Andrew Brons : You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Andrew Brons: the genteel face of neo-fascism, Duncan Campbell, The Guardian, June 8, 2009: “British National party MEP and former National Front chairman who started political life in group set up in honour of Hitler.”

There’s hope for Dr James Saleam yet!

It was on Hitler’s birthday, deliberately chosen, that the National Socialist Movement was formed in Britain in the 1960s. It was the first political organisation of the far right that Andrew Brons, the newly-elected British National party MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside, was to join – but not the last.

The group that he signed up to as a teenager had been founded in honour of Hitler by the British fascist leader, the late Colin Jordan. No mention of this early political involvement features on the BNP’s website celebrating Brons’s victory. Instead, Brons is portrayed just as a “veteran British Nationalist”…

Sonia Gable of Searchlight said that his past made him a strange choice for a BNP seeking to create a “respectable” image for itself.

“Everyone in the BNP is trying to look respectable and Brons is an odd choice because he was in the NF at its most racist,” she said.

She added that she thought Brons had been chosen as a candidate because Nick Griffin, the chairman of the BNP, believed that he would have strong links with far-right organisations in Europe.

The BNP denies being an anti-semitic organisation, and when asked about Brons’s involvement with the NSM and the NF and his calls for compulsory repatriation, a spokesman for the party said: “That was nearly 30 years ago, times have moved on … You print what you want.”

…Arnold Leese, a former vet, an anti-Semite, and admirer of Hitler, had been a founder member of the Imperial Fascist League in 1928. Released from prison in 1944 on grounds of ill-health, Leese became the [principal] star in the 1940s British fascist firmament, attracting to him all the leading national socialist players of the 1950s and 1960s, including Cambridge graduate and schoolteacher Colin Jordan. When Leese and his wife died, the house [Arnold Leese House, 46–48 Princedale Road, Holland Park] was left to Jordan who turned it into the base for his “White Defense League”, the instigators of much of the racial confrontation in Notting Hill in the late-1950s. In 1960, the WDL merged with the National Labour Party to form the Hitlerite British National Party and then the National Socialist Movement, founded by Jordan and John Tyndall on what would have been Hitler’s 73rd birthday, 20 April 1962.

The paranoid wackos of this seedy West London tenement had one thing in common — the conviction that Jews, freemasons, homosexuals, gypsies, Jesuits, anarchists and Communist Party members were all agents of subversion under the control of a ruthless global elite directing world events to their advantage…

~ Stuart Christie, Granny Made Me an Anarchist, AK Press, 2008, p.104. The book is given a very short, positive review by Bill Ayers (!) here. Ayers is a former leader of The Weathermen / Weather Underground, and the author of Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Antiwar Activist, Beacon Press, 2009.

Bonus Jordan!

“Hmmm… knickers!”

Veteran British neo-Nazi Colin Jordan (June, 1923–April 9, 2009) is dead.

Jordan established the ‘National Socialist Movement’ and ‘World Union of National Socialists’ in the UK in 1962. He struck gold in 1963 when he married wealthy heiress Françoise Dior. In addition to being a nutzi, Jordan will most likely be remembered for his rather spectacular fall from grace.

Jordan reorganized the National Socialist Movement itself in 1968 as the British Movement, but by 1974 he has been forced to step down in favor of Michael McLaughlin. The split was far less than amicable. It was Jordan, however, who provided McLaughlin with the sword with which to do in the movement’s founder, and Jordan further obliged his enemies by taking a running start and skewering himself in a manner guaranteed to bring maximum public humiliation. It seems that, for reasons best known only to him, Jordan was arrested on charges of simple shoplifting. Worse, Jordan’s booty was comprised of lingerie — to wit, pairs of women’s panties. Why the financially secure Jordan would resort to this method of shopping was a mystery to the British Movement, but soon the internal correspondence of many of the faithful had brought to Jordan the nickname of “Knickers Stealer”, and the McLaughlin faction of the British Movement had a field day with the news. The label stuck, dogging Jordan’s ill-fated campaigns in the 1970s to seize back control of the British Movement and, indeed, to reenter the British National Socialist scene that had, in truth, long since left him behind.

~ Jeffrey Kaplan, Encyclopedia of white power: a sourcebook on the radical racist right, Rowman Altamira, 2000, p.147.

Bonus Nazi!

Springfield Nazis get punked by the Jewish Community Relations Bureau, Nadia Pflaum, June 3, 2009 | FBI informant and nutzi shock jock Hal Turner finally run out of useful infos and got himself arrest: Controversial blogger and host accused of making threats: Recent posting told readers to ‘take up arms’, Mark Mueller, New Jersey Star Ledger, June 5, 2009 & Dear Hal Turner, I Just Turned Your Emails Over to the Police, Maimonides, Daily Kos, June 4, 2009 | Austrian town strives to keep alive memory of Nazi victims, AFP, June 6, 2009 | Over the border, A German State Gains Ground Against Neo-Nazi Crime, Stefan Berg and Markus Deggerich, Der Spiegel, June 6, 2009.

Bonus Weather Report!

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  2. Jamie R says:

    The paranoid wackos of this seedy West London tenement had one thing in common — the conviction that Jews, freemasons, homosexuals, gypsies, Jesuits, anarchists and Communist Party members were all agents of subversion under the control of a ruthless global elite directing world events to their advantage…

    Man, everyone forgets about the Jesuits. I grow tired with Jews taking all the credit, as a Catholic I’d like to see more Jesuit action in world conspiracy theory. Everyone always points the finger at the Covetous Jew but how about the Soldiers of Christ/Footsoldiers of the Pope? Word! I should throw up emoticon gang signs like this is an MTV forum.

  3. Lumpen says:

    To focus on the (slightly) better news:

    Sweden has 20 seats, but until the Lisbon treaty passes only 18 with voting rights. This means that the Pirate Party will have 2 seats.

    Yarr. In Germany the Pirate Party got 1% of the vote.

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