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The Anarchist Library

We introduce, for your pleasure, The Anarchist Library, an archive of anarchist texts: books, essays, and articles. We hope that this archive grows from its initial selection of over 400 titles (books, essays, and articles) into a comprehensive textual library that spans the entirety of anarchist thought.

The Internet has allowed us an amazing opportunity to share anarchist texts widely. This has allowed more people than ever access to obscure anarchist literature and propaganda. The few existing anarchist archives have all been helpful and inspirational to this project, which arises due to the inactivity of the existing online anarchist archives, with little sign that anyone is specifically serving as a librarian (commonly lacking introduction, curation, updating, or all of the above). A library is either active or dying and with the internet popping with new anarchist texts every day, we believe it would be a shame to not attend to them.

Our group is comprised of anarchists spread across 10 timezones that use conversational consensus to review, edit and update the site. We are an open group.

    It’s class against class in a winner-takes-all battle to the death!
    class against class

    Loadsa commie texts.

Go The Snowman! Long live anarchy!
Monson wins with a KO for anarchism

This article came out of a talk given in Belfast by anarchist MMA fighter Jeff Monson in March 2009. The article first appeared in issue 1 of The Leveller.

Anarchist and professional mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter Jeff Monson was in Belfast in March to fight Lithuanian Sergej Maslobojev in the main event of Cage Wars’ “Decade” in Belfast’s Kings Hall. Never shy from speaking his mind about his politics, when it comes to his opinions about capitalism, Jeff literally wears his heart on his sleeve, as evidenced by the many political tattoos he displays…

    One of my favourite political cults is the “glorious” Rural People’s Party. Viva also “La Resistencia Latina”!
    “Introductory Document of La Resistencia Latina” (English version)

    Brothers and sisters, comrades, the Central Committee of the Revolutionary People’s Organization, with the authorization of the glorious Rural People’s Party have come up with the conclusion that the transformation and radicalization of the collective’s name from the “Revolutionary People’s Organization” to “La Resistencia Latina” would be and is a dynamic advancement for the whole party and collective. On behalf of the Central Committee of La Resistencia Latina, we on 3-18-09 officially announce the transformation of the collective from the “Revolutionary People’s Organization” to “La Resistencia Latina”. We wholeheartedly side with the masses worldwide and reject any type of racism, capitalism, imperialism, fascism, chauvinism, revisionism, and zionism, and wish death upon all these bourgeois elements that are the main causes of why the world is as it is; i.e rotten…

    Long Live the glorious Rural People’s Party!
    Long Live La Resistencia Latina!
    Long Live the internationalist proletariat!
    Long Live the masses worldwide!
    Death to U$ imperialism!
    Death to Israeli zionism!
    Death to all imperialisms and zionisms worldwide!

Following the BNP’s entry into the Brussels bureaucracy and the far right being up eight seats on the 2004 European elections…
A warning for Democrats?
Michael Lind
June 9, 2009

The right just won all across Europe, thanks to nationalism, populism and recession. It could happen [in the United States] too.

The populist backlash that many have predicted would follow the crash of 2008 is here. Well, not here, exactly. Over there, in Europe.

In the June 7 elections to the European Parliament, center-left social democrats were devastated, while far-right nationalist and populist candidates made big gains. The center-left fell from 217 seats to 159, while the center-right coalition remained the largest bloc with 267 seats.

The biggest story involves the gains by a variety of extreme-right parties, many of which combine populist nationalism with hostility to immigration for ethnic or economic reasons. The far-right British National Party (BNP), whose leader Nick Griffin claims that “indigenous” white Britons are “second-class citizens” in their own homeland, won a seat in the European Parliament for the first time. Other nationalist, anti-immigrant parties picked up seats in Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Romania and Greece…

    Filling The Vacuum
    …a strategy document that was endorsed by London AFA in May 1995, and published in Fighting Talk, No.12, November 1995…

    In November 1990, at a public meeting in east London, AFA declared that the “working class is the natural constituency of socialism, not fascism. Racism and socialism are incompatible. One only exists at the expense of the other. The success of the Far-Right is due to the fact that the Left are not seen as a credible option. AFA are committed to creating the space in which one (a credible alternative) can develop.”…

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    Not to undermine highlighting the racist fuckwits that are the BNP… but I am disappointed at your failure to mention The Pirate Party.

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