Australian Defence League Rally, Sydney, July 30 : D’oh!

Update : justshooting has vid:

From the Department of Muslamic Rayguns:


Now that I’ve got your attention…

5,000 500 maybe 50 or so quasi-hysterical bigots gathered in Sydney on Saturday to wail about the Muhammadization of Australia. The rally was co-sponsored by the ‘Australian Defence League’ and the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’. The leader of the ADL, Martin Brennan, is a whinging Pom currently being held in Maribyrnong Detention Centre for over-staying his visa. The APP, on the other hand, has a habit of standing outside Detention Centres taunting detainees.

Fnarr fnarr.

The ADL’s first and only previous rally* was held in Melbourne in May. On that occasion, perhaps 20 or 30 anti-Muslim malcontents, after having stood around for an hour or so to no discernible effect, were chased away from Federation Square by an elite squad recruited from the New Communist/Truth/Jihad Alliance.

While Norwegian loon Anders Breivik may be a fan of the ADL’s parent organisation the English Defence League, its bastard offspring is obviously struggling hard to obtain much support Down Under.

See also : The ADL Arrives, LAW Wells, August 1, 2011

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19 Responses to Australian Defence League Rally, Sydney, July 30 : D’oh!

  1. Aussie says:

    So when will the APP be standing outside [Maribyrnong] taunting Martin Brennan?

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  3. @ndy says:

    The ADL has declared that on Wednesday they’ll be blockading the Detention Centre; the APP doesn’t really have a presence in Melbourne.

  4. aesorpg says:

    hi I’m a white supremer who dribbles at the site of my betters – the tens of thousands of third worlders flooding into my [country] to culturally enrich me with their gloriously refined millenia honed cutely folkish ways which include a vast array of practi[c]es banned from western civilisation for many years now – but never mind we can and will go back to our prehistoric past in the firm and cold embrace of the third worlders. Andy be praised for opening our eyes and dragging us back through time via the agency of the non white culture improvers. thankyou, andy. lead us forever backwards – backwards to nihilism and muslim (but not only) third w[o]rld cultural practi[c]es that make us squirm but strive even more to exterminate the whites. salute

  5. @ndy says:

    Sweet. Dunno what it’s got to do w the ADL rally in Sydney but.

  6. Grac says:

    lol wat

  7. Derek says:

    Arsepig, or whatever your name isn’t, I wonder… if things that harm women and culture are so prehistoric, but in white culture we’re so good at avoiding them, how come white men rape and murder?

  8. aesorpg says:

    me, mighty arsepig, grips derek firmly by the shoulders and points him in the direction of oslo where the 41 aggravated rapes inflicted on white women over the last two years have each and every one been committed by a non native norwegian cultural improver – according to the oslo police chief who is herself a woman and probably a reliable informant. dereks love affair with the cultural improvers means derek has to paper over the demographically unrepresentatively high rape and violence figures associated with these non white exotic types. paper away, derek, keep up the work of concealment. reminds one of the so called plague of racist attacks inflicted on indians by whites here in melbourne – except that most of the attacks on indians occur in suburbs where there are very few whites in residence – and if one delves a little one finds that the indians themselves will point the accusatory finger not at the whites but rather at the muslim cultural improvers flooding into our nation. tsk tsk much easier to blame the whites and there can be no comeback by those racist crackers cause under the victorian white race hate laws whites arent protected. when whites are the minority in this sinking shithole called australia we will see how they manage but I conjecture they will not enjoy the same protections and generally fair treatment the culture improving non whites have received from the white majority. derek is obviously another anti white racist who earnestly believes information and facts can be dangerous in the wrong hands so its better that we poor whites are fed chickenshit and kept in the dark like mushrooms and hopefully we will soon magically disappear into brown ness and it isnt a white genocide oh no – its only genocide when whites have the so called upper hand. derek and andy you are anti white racists – racism isnt something that only whites can inflict, you are brain dead racists yo ho heres to you have another sip of the kool aid but Im not drinkin it

  9. Derek says:

    In the name of my Jesus that lady’s a riot.

