt. My hope is however that some of them will, and thus will progress from the current valley of irrelevancy to living warrior legends of our struggle.


  4. inglourious_basterd says:

    In other words it sounds like the most worthwhile thing about Breivik’s life is his arrest.

    Our thoughts are with the relatives and friends of the dead and injured.

    Farvel og hvile i fred kamerater.

  5. @ndy says:

    Yeah I guess… Maybe one day he’ll comprehend the damage he’s inflicted. Who knows?

  6. @ndy'swrong says:

    Sebastian is just about right Andy, we must be ever vigilant and oppose even the slightest shred of Islamisation in Australia, it is our birthright to keep our country healthy, nay it’s our duty. I agree that nazi-ism is totally wrong, I hate Hitler with a rare passion but I’ll be buggered if I’ll let my country’s best traits, laws and way of life be swallowed up by Mediaeval minded nuts who want to rule the world in a completely barbaric way that has no place in the 21st or even the 19th century. If things keep going like this we won’t be able to stop it and the thing you dread most, a rising of Fascism would be inevitable. As for “fear mongering” claims, if the worst parts of Islamic extremism doesn’t scare you then you must be a real tough hard bugger, I’d be a dead man under shariah law, I’m not a virgin and I’m not married, get my drift. I am advocating using the law to curb Shariah law attempts and Islamic excess, otherwise things are gonna get FAR WORSE and I don’t want to witness it.

  7. Situationist says:

    Breivik’s been paying attention to Australian politics as well… He quotes Stolen Generation-denying historian Keith Windschuttle describing “an anti-Western slant permeating academia” and cites John Howard as evidence “…not all Christian leaders are appeasers of Islam”.

  8. @ndy says:

    1. Who’s Sebastian?
    2. I think fears of “Islamisation” are vastly over-exaggerated; I dunno what “If things keep going like this” means. As Tears for Fears sang, “Everybody wants to rule the world”: I want anarchy (no rulers). I dunno what Hitler’s got to do with it.
    3. Uncle Keef gets around eh.

  9. Derek says:

    Has anybody explained to these twats that “Shariah law”, if introduced in this country, would involve the establishment of bodies holding all the policy-making power of, say PERIN Court, Koori Court et al.? (or less)

    I think that the fearmongers who toy with the impressionable (and terrified) masses of the ADL and EDL to accomplish their own twisted ideals have sort of glossed this part over. I’d like somebody from the ADL to reply to the following question: Do you actually think Shariah law in this country will augment our constitution and existing legislation? (Because, it won’t… and anyway, the Australian constitution is a lousy protector of rights; I say trash the fucker.)

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  11. @ndy says:

    …PERIN Court, Koori Court… or maybe Beth Din.

    I think that the more successful fearmongers are to be found among the chattering classes: Tory MPs, radio shock-jocks and right-wing hacks. The moar intelligent among them do it (somewhat) subtly — it’s usually only the dumbarses who really get into trouble (cf. Jackie Kelly’s sophistimicated PR machine @ work in 2008).

  12. Doug says:

    @ Paul Justo.
    “Ethnic cleansing”
    Who wrote that tract?
    The work experience kid?
    Gee it’s not like “Trotskyites” have never tried to cook up a “Norwegian Horror”.
    Maybe you’re not old enough the remember the “good old days” of Leftist Terrorism in the ’70s and ’80s, there were a bunch of way out German cats called The Red Army Faction and some Guinness gulping, gun twirling Red Micks called the I.R.A… to name but a few.
    Maybe it’s the Zeitgeist of fear, death, despair and looming catastrophe being projected from both the Left and the Right that’s addling people’s brains?
    Anarchy is beginning to sound like the only sane choice, ’cause you cats are killin’ my homeland…

  13. Anti Leftist and Anti New Rightist says:

    Get real. Breivik was pro-Israel, anti-Nazi and so is the EDL.

    You Marxists on the left are funded by your Jewish friends and so are the New Right Christian Zionists like Breivik who mentions his support for Israel and Jews more than two hundred times in his cut and paste scrap book of a manifesto. The Muslims are a problem, but if we can rid ourselves Jewish influences, we will in one swift kick also rid ourselves of the Kosher Konservative Breiviks, and on the flip side of the coin you Marxists and your Rag Headed Islamic buddies used as part of your divide and conquer quest, and attempts by Israel to force an all out race war with White Europeans at the Jewish beck and call.

  14. @ndy says:

    Cool story, bro.

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