  10. @ndy says:


    On rape in Oslo: OK. The ah, Internets — especially ‘culturally conservative’, right-wing blogs of the sort Anders perused — is full of stuff about this. The earliest report I can find is from 2001 (Oslo rape statistics shock, Aftenposten) and appears to be the original source for much of the ensuing disco. It cites a police study:

    The study is the first where the crime statistics have been analyzed according to ethnic origin. Of the 111 charged with rape in Oslo last year [2000], 72 were of non-western ethnic origin, 25 are classified as Norwegian or western and 14 are listed as unknown. Rape charges in the capital are spiraling upwards, 40 percent higher from 1999 to 2000 and up 13 percent so far this year. Nine out of ten cases do not make it to prosecution, most of them because police do not believe the evidence is sufficient to reach a conviction. Police Inspector Gunnar Larsen of Oslo’s Vice, Robbery and Violent [C]rime division says the statistics are surprising – the rising number of rape cases and the link to ethnic background are both clear trends. But Larsen does not want to speculate on the reasons behind the worrying developments. While 65 percent of those charged with rape are classed as coming from a non-western background, this segment makes up only 14.3 percent of Oslo’s population. Norwegian women were the victims in 80 percent of the cases, with 20 percent being women of foreign background. Larsen said that since this was the initial study examining ethnic make-up there were no existing figures to put the numbers into context. “Meanwhile, it is our general experience that this is an increasing tendency. We note this by the number of time we need to use interpreters in the course of an investigation,” Larsen said.

    A more recent report (2011) has also generated disco. The BNP apparently promoted it heavily. A poster on IndyMedia has composed a lengthy reply.

    Racist + Islamophobic News Manipulation by the BNP
    Helen Highwater

    On 1st June 2011, the British National Party published an article on the BNP website under the headline “All Rapes in Oslo Committed by Immigrants” [1]. The BNP state that a Norwegian Police report “ironically titled Rape In The Global City, revealed that all perpetrators of rape or attempted rape in Oslo over the last five years were identified as being non-Western by their victims”, and that the report “is the latest in a series of similar investigations that have shown that Third World immigrants, most if not all of them Muslims, are responsible for the vast majority of sexual assaults and rapes in the country” (see image 1). The BNP article links to a You Tube video of a Norwegian TV news clip that appears to support this claim [2].

    Googling the search term “Rape+in+The+Global+City” produces a list of links to blog postings that repeat the BNP allegation, most of which are word-for-word identical to the report on the BNP website, and most of which appear on extreme right-wing, conservative and/or Nazi blogs like the BNP front sites Northeastpatriot and Tamesidecitizen, and the KKK website Stormfront. One genuinely Norwegian blog that discusses the report makes no mention of Muslims or immigration, stating (in English) that “Norwegian police released a new statistical report on rape cases in the capital, and could tie many of them to…” not immigration, but to (quote) “consumption of alcohol and a new, more liberal sexual culture that has confused the limits of what’s allowed and what’s not”, and revealing that “33 percent of all rape charges filed last year were party-related” [3].

    Images in the TV news clip show the Norwegian title of the police report is “Voldtekt I Den Globale Byen”, and Googling that title leads to the Norwegian police website [4] and to a PDF of the original police report [5] (see image 2). In the section “Citizenship and Country of Origin (of the) Offender”, page 52 of the report states that “the majority of the registered perpetrators in reported rapes in Oslo in 2010 have Norwegian citizenship, as they have had in all the previous rape investigations. In 2010 this applied to 61.2% of the perpetrators, which is relatively stable (consistent) with material from 2007 (60.3%). A relatively high proportion, 12.5% of the registered perpetrators, have backgrounds in other parts of Europe, and together have close to 3/4 of the perpetrators in 2010, European citizenship. Otherwise 10.5% from Africa, 9.2% from the Middle East, 4.6% from Asia and 2.0% from America” (see image 3).

    Where the BNP attempt to blame these rapes specifically on Muslims, page 54 of the police report states that “generalizations that have given the impression that the rapists are only foreigners – and mainly Muslims – proves inadequate and erroneous” [7] – in other words the report actually says the exact opposite of what the BNP pretends it says! Factoring-in the possibility that at least some immigrants and/or Muslims may be counted as people who now have Norwegian citizenship, and that Norwegian citizenship may potentially obscure some peoples’ ethnic roots, page 86 of the report clarifies that “in all, three quarters of the 152 known perpetrators which were reported in 2010 (had) European citizenship, mainly Norwegian” and that “half have ethnic roots in Europe and again mainly Norway” [8].

    Context and Analysis

    It’s obvious that the BNP lying about such serious crimes is a grotesque insult to all immigrants and to all Muslims, but it’s perhaps less obvious, but equally important, to state that in lying about this police report, the BNP also render a gross insult and disservice to the predominantly female victims of these crimes, whose suffering the BNP exploit in their attempt to promote their repulsive agenda. While everyone has a right to free speech, it is generally accepted this does not include the right to libel and slander, and does not include the right to endanger people by (so-to-speak) “shouting FIRE in a crowded theatre”. The BNP do both, often, and unfortunately the law only proscribes libelous statements made against individuals, allowing Fascists to libel entire communities with virtual impunity, and effectively forcing Anti-Fascists to take independent action to defend communities in situations where State intervention has failed.

    One paradox of how right-wing extremists harp on about the alleged “failure of the left” in modern politics, is that the massive success liberal-humanist and feminist ideas have had in influencing popular culture, has forced these same right-wingers to dishonestly try to usurp liberal values, by pretending that (for instance) extreme right-wingers now defend women’s rights. The strategy of right-wing recuperation of feminist issues is attempted by the BNP and EDL in the UK, Geert Wilders in Holland and even elements of the BJP (Hindu Fascist) women’s groups in the slums of Mumbai. Of course issues of sexual crime, forced marriage and other problems encouraged by patriarchal religious beliefs are very serious problems, but the irony is that white nationalists bitterly opposed the feminist groups who were fighting against (for instance) Muslim fundamentalism, at the time when Fascists like Nick Griffin were supporting the same fundamentalisms he now claims to oppose. When (current) BNP chairman Nick Griffin was (previously) a leader of the NF in 1988, under Nick Griffin’s instruction the NF supported the Islamo-Fascist regime of Ayatollah Khomeini, believing that “revolutionary nationalist groups, racial separatists and the anti-Zionist nations of the Middle East, are beginning to recognize a common set of interests and enemies which make closer co-operation both beneficial and inevitable” [9], believing that the NF would unite with Fascists like Khomeini and Louis Farrakhan to form a “credible alternative” that the NF referred to as “The Third Way” (see image 4).

    [6] Verbatim: “Majoriteten av de registrerte gjerningsmennene i anmeldte voldtekter til Oslo i 2010 har norsk statsborgerskap, liksom de har hatt ved alle de foregående voldtektsundersøkelsene. I 2010 gjaldt dette 61.2% av gjerningsmennene, hvilket er relativt stabilt med materialet fra 2007 (60.3 %). En relativt høy andel, 12.5%, av de registrerte gjerningsmennene har bakgrunn fra andre deler av Europa, og til sammen har nær 3/4 av gjerningsmennene i 2010 har europeisk statsborgerskap. Ellers kommer 10.5% fra Afrika, 9.2% fra Midt-Østen, 4.6% fra Asia og 2.0% fra Amerika”.
    [7] Verbatim: “Generaliseringer som har gitt inntrykk av at voldtektsmenn kun er utlendinger – og i hovedsak muslimer –
    viser seg utilstrekkelige og feilaktige”.
    [8] Verbatim: “I alt ¾ av de 152 kjente gjerningsmennene som ble anmeldt i 2010 har europeisk statsborgerskap, i all hovedsak norsk. Halvparten har etniske røtter i Europa og igjen hovedsakelig Norge”.
    [9] NF News, Issue 103 March 1988

    Helen Highwater

    On racist assaults upon Indian nationals in Melbourne you write “most of the attacks on indians occur in suburbs where there are very few whites in residence”.

    I’m not sure what your point is about location. In any case, which assaults and which suburbs are you referring to? And where do victims (“the indians themselves”) blame foreign Muslims for the assaults? I’ve not seen or heard anything to that effect. For what it’s worth, successful prosecutions would suggest that the culprits have largely been drawn from a small pool of male youth from the north- and north-western suburbs, a number of whom were already in contact with the criminal justice system. Still, if you’re aware of some study in which it’s concluded that non-White Muslims are responsible for a series of racist attacks upon Indian nationals in Melbourne I’m sure you’ll alert me to the fact.

    As for the rest, your assertions are both tedious and unsupported.

  11. Derek says:

    Wow, that dude’s full of shit. Y’know what? I don’t particularly adore white people (because everybody who has ever harmed me has been one) but it happens that I am one. I’m not self-hating, I just happen to believe that there are a lot of shitty white people about. Just like there are a lot of black, brown, purple and green people who are absolute cunts. Race has no bearing on how big of a cock you are.

    Why are white people like you so scared of being swallowed up by “brown ness” (I’m assuming that’s a hill near Loch Ness)? There are still mostly whites in power, in front of and behind the scenes (I consider that as well as parliament [white] you have to take into account tabloids [mostly white], PR people [almost universally white], lobby groups [which almost all represent white interests, and even the left wing ones are run by whites], bankers/economists/traders/financiers [white/white/white/white]) and most of them are horrendous racists anyway, and would shudder to allow the creeping brown menace [whichever brown people they’re blaming this time] to displace them. So, your race is safe.

    If brown people didn’t swallow up the white race in several thousand years of near-constant conflict, I don’t think that they’re going to come from behind and subjugate you without warning. For a start, most of those races are well-versed enough in their own histories to remember how crappy it was when white people marched in and said “okay, we’re taking your shit; now help us carry it back to the boat!”

    See, I think that when racist wowsers like you get going, all you need to do is close your eyes and repeat after me: “the whites still have the money and power” [breathe in] “the whites still control everything” [breathe out] “the power held by other races is mainly superficial” [breathe in] “the whites are in no danger of being wiped out” [breathe out, wank and repeat].

  12. @ndy says:

    Why does aesorpg hate white people so much? And think they’re all racists? That’s what I wanna know.

  13. aesorpg says:

    Andy went to a lot of trouble to conceal the rape epidemic that is currently being inflicted upon white Europeans by the muslim invaders – in every Western country. That’s a complete cover up on Andy’s part. To deny the truth of the rape epidemic and flip me off as though l were a minuscule but pesky insect is one thing but to go the the lengths that Andy has with his (feigned) research is another matter entirely. Andy has now become the rapist’s accomplice. I can present a wealth of evidence to support my claims – but will not as must attend to my housework however I will mention the Sydney Telegraph last year exposed the deliberate falsification of crime figures by the NSW Police. The same kind of under reporting and downsizing of crime figures occurs in Victoria as has also been exposed here. And it happens in very nearly all European countries, countries that also withhold information that would allow racial and cultural identification of rapists and other criminals. To deny the fact of the muslim rape epidemic being inflicted on the West is to side with the rapists. I don’t mind so much that Andy and Derek do this because at least we know they are enemies of the West and our superior culture – I do hope that no one near and dear to Andy or Derek is raped and beaten by the jihadis they are so keen to welcome to this country.

    The original interview with the Oslo police chief has been removed from Youtube. In the interview she states that every rape in Oslo in the last two years has been committed by muslim newcomers to Norway. The number she cited was close to 40 rapes – with violence, all committed against white Norwegian women. The link will take you to a Norwegian television report that more or less mirrors what she said in the interview. I can supply links to tons of this stuff but you guys aren’t interested in facts, you are too busy siding with those who would beat and kill you, rape your sisters and your mothers and treat your culture with nothing but contempt and disdain. That you are anti white and West hating is obvious and undeniable.

  14. @ndy says:

    Andy went to a lot of trouble to conceal the rape epidemic that is currently being inflicted upon white Europeans by the muslim invaders – in every Western country. That’s a complete cover up on Andy’s part.

    In reality, as anyone who can read will attest, I simply did an online search for references to rape in Oslo then published what I found, including an early, seemingly originary report and the response, seemingly reasonable, to a much more recent one utilised by the BNP in its propaganda. To seriously maintain your proposition that this constitutes an attempted ‘cover-up’ on my part entails your engaging in some incredibly wild leaps of logic, and suggests that you are either a deeply deluded individual or simply unused to your claims being subject to rational enquiry.

    Or both.

    With regards crime statistics and their compilation by the NSW and Victorian police forces, yes both organisations have been accused of manipulating data: this is for obvious political purposes. In Victoria, police have been accused of inflating the number of crimes they have solved. In May, an OPI report claimed that “of an average 380,000 crimes reported each year, between 8,500 and 15,000 are wrongly identified as having been “cleared” or “solved”.” These banal facts do nothing to bolster your case that I ‘side with rapists’ or any other of your preposterous claims.

  15. Derek says:

    My biggest problem with aesorpg’s comments (and incidentally, aesorpg is an anagram of “rape sorg” which on my planet means “lies about rape”) isn’t even the sheer unabashed brown-scare racism that they betray, or how quiveringly he obeys what a bunch of bald-headed basket cases with no qualifications tell him on self-professed racist websites.


    My main issue here is how statistically unlikely it is that every rape in a single country be committed only by Muslims.

    Whites rape here, whites rape in England and as far as I knew, whites raped in Norway for quite some time. The idea that every white rapist suddenly stopped raping at the same time that Muslim immigrants became an “issue” is laughable. Did they realise the Muslims were raping and deem rape “uncool” thenceforth? Did they (all rapists, sexual predators and others) collude secretly one night and reach the agreement that if they stopped raping for a few years, they might shift the blame onto the darkies? Honestly, what is your excuse for these preposterous numbers?

  16. aesorpg says:

    [snip] …the anarcho/left is a filthy lying pc addicted beast… [snip]


  17. Jon says:

    So, please explain why Muslim immigration is good for Europe?

  18. @ndy says:

    Which Europe? Maybe it has diverse effects, some Good, some Bad? Like Europe has on Muslim immigrants?

